Where To Upgrade Matric Results In Limpopo 2024

Matric Upgrade Options in Limpopo Province

For residents of Limpopo seeking to upgrade their National Senior Certificate (NSC) matric results, several registered colleges and institutions in the province offer accredited matric rewrite, upgrade, and adult matric programs.

This article provides an overview of trusted matric improvement options in locations like Polokwane, Mokopane, Tzaneen and other parts of Limpopo.

Where can I upgrade my matric results in Limpopo?


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Matric Rewrites in Limpopo

One pathway to upgrade your matric is through individually rewriting subjects you wish to improve via the Department of Basic Education’s Second Chance Matric Programme. Some options in Limpopo:

Mokopane Matric Rewrite Centre

This centre in Mokopane facilitates matric rewrites for individual subjects through supplementary examinations. You can register for a minimum of one or up to six key subjects to rewrite.

Subjects offered: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Maths Literacy, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting, Economics

Modes: In-person classes or distance learning with consultation

Contact: 015 004 2806 / 066 220 4507

Website: https://mmrewrite.co.za/

Tzaneen Comprehensive School

This public school in Tzaneen allows adult and part-time matriculant registration for rewriting Matric subjects via supplementary exams.

Subjects offered: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Physical Science, Accounting, Geography, Life Sciences

Modes: Part-time classes

Contact: 015 307 3354

Mamatsha High School

Located in Seshego, this school facilitates Matric rewrites on a part-time basis including preparation classes.

Subjects offered: English, Maths, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies

Modes: Part-time classes

Contact: 015 962 1029

Matric Upgrade Courses in Limpopo

Structured matric upgrade courses are available through private colleges to comprehensively improve your scores:

CAPS Academy Polokwane

This college offers matric upgrades and rewrites through short term courses:

  • 1 week intensive crash courses per subject
  • 3 month part-time courses with classes on weekends
  • Full National Senior Certificate upgrade over 18 months

Subjects: All key matrics subjects

Modes: Crash course, part-time, full program

Contact: 015 297 3996

Website: www.capsacademy.co.za

Success College Polokwane

Providing matric upgrades via online and on campus options:

  • Online preparation supplemented by some contact classes
  • Full or part-time class options available

Subjects: Mathematics, Math Literacy, Accounting, English, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, Business Studies, Economics

Modes: Online/Distance learning or part-time classes

Contact: 015 297 5049

Website: www.successcollege.co.za

PC Training Polokwane

Matric upgrades through online courses optimized for self-paced learning.

Subjects: Mathematics, Math Literacy, Accounting, English, Information Technology

Modes: Online via cloud campus

Contact: 015 297 4602

Website: www.pctraining.co.za

Adult Matric Programs in Limpopo

For those who did not complete high school, adult matric programs provide an alternative route to attaining a National Senior Certificate:

Amended Senior Certificate (ASC)

Obtain an ASC by completing missing subjects part-time through an accredited public high school. Offered nationally via various Limpopo schools.

Kha Ri Gude

This national literacy program partners with colleges in Limpopo to deliver the NASCA distance learning matric program for adult learners.

Website: www.kharigude.org.za

Success College Adult Matric

Through blended online and on campus learning, Success College in Polokwane offers an accredited National Senior Certificate for adults (21+).

Contact: 015 297 5049

Website: www.successcollege.co.za

Choosing the Right Matric Upgrade Option in Limpopo

When selecting a matric rewrite, upgrade or adult program in Limpopo, consider factors like:

  • Subjects you need to improve
  • Location and accessibility
  • Delivery mode preferences (online, distance, part-time, full-time)
  • Program duration fitting your schedule
  • Budget and affordability
  • Reputation and past student feedback

Get all information directly from accredited providers before enrolling. Commit to learning with discipline to successfully upgrade your matric results.


In summary, Limpopo residents have quality options to rewrite or upgrade National Senior Certificate subjects or attain an accredited adult matric through recognized colleges, schools and programs. By directly contacting providers, comparing offerings and selecting a program tailored to your specific matric improvement goals and constraints, you can find an optimal pathway to tertiary studies or enhanced employment prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best college for part-time matric upgrades in Polokwane?

For part-time matric upgrades in Polokwane, CAPS Academy and Success College are two well-established providers offering structured courses on weekends and evenings.

Where can I rewrite Afrikaans First Additional Language in Limpopo?

You can register to rewrite the Afrikaans exam through providers like Mmrewrite Centre (Mokopane), Tzaneen Comprehensive School or various schools participating in the DBE rewrite programme.

Is PC Training’s online matric upgrade recognised?

Yes, PC Training is an accredited college so their online matric upgrade program leads to a valid National Senior Certificate.

What is the cost to rewrite two matric subjects in Tzaneen?

Rewriting two subjects in Tzaneen through the DBE’s programme would cost around R800 in total for the two exam sittings.

Can I complete an adult matric program fully online?

Some components may be online but these programs require supervised exams and portfolio work. Distance options like NASCA provide the most flexibility for remote learners.

Let me know if you need any other details on matric upgrade options available in your area of Limpopo!


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