Khanyisa Nursing School Fees for 2024

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid at Khanyisa Nursing School’s Campuses

Khanyisa Nursing School is a private nursing college with campuses located in Johannesburg, Witbank, Kroonstad, Bushbuckridge, and Tonga in South Africa. The school offers accredited nursing qualifications like the Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing and the Diploma in Nursing.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the tuition fees and financial aid options available at Khanyisa’s campuses across different nursing programs.

Khanyisa Nursing School Fees

Tuition Fees at Khanyisa Nursing School

Tuition fees at Khanyisa Nursing School vary based on the specific campus, nursing program, and year of study. However, Khanyisa strives to keep fees affordable compared to other private nursing colleges in South Africa.

Here is an outline of the typical tuition costs:

Registration Fee

All new students pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of R150 when enrolling at Khanyisa Nursing School. This covers administrative and entrance processing costs.

Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing

This 1-year program qualifies graduates to work as auxiliary nurses under supervision.

  • Johannesburg campus: Approximately R169 for the year
  • Other campuses: Fees may vary slightly, so inquire directly with each campus

Diploma in Nursing

This 3-year program leads to registration as a general Nurse with the SANC.

  • Year 1: Approximately R171
  • Year 2: Approximately R171
  • Year 3: Approximately R171
  • Total for 3 years: Approximately R513

Additional Program Costs

Beyond tuition, students should budget for other nursing program-related costs:

  • Uniform and Equipment: Nursing kits, uniforms, watches, shoes, name badges etc. Budget R1,500 – R2,000.
  • Books and Supplies: Textbooks, notebooks, printing, photocopying, etc. Budget R500 – R1,000 per year.
  • Exams: Fees for final exams may apply in certain programs or years.
  • Clinical Training: Transportation and accommodation costs related to clinical placements at hospitals.
  • Graduation: Graduation gown rental, certificates, pinning ceremony costs.

Payment Options at Khanyisa

Khanyisa Nursing School offers flexibility in tuition fee payments.

Upfront Payment

The total fees for the academic year can be paid in full upfront before the start of classes. This allows students to avoid payment worries during studies. Discounts sometimes apply for upfront payments.

Payment Plan Installments

For the Diploma program, Khanyisa facilitates monthly payment plans to split the yearly fees into smaller installments over 8-12 months. Interest may be charged on installment plans.

Installment due dates are set per academic calendar. Payments are made via direct bank transfer, credit card, cash or check. Defaulting on installments can risk suspension, so strict adherence is required.

Student Loans

Khanyisa assists students in applying for study loans from external providers like banks or government student funding bodies. Loans cover tuition plus living expenses and are repaid post-studies with interest. Meet with a financial aid officer for guidance.

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Khanyisa

Khanyisa Nursing School assists qualifying students through financial aid programs and scholarships:

Government Bursaries

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides need-based bursaries that cover tuition, books, accommodation and living expenses for financially disadvantaged students. Apply directly through NSFAS online.

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to new and current students who demonstrate strong academic ability. These cover 25% to 100% of tuition fees.

Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) Grants

SETA funding from bodies like the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) provides tuition grants for nursing students meeting requirements.

Employer Sponsorships

Healthcare employers like hospitals sometimes sponsor nurses to study at Khanyisa in return for a work commitment. This covers fees and may include a salary.

Payment Plans and Discounts

Payment plans and discounts for upfront payments, siblings, etc. also ease costs.

Meet with a financial aid officer to identify options you qualify for and apply on time.

Tips for Managing Tuition Fees at Khanyisa

Here are some tips for students to manage Khanyisa Nursing School’s tuition fees:

  • Compare costs across campuses and apply to the most affordable one for your program.
  • Stick to application deadlines to maximize chances for financial aid like bursaries.
  • Discuss your financial situation transparently so the college can guide you on funding options.
  • Apply for external scholarships and grants beyond those offered by Khanyisa.
  • Create a budget for additional costs like books, uniforms, transport etc. Apply for aid to cover those too.
  • If eligible, utilize government funding like NSFAS first before considering private loans.
  • Contact companies operating in healthcare for potential sponsorships of your studies.
  • Stay up-to-date on fee payments to avoid penalties or suspensions that can defer your graduation.
  • Work part-time if possible to supplement funding and minimize loan amounts.

With proper planning, budgeting, and funding, Khanyisa Nursing School’s tuition fees and related costs can be manageable.

Contact Information for Khanyisa Campuses

To inquire about the latest tuition fees and financial aid options, contact the respective Khanyisa Nursing School campus directly:

Johannesburg Campus
Phone: +27 (11) 476-2242 Email: [email protected]

Witbank Campus
Phone: +27 (13) 692-2224 Email: [email protected]

Kroonstad Campus Phone: +27 (51) 444-2272 Email: [email protected]

Bushbuckridge Campus
Phone: +27 (13) 782-3224 Email: [email protected]

Tonga Campus
Phone: +27 (13) 289-2221 Email: [email protected]

Visit the website at for more information.


Khanyisa Nursing School aims to make accredited nursing education accessible through reasonable tuition fees and multiple financial aid options. By researching costs across campuses and programs, budgeting thoroughly, applying for all eligible funding in time, and adhering to payment plans, studying at Khanyisa can be an affordable investment in your nursing career.

The school’s flexible payment structures, discounts, scholarships, and partnerships with external funding providers allow students from diverse backgrounds to obtain quality nursing qualifications for the workplace. Contact Khanyisa’s friendly financial aid officers for advice on managing the costs of your nursing education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the tuition fees for the auxiliary nursing program at the Kroonstad campus?

The total fees for the 1-year Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing at Khanyisa’s Kroonstad campus are approximately R169. Contact the campus directly for the latest fee amount.

When should I apply for NSFAS funding?

Submit your NSFAS application as early as possible, well before the new academic year begins, as bursary funding is limited. The online application opens around August-September each year.

What is the cost of uniforms, books and other supplies?

You should budget around R1,500-R2,000 for required uniforms, nursing kits, shoes, watches and other items. Books and supplies cost approximately R500-R1,000 per year. Confirm precise amounts with your campus.

Are academic merit scholarships available for the diploma nursing program?

Yes, Khanyisa Nursing School offers merit-based scholarships that cover 25%-100% of tuition fees for diploma nursing students maintaining excellent grades. High academic achievers should inquire about scholarship availability when applying.

What should I do if I’m struggling to make tuition payments?

Speak to your campus financial aid officer immediately if facing difficulties with fee payments. They can counsel you on budgeting, potential financial assistance, and adjusting your payment plan as needed. Delaying will only worsen matters.

I hope these answers provide more insight into managing fees when studying nursing at Khanyisa! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


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