Kearsney College School Fees 2024/2025

A Complete Overview of Kearsney College Fees

Kearsney College is one of the top independent boarding schools for boys in South Africa. Located near Durban in Botha’s Hill, it provides a world-class all-round education. However, the fees involved in attending such a prestigious institution are substantial.

This comprehensive guide examines Kearsney College’s fee structure for the 2024 academic year across all student categories. It aims to help parents accurately budget and plan for the costs of enrolling their sons at the school.

Kearsney College School Fees

About Kearsney College

Established in 1921, Kearsney College has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Some key facts:

  • Caters for boys from Grade 0 to Grade 12
  • Boarding and day scholar options
  • State-of-the-art sports facilities including cricket, rugby, hockey, swimming, and equestrian arenas
  • Over 50 academic, cultural, community service and adventure co-curricular activities
  • Consistently outstanding Matric results and university placements
  • Old Boys network with alumni globally

As a private school, Kearsney College charges substantial fees to deliver this exceptional learning environment. But it makes efforts to ensure accessibility through financial assistance programs.

1. Application Fees

Parents first pay non-refundable application fees to initiate the admissions process:

  • Application Fee: R880 per applicant
  • Acceptance Fee: R35,100 upon receipt of Offer of Admission

The acceptance fee secures your son’s place, which is then offset against the first fee installment.

2. Tuition Fees

This covers the core tuition costs and varies for day scholars versus boarders.

Day Scholar Fees

  • R17,741 per month over 11 months
  • R196,150 annually without discount
  • Covers tuition, textbook rental, basic sports/cultural activities

Boarding Fees

  • R27,917 per month over 11 months
  • R307,085 annually without discount
  • Covers tuition, boarding residence costs, meals, laundry, textbook rental and basic activities

Boarding is significantly pricier but provides after-hours care and homework support.

3. Discount for Upfront Payment

Kearsney offers a 5.5% discount on tuition fees if paid fully upfront by 30 November 2023 rather than monthly.

This discount amounts to:

  • R10,788 for day scholars (saving on R196,150)
  • R16,890 for boarders (saving on R307,085)

The school encourages upfront payment to help with financial planning.

4. Additional Costs

Beyond tuition and boarding, parents should budget for other costs:

  • Non-Prescribed Clothing – casual clothes, shoes, toiletries
  • Transportation – daily shuttles if not using school buses
  • Technology – laptop, calculator and accessories
  • Sports Equipment – essentials like tennis racket, cricket gear etc.
  • Excursions – local and international school trips
  • Pocket Money – daily tuckshop allowance

These extra expenses can amount to R15,000 – R30,000 per annum depending on needs.

5. Optional Charges

Some optional services and activities attract additional charges:

  • Private Music Lessons – R400 per month for 30-minute weekly lessons
  • Extra Academic Support – varies based on number of weekly sessions
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL) – R2,600 per term

Parents sign up separately for these discretionary, value-adding services.

6. Boarding Deposits

An interest-free deposit of R10,000 per boarding student is payable which is refunded after Matric less any damages or losses.

7. Sibling Discounts

Kearsney offers a discount on tuition fees for brothers:

  • 2nd sibling – 7.5% discount
  • 3rd and subsequent – 10% discount

This helps reduce costs for families with multiple sons at the school.

8. Financial Assistance

Kearsney aims to make education accessible to deserving students of all backgrounds through financial assistance:


  • Means-tested bursaries covering 25%–100% of fees based on financial need


  • Merit-based scholarships recognizing special achievements and talents

Parents should inquire directly regarding eligibility and the application process for financial assistance. Supporting documents, like income statements, are required.

Kearsney College Contact

Here are some helpful resources for further information:


Kearsney College offers a premium learning environment, but this requires significant investment from parents, with 2024 fees ranging from R196,150 for day scholars up to over R300,000 for boarding students. Additional costs also need consideration.

By planning budgets diligently and exploring financial assistance options, gaining access to Kearsney College is still possible, even for families of more modest means.


What is included in the day’s scholar fees?

The day scholar fees cover tuition, textbook rental, basic sports and cultural activities, and local excursions. Additional costs like transportation, equipment, etc. are excluded.

How much discount do I get for two brothers at Kearsney?

For the 2nd sibling, you will receive a 7.5% discount on the tuition fees. The discount increases to 10% for the 3rd and subsequent brothers.

Can I pay fees using a credit card?

Yes, Kearsney does facilitate credit card fee payments. However, you will be responsible for the credit card transaction fees charged.

Are academic excursions included in the fees?

Compulsory local excursions are covered under tuition fees. But optional international tours, exchanges programs etc. attract additional charges.

Is the boarding deposit refundable?

Yes, the interest-free R10,000 boarding deposit per student is fully refundable upon leaving the school after deductions for any damages.


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