Khanyisa Nursing School Registration Fees
Registration Fees and Additional Costs for Khanyisa Nursing School’s Programs

Khanyisa Nursing School offers two main nursing qualifications at its campuses – a 1-year Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing and a 3-year Diploma in Nursing. When enrolling in these programs, students must pay certain registration fees and account for additional program-related costs.

This article provides details on the registration fees, tuition fees, payment options, and other costs to budget for at Khanyisa’s campuses.

Khanyisa Nursing School Registration Fees


Khanyisa Nursing School Fees

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Registration Fee

All new students enrolling at Khanyisa Nursing School must pay a standard non-refundable registration fee. Important points:

  • Applies to both the auxiliary nursing certificate and diploma nursing programs
  • The registration fee amount is R150
  • This one-time fee is paid upfront when registering for the program
  • Covers administrative application processing and entrance costs
  • Must be paid again if registering for a different program after graduation
  • Is non-refundable, even if the student withdraws from the program later

The registration fee secures your spot in the program once your application has been accepted.

Program Tuition Fees

In addition to the registration fee, students must pay the tuition fees for their respective program.

1. Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing

  • Duration is 1 year
  • Fees differ slightly across campuses:
    • Johannesburg campus: Approximately R169
    • Other campuses: Enquire directly with each campus for the specific fee amount

2. Diploma in Nursing

  • Duration is 3 years
  • Tuition fees are standardized across all campuses:
    • Year 1: R171
    • Year 2: R171
    • Year 3: R171
    • Total for 3 years: R513

Additional Costs to Budget For

Nursing students must budget for other program-related expenses:

Uniform and Equipment:

  • Nursing kits, scrubs, epaulettes, shoes, watches, name tags etc.
  • Estimate R1,500 – R2,000 for required items.

Books and Stationery:

  • Textbooks, notebooks, printing and photocopying costs
  • Budget R500 – R1,000 per year.


  • Fees may apply for certain examinations.

Skills Laboratory:

  • Contribute towards lab equipment maintenance and consumables.

Clinical Placements:

  • Travel, accommodation, and living costs related to hospital placements.

Association Membership:

  • Nursing association membership recommended for networking.


  • Gown rental, graduation fees, and pinning ceremony costs.

Technological Devices:

  • Laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to access online learning resources.

Payment Options at Khanyisa

Students can pay Khanyisa Nursing School fees through:

Upfront Payment – Pay total tuition and registration fees for the academic year before classes start. Discounts may apply.

Installments – Diploma fees can be paid in monthly installments over 8-12 months per year. Interest charged.

Student Loans – External study loans from financial providers. To be repaid after graduation.

Scholarships – Merit, sports, diversity, and other scholarships available through Khanyisa.

Employer Sponsorship – Employers may fund studies in return for a work commitment.

Payment plans and financial aid are available to ease costs. The financial department assists students.

Managing Program Costs

Here are some tips for students to manage their costs:

  • Compare fees across campuses and apply to the most affordable location.
  • Stick to application deadlines for maximum eligibility for scholarships and funding.
  • Discuss your financial situation upfront for advice on payment plans and funding opportunities.
  • Create a detailed budget including tuition, books, supplies, uniforms, transportation etc.
  • Apply early for external bursaries, grants, subsidies, and study loans.
  • Get support from family if possible and minimize taking loans. Work part-time if you can.
  • Open a dedicated savings account and deposit regular amounts towards your program fees and expenses.
  • Shop smartly for required items like uniforms and books to save costs.
  • Stay up-to-date on fee payments to avoid late penalties or suspensions.

With planning and funding, Khanyisa Nursing School’s program costs can be manageable for motivated students.

Contact Khanyisa Campuses for Fees

For the latest registration and tuition fees for your desired program and campus location, directly contact:

Johannesburg Campus: +27 11 476 2242

Witbank Campus: +27 13 692 2224

Kroonstad Campus: +27 51 444 2272

Bushbuckridge Campus: +27 13 782 3224

Tonga Campus: +27 13 289 2221

Email and websites are also available on

We hope this overview helps provide clarity on budgeting for the costs of studying nursing at Khanyisa! Feel free to reach out if any queries arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration fee for re-enrolling students?

Re-enrolling students do not pay the registration fee again. It is a once-off fee paid in your first year.

Are payment plans available for the certificate program?

Yes, Khanyisa facilitates monthly installment plans for both the auxiliary and diploma nursing programs to ease costs.

How much are textbooks and uniforms approximately?

Budget about R1,500-R2,000 for uniforms and R500-R1,000 per year for books. But confirm precise amounts with your campus.

When should I pay my first installment for the July intake?

First installments are typically due end of April or May. Check with your campus for the exact schedule.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the program later?

The non-refundable registration fee will not be refunded in any scenario. Tuition refunds depend on the withdrawal date.

Let me know if you need any other details regarding Khanyisa’s nursing program costs!


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