How to Apply for the Unisa Merit Bursary

How to Apply for the Unisa Merit Bursary

The prestigious Unisa Merit Bursary aims to enable high-achieving undergraduate students facing financial constraints by fully funding their academic expenses. Read on for comprehensive details on eligibility criteria, application procedures, required documentation and helpful resources to submit a strong bursary candidacy.

How to Apply for the Unisa Merit Bursary


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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Unisa’s merit-based bursary, you must meet these stipulations:

  • Citizenship:
    • South African citizenship
  • Academic Achievement:
    • Obtained minimum 75% average across all modules in previous year of study
      • First years unfortunately cannot apply
      • Consistent performance essential
  • Financial Means Testing:
    • Total family income below R600,000 per annum
    • Provide parents’ documents if still dependent
    • Demonstrate need for financial assistance
  • University Registration:
    • Registered for full-time undergraduate Unisa qualification
  • Annual Study Load:
    • Maximum 5 modules per semester
      • Or equivalent for non-semesterized annual courses

Bursary Details

If awarded the Unisa Merit Bursary, you receive funding for:

  • Full tuition fees each year
  • Prescribed textbooks reimbursement

By alleviating these major expenses, you can focus fully on academic success without financial hindrance.

How to Apply Step-by-Step

Follow this streamlined process:

Step 1): Check Application Deadline

  • Opens: 1 November 2023
  • Closes: 31 January 2024

Step 2): Gather Supporting Documents

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Previous year’s academic record
  • Proof of total family income (pay slips or SARS documents)

Step 3): Complete Online Application

  • Access portal from Unisa Student Funding webpage
  • Input details accurately into online bursary application form
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Submit full application before cutoff

Step 4): Upload Motivation Letter (Optional)

  • 1-page letter succinctly highlighting:
    • Financial need aligned to means test threshold
    • Academic goals within chosen program
    • Potential career alignment to national priorities

Step 5): Track Application Status

  • Regularly check online profile for selection updates
  • Timeous communication of outcome via student email
  • Accept offer within stipulated period if successful

Application Tips

Implement these guidelines to bolster your chances:

  • Start early to obtain certified documentation
  • Check eligibility thoroughly against all criteria
  • Follow instructions meticulously at every stage
  • Supply accurate details throughout application
  • Proofread rigorously before submitting to prevent errors
  • Log in frequently to your portal to track progress

Additional Resources

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The Unisa Merit Bursary signifies immense opportunity for outstanding scholars requiring financial relief to maximize academic and future career success. Submit an excellent application by diligently meeting stipulated requirements and exemplifying your merit through prior achievement and future potential. Seize this empowering springboard to situate yourself at the cutting edge of your field – enabling you to ultimately implement innovative solutions that tangibly uplift communities.


How are Unisa Merit Bursary recipients selected?

Selection involves a weighted scoring system assessing:

  • Eligibility criteria compliance
  • Related academic performance records
  • Overall application quality – accuracy, presentation etc.
  • Available funding quota per faculty

Lead candidates are those effectively demonstrating high financial need despite consistent academic merit.

If I miss the deadline can I still apply?

Unfortunately the online portal blocks all late submissions after 31 January 2024. However, you can prepare documents ready to apply in the new cycle opening November 2024 for the subsequent year of studies instead.

When are bursary funds paid out?

  • First disbursement settles tuition fees directly with Unisa Finance
  • Further transfers occur quarterly (April, July, October)
  • You must provide bank details and continue meeting academic requirements

What other funding options exist besides this bursary?

Additional support includes:

  • NSFAS Scheme
  • External Bursaries and Scholarships
  • Student Loans from financial institutions
  • Private Company Sponsorships
  • Part-Time Employment earnings

Exploring diverse alternatives provides a supplemented funding model.


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