Star School Matric Rewrite Fees 2024

Understanding Star Schools Matric Rewrite Fees and Costs

Deciding to rewrite your matric exams is a big step towards improving your prospects. With the right preparation, rewriting can help you gain admission into your desired university course or improve your employment options.

As you consider your options, an important factor will be understanding the fees and costs associated with rewriting through an institution like Star Schools.

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about Star Schools matric rewrite fees.

star school matric rewrite fees


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Overview of Matric Rewrite Costs at Star Schools

Star Schools is one of South Africa’s leading matric rewrite providers, with a track record of helping thousands of students every year. When rewriting through Star Schools, there are several components that make up your total fees:

  • Registration fee: This covers your initial registration to rewrite through Star Schools. It is typically around R600.
  • Tuition fees: These fees cover the actual tuition whether you study online or attend physical classes. Tuition fees are charged per subject, with each subject costing approximately R2,500 – R3,500.
  • Exam fees: You will also need to pay the IEB exam fee per subject, which is usually between R250 – R350.
  • Total cost: Based on these components, the estimated total cost range is R3,350 – R6,850. The variance depends on factors like number of subjects, tuition option chosen and late registration penalties.

To help you budget and plan your rewrite, it is important to understand what influences costs within this range. Below we explore the key factors:

Key Factors Influencing Your Rewrite Fees

Your personalised quote from Star Schools will depend on:

1. Number of subjects

The more subjects you enroll for, the higher your overall fees will be. Each subject has its own:

  • Tuition fees
  • Exam fees

So for example:

  • 1 subject could cost approx. R3,350 in total
  • 3 subjects could cost approx R6,850 in total

When deciding which subjects to rewrite, carefully consider your needs for university and maximise your chances whilst minimising costs.

2. Tuition option

Star Schools offers you flexibility in how you prepare. You can either:

  • Attend classes: Traditional physical classes at your nearest Star Schools branch
  • Study online: Virtual online classes and support

Online options provide more affordability and flexibility. The estimated fees are:

  • Physical classes: R2,500 – R3,500 per subject
  • Online: R2,500 per subject

So studying 3 subjects online could save you around R3,000 compared to physical branch classes. Consider your situation carefully.

3. Late registration

Leaving your registration until close to the exam date risks late fees around R500 – R700. Register early to avoid these penalties and make sure you get all the support you need.

4. Regional differences

Whilst costs are generally standard nationwide, some minor regional variances in tuition fees are possible depending on the Star Schools branch. However differences tend to be small.

Now that we’ve explored the major factors influencing your potential fees, let’s discuss the registration and payment process.

Star Schools Rewrite Registration and Payment Process

Here is an overview of the registration and payment steps when you rewrite through Star Schools:

Step 1) Calculate total fees

Use the Star Schools fee calculator or contact your nearest branch to calculate your total rewrite fees. Specify your planned:

  • Number of subjects
  • Tuition option (online/physical)
  • Preferred branch

This gives you a personalised fee estimate you can use to budget and get any financing in place.

Step 2) Complete registration

To secure your place on the programme, you need to complete registration by:

  • Filling in the online form
  • Uploading your documents (ID, matric certificate etc)
  • Paying the registration fee

Do this as early as possible to benefit from early bird prices.

Step 3) Pay full fees or agree installment plan

You can either:

  • Pay your full fees upfront at registration
  • Agree on a monthly installment plan with fixed payments

Installment plans help ease cash flow but normally attract interest fees.

And with that, you are registered and ready to restart your matric revision journey with Star Schools!

Now let’s explore some of the most frequently asked questions around repeating matric.

FAQ on Matric Rewrites and Star Schools Fees

Here are answers to some common questions you may have around the fees and costs of rewriting matric through Star Schools:

Can I get financial assistance for my rewrite fees?

Yes, there are a number of financial assistance options available for students who require financial aid for their rewrite:

  • NSFAS financial aid: Eligible students can have their Star Schools fees covered by government funding. You need to apply early for NSFAS funding as there are limited spaces. This funding covers registration, tuition and exam fees.
  • Eduloan rewrite financing: Eduloan offers education financing specially aimed at students rewriting their matric. You pay affordable monthly installments while they pay your rewrite costs directly to Star Schools.

So whilst funding your rewrite can seem expensive, there are ways to get financial help if eligible.

Are there any other or hidden fees?

No, the main fees payable are:

  • Registration fee (once-off)
  • Per subject tuition fees
  • Per subject exam fees

Unless you register late and incur penalties, there should be no surprise or hidden fees from Star Schools. To be certain, get a detailed quote upfront from your branch. Some optional extra costs are:

  • Textbooks – if you need physical instead of digital
  • Transport – if attending physical instead of online classes

Discuss any specific needs with Star Schools early on.

What are the payment methods and terms?

For payment convenience, Star Schools accepts:

  • Credit/debit cards: All major cards accepted with online payment available
  • EFT payments: To Star Schools bank account
  • Cash deposits: At your nearest Standard Bank branch

When paying directly, you can pay 100% upfront or agree on a monthly installment plan. Speak to your branch’s bursar to explore your payment options.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

To obtain a partial refund of rewrite fees if cancelling, the following policies apply:

  • Cancellation notice: 1 month’s written notice required
  • Registration fee: Non-refundable
  • Tuition fees: Partial refund may be granted depending on timing
  • Exam fees: Full refund provided exam entry not yet made

So whilst the registration fee cannot be refunded, other fees may be partially or fully refunded depending on when cancellation notice is given.


I hope this detailed overview has provided plenty of clarity and insights into Star Schools matric rewrite fees and costs. The key takeaways are:

  • Total fees range from approx R3,350 to R6,850 depending on your subjects and tuition options
  • Prepare early, register early and apply for financial assistance where eligible to maximize affordability
  • Speak to your nearest Star Schools branch to get a detailed and personalized fee estimate

With strong matric results so crucial to accessing further education and employment, investing financially in your rewrite makes sense if approached strategically. Stay focused on your longer term goals and use resources like Star Schools to give you the best shot at rewrite success.


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