Northwood High School Fees 2024

A Breakdown of Potential Fees for Day Scholars at Northwood School, Durban in 2024

Northwood School is a private K-12 boarding and day school for boys located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. While the school extensively covers fees for boarding students on its website, details on day scholar fees are more limited.

This article aims to provide an estimate of potential tuition fees, additional costs, and other considerations for local day students who commute to Northwood School based on available information.

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Estimated Day Scholar Tuition Fees

Since the school’s online fee schedule does not specify separate day student tuition fees, we need to extrapolate potential fee ranges based on what we know:

  • Annual boarding tuition for 2023-2024 is $66,960 USD, approximately R1.2 million converted. This suggests high annual fees.
  • As a top-tier private school, day scholar fees are likely 25-50% of boarding fees.
  • Their academic offerings and facilities are on par with other elite schools charging R100k-R200k per year for day students.

Given these points, estimated annual tuition fees for day scholars potentially range between R150,000 to R300,000.

This estimated fee range would cover:

  • Daily classroom instruction
  • Access to campus facilities like libraries, sports grounds, labs
  • Textbook usage
  • Academic and extracurricular activities
  • Counseling services
  • 24/7 security

To get the exact day scholar tuition fee quote, parents should contact Northwood School directly.

Additional Costs to Budget For

On top of tuition fees, Northwood day scholars require budgets for:

Application Fee:

  • Once-off non-refundable fee paid when applying. Approximately R1000-R2000.

Enrollment Fee:

  • Once-off fee paid upon confirming place. Approximately R5000-R10000.

Books and Stationery:

  • R5000-R10000 per year for prescribed textbooks, notebooks, stationery.

Technology Device:

  • A laptop or tablet will be required. Budget R5000-R15000 depending on specifications.


  • Full school uniform including sports kit. Around R5000-R15000 for all items.


  • Daily commute costs via private car, taxi or bus. R2000-R5000 per month depending on distance.


  • Lunch and snacks purchased at campus tuckshop. R2000-R3000 per month.


  • Camps, excursions, sports tours paid separately. R1000-R5000 per activity.

With both tuition and additional costs, prospective families should budget approximately R250,000 to R400,000 per annum for a day scholar at Northwood School in 2024.

Reach out to the school for personalized fee estimates and financial aid options if required.

Payment Plan Options

To ease fee payment, Northwood likely offers:

  • Annual upfront payment
  • Monthly or quarterly installments
  • Credit card, EFT, cash or check payments
  • Employee payroll deductions through corporate partners

Parents should consult the school to determine available payment plans that suit their budget.

Financial Aid Availability

As an independent school, Northwood may facilitate:

  • Merit awards for outstanding students
  • Means-tested financial assistance based on family income
  • Payment plans and flexible options for families with temporary constraints
  • External scholarships through community partners

Financial aid helps open access to deserving students regardless of economic status.

Considerations for Northwood School as a Day Scholar

Some factors for parents to weigh up when considering Northwood for their son as a day scholar:

  • Estimated R250k+ annual costs
  • Is the academic quality and extracurricular offerings worth the fees?
  • Does the school meet the child’s needs and interests?
  • How does the curriculum compare to other similar-priced providers?
  • Is the location convenient for commuting?
  • Are the facilities and resources of high standard?
  • What value-add does the brand name provide?

With research and planning, Northwood School can provide exceptional education to day students. But families need to determine if it aligns with their goals and budget.



In summary, while Northwood School’s fees for day scholars in 2024 are unclear, based on estimates, parents can expect to budget approximately R250,000 to R400,000 per year for tuition, books, uniforms, transport and other costs. The exact fees can be obtained directly from the school. Northwood is a premier option, but the associated costs mean families must carefully weigh up the value proposition. With early planning and financial aid, the school can be accessible to day students seeking academic excellence.

Day Scholar Fee FAQs

Does Northwood offer sibling discounts for day scholars?

Many private schools offer discounted tuition for siblings enrolled concurrently. Check with Northwood if any discounts apply.

When are fees for 2025 published?

Fees for the next academic year are typically published around September-October of the preceding year.

Can I pay day scholar fees monthly?

Most schools offer payment plans including monthly installments. Confirm options with Northwood’s financial department.

Is financial assistance available for day students?

Yes, day scholars can likely apply for needs-based financial aid and external scholarships via the school.

Are extra tutoring costs included in tuition?

Usually additional academic support beyond normal curriculum is charged separately at hourly rates.

Let me know if you need any other details regarding estimated day scholar fees at Northwood School in Durban!


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