Unisa Bursaries 2024

The University of South Africa (UNISA) offers a range of merit and need-based bursaries across study levels to assist students with academic expenses. Read on for an overview of available Unisa bursaries to pursue your higher education.

Unisa Bursaries


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Requirements For NSFAS 2024

Undergraduate Bursaries

Unisa provides dedicated undergraduate funding support through these sources:

NSFAS Bursary

  • Government-funded scheme for financially needy students
  • Covers full cost of study for poor and working class qualifying candidates
  • Apply via National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) directly

Unisa Merit Bursary

  • For top-performing undergraduate students
  • Awards up to 100% of tuition fees
  • Based on Grade 12 marks and university scores

External Undergraduate Bursaries

  • Department of Transport Bursary
  • Hillensberg Trust Bursary
  • Various SETA industry bursaries

Eligibility for these external bursaries depend on factors like:

  • Field/program of study
  • Academic performance
  • Family income

Postgraduate Bursaries

Unisa offers tailored aid to master’s and doctoral candidates:

Postgraduate Diploma/Honours Bursary

  • For South African alumni studying Unisa diploma or honours programs
  • Up to R15k funding for tuition fees

Research Master’s and Doctoral Bursary

  • Open to South African and international Unisa students
  • Up to R65k funding for tuition, research, travel, and books

Additional private bursaries may exist per faculty/school or corporate sponsors.

Eligibility Requirements

Standard eligibility criteria for Unisa bursaries are:

  • South African citizenship
  • Registered or accepted Unisa student
  • Academic merit and consistent performance
  • Financial need assessment

Specific requirements beyond this baseline vary by bursary scheme. Reconfirm criteria before applying.

How to Apply

Follow this process to apply for relevant Unisa bursaries:

Step 1: Check Deadlines

  • Applications usually open in November
  • Closing date is typically end January
  • Exact dates announced annually

Step 2: Review Eligibility

  • Verify you meet the criteria for selected bursaries
  • Gather required documents (academic records, ID, income statements etc)

Step 3: Complete Online Application

  • Access application portal from Unisa Student Funding website
  • Complete all compulsory sections fully and accurately
  • Upload necessary supporting documentation
  • Submit complete application before cutoff

Step 4: Evaluation Outcomes

  • Evaluation process takes up to 3 months post deadline
  • Check status regularly in your portal
  • Accept offer within stipulated timeframe if successful

Step 5: Bursary Administration

  • Sign binding bursary contract
  • Provide payment details for fund transfers
  • Disbursements process upon registration and satisfactory performance each semester

Application Tips

Follow these tips to strengthen your Unisa bursary application:

  • Start early to collect all documents
  • Stick to instructions outlined for every section
  • Supply accurate details throughout the application
  • Follow up online regularly to check if shortlisted
  • Proofread rigorously before submitting to avoid unnecessary errors

Meeting requirements and applying diligently gives your candidacy the best prospects.

Additional Resources

Visit these sites for supplementary info:

Unisa Student Funding

NSFAS Financial Aid

Unisa Prospectus


Unisa offers diverse funding assistance for students facing financial obstacles. Identify relevant bursaries or grants aligned to your situation and field of interest. Apply diligently by meeting stipulations and submitting persuasive documentation emphasizing academic excellence and compelling motivation to uplift communities upon graduation. Secure this career-enabling support to increase access and student success outcomes.


How are Unisa bursary recipients selected?

Decisions involve evaluating:

  • Eligibility compliance
  • Related academic track record
  • Overall application quality and strength
  • Available annual bursary funding quota

Top-performing candidates demonstrating financial need get prioritized.

If awarded, when will I receive bursary funding?

  • First tranche of tuition fee payments discharge directly to Unisa
  • Further disbursements for allowances happen at these times:
    • April
    • July
    • October
  • Payments are subject to continued positive academic progress

Can I hold a part-time job while on the bursary?

Yes, part-time employment is encouraged to fund additional expenses beyond bursary coverage like groceries, transport and cellphone costs. This builds financial responsibility without compromising academic focus. Inform sponsors upfront for approval before taking employment.

What are my obligations as a Unisa bursary holder?

You must:

  • Uphold high performance each semester
  • Comply with all bursary contract conditions
  • Complete compulsory vacation work
  • Participate in graduate development initiatives
  • Fulfill South African employment obligations equal to sponsorship duration

This develops well-rounded, community-oriented graduates, giving back while paying it forward.


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