How To Upgrade Matric Results Tt Unisa

Upgrading Matric Results: Unisa and Alternatives for Improving Your Marks

Upgrading your matriculation (matric) results after finishing high school is a route many South Africans consider to meet qualification criteria for their desired university programs or career paths. However, there is confusion regarding whether the University of South Africa (Unisa) offers matric upgrade options.

This article clarifies Unisa’s role, discusses alternative matric upgrade pathways, and provides tips to guide your decision making.

How To Upgrade Matric Results Tt Unisa


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Does Unisa Offer Matric Upgrades?

The official stance from Unisa is that they do not directly offer matric upgrade programs. As South Africa’s largest open distance learning (ODL) institution, Unisa provides access to post-school education through certificates, diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate qualifications.

But to enroll in these higher qualifications at Unisa, you need to already meet the minimum matric pass requirements rather than completing or upgrading your matric through them.

This Unisa entry requirement frequently causes the misconception that they facilitate matric upgrades. Some external websites, often unintentionally, create further confusion by mentioning a “Unisa Matric Upgrade.” But verification from Unisa’s website and direct admissions team confirms they currently don’t offer standalone matric upgrade courses.

You can certainly enroll at Unisa for post-matric qualifications that indirectly build on or reinforce what you learned in high school. But if your goal is to specifically rewrite matric exams or change individual subject scores, you will need to look at external matric upgrade options beyond Unisa.


Alternative Pathways to Upgrade Your Matric Results

Although Unisa does not directly offer matric upgrades, various alternative options are available:

1. Department of Basic Education (DBE) Rewrite Program

The DBE’s Second Chance Matric Programme allows you to individually register and rewrite up to six matric subjects to improve your scores. You can choose between:

  • Face-to-face classes at accredited public or private schools
  • Distance learning using study guides and online resources
  • Broadcast lessons aired on television and radio

The DBE administers the rewritten exams. This is often the most affordable and direct way to upgrade specific matric subjects.

2. Registered Private Colleges

Various registered private colleges focus specifically on matric rewrites and upgrades through structured courses. Many offer distance learning so you can study online or part-time. Examples include:

  • Matric College – One of the largest providers of matric upgrades done remotely.
  • Boston City Campus – Offers matric rewrites on campus or remotely.
  • Damelin Correspondence College – Matric upgrades through distance learning.
  • Oxbridge Academy – Upgrade and rewrite matrics via online modules.
  • INTEC College – Matric upgrade classes online or on campus.

These colleges guide you on selecting subjects, preparing, and rewriting exams to immediately improve your matric scores.

3. Adult Matric Programs

Some institutions offer Adult Matric Programs that allow over 21s who never completed school to obtain an accredited National Senior Certificate. This route gives you matric status without rewriting individual subjects. Examples are:

  • Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) – Offered part-time by public schools
  • National Senior Certificate for Adults (NASCA) – Offered by Kha Ri Gude literacy program
  • New Senior Certificate (NSC) for Adults – Offered by public and private colleges

Completing such a program formally certifies your matric qualification as an adult.

Key Tips for Deciding How to Upgrade Your Matric

If your existing matric results limit your career or education options, here are important tips when researching upgrade pathways:

  • Reconfirm Unisa’s policy – Contact their admissions department directly for their latest matric upgrade stances.
  • Clarify your goals – Decide if you need to upgrade select subjects or require full matric status.
  • Compare programs – Weigh up offerings from DBE, colleges, and adult matric options.
  • Consider costs – Balance program fees against your budget. Some options like DBE may be more affordable.
  • Evaluate remote vs contact – Distance learning provides flexibility but requires self-discipline.
  • Choose accredited providers – Verify programs are recognized and lead to valid certificates.
  • Plan a schedule – Develop a realistic timeline accommodating your work or other responsibilities.

With proper research, planning, and commitment, there are quality pathways available to improve your matric results, whether through rewrites, upgrades, or adult programs. Be wary of misleading advertising and confirm credibility directly with institutions.


In summary, while Unisa does not itself offer matric upgrade courses, alternative nationally recognized options exist. By directly contacting Unisa and trusted education providers, you can gain clarity and find an optimal accredited program matching your matric improvement needs through a delivery mode aligning with your circumstances.

Rewriting select subjects, completing structured upgrades, or attaining an adult matric certificate can open doors to tertiary studies or job opportunities requiring a higher National Senior Certificate pass. Commit to the upgrade path best suited to your goals and current life commitments to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll for a degree at Unisa while also upgrading my matric?

This is generally not recommended as matric upgrades require significant time commitment. Focus on one goal at a time to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

How much do private colleges charge for matric upgrades?

Costs vary by provider and subjects. Expect around R2,500-R5,000 per subject. Compare college fees carefully.

Can I rewrite just one matric subject?

Yes, the DBE Second Chance Matric Programme allows you to individually register for a minimum of one and up to six subject rewrites.

Can working adults obtain matric through the NASCA program?

Yes, the NASCA program is specifically designed for working adults over 21 without matric to attain a National Senior Certificate through distance learning.

How long do matric rewrites or upgrades take?

Duration depends on the program model and number of subjects. But most upgrade options take 6 months to 1 year if done part-time while working. Rewriting a single subject may take 3-6 months.

Let me know if you need any other details on matric upgrade options in South Africa!


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