St. Mary’s Waverley School Fees 2024

A Comprehensive Breakdown of St Mary’s School Tuition, Boarding, and Other Fees

St Mary’s School, Waverley is an esteemed all-girls independent boarding and day school located in the upmarket suburb of Waverley, Johannesburg. As one of the top private schools in Gauteng, St Mary’s charges set fees for tuition, boarding, registration, and other costs.

This detailed guide examines the fee structure at St Mary’s School for the 2024 academic year across the varying pupil grades and enrollment options.

st mary's waverley school fees


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Introduction to St Mary’s School

Founded in 1885, St Mary’s School, Waverley has a long-standing reputation for excellence in girls’ education, outstanding academic results, and producing empowered and ethical female leaders.

The school offers a holistic education from Grade 000 (ages 3-4) to Grade 12 (ages 17-18). Students can enroll as day scholars or as weekly or termly boarders residing in campus dorms.

With small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and superb facilities on its serene 10-hectare campus, St Mary’s provides a premier learning environment. Read more HERE.

Tuition Fees By Grade

The tuition fees per year for 2024 are:

  • Grade 000 and 00 (ages 3-6): R75,950
  • Grade 0 (age 6-7): R88,900
  • Forms I and II (ages 13-15): R150,150
  • Forms III, IV and V (ages 16-18): R163,550

Tuition fees cover: classroom instruction, textbook use, campus facility access, school events and activities, academic support, counseling services.

Additional Tuition Levies:

  • Development Fund Levy: R29,550 per year (Forms I to V)
  • Technology Levy: R6,100 per year (Forms I to V)

Boarding Fees

In addition to tuition, boarding fees for 2024 are:

  • Weekly Boarding: R118,450 per term
  • Termly Boarding: R129,500 per term

Boarding fees cover: accommodation, meals, laundry, evening supervision and weekend programs.

Boarders require separate school holiday accommodation plans.

Other Compulsory Costs

Beyond tuition and boarding, parents must budget for:

  • Registration Fee: R3,500 (non-refundable, payable upon enrollment)
  • Stationery and Supplies: Approximately R5,000 per year
  • Textbooks: Approximately R5,000 per year
  • Uniforms and Sports Kit: Approximately R15,000 to R20,000 on initial outfitting
  • Activities and Excursions: Costs vary per grade and activity
  • Transportation: Monthly bus fees or personal transport costs

Payment Plans Accepted

To ease cost burdens, St Mary’s allows payment of annual fees through:

  • Upfront annual payment by January
  • Monthly installments
  • Per term installment plans
  • Employee salary deductions through partner organizations

Financial Aid Availability

St Mary’s facilitates the following financial assistance:

  • Merit scholarships for academic excellence
  • Needs-based financial aid bursaries
  • Sibling discounts
  • Payment plans and flexible options

By applying early, deserving students can access the school’s outstanding education.


St Mary’s School, Waverley offers a premier all-girls education embedded in rich history and tradition. While the tuition, boarding and other fees reflect its private school status, the school provides value via academic excellence, holistic growth, small classes, outstanding facilities and resources. Financial aid availability also promotes access and diversity. By planning judiciously and budgeting the various costs, parents can secure an unparalleled educational experience and bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tuition fees?

Tuition covers classroom teaching, textbooks, campus facility use, activities, academic support services, counseling and standard supplies.

How much are additional tutoring lessons?

Rates for private tutoring or extra academic support vary per subject and tutor. Inquire directly with the school on availability and costs.

When are fees increased for the next year?

Fee increases are generally announced in October and applicable from January for the next academic year.

Is there a payment plan option for day scholar fees?

Yes, St Mary’s allows tuition fee payment in monthly installments over 10 months for day scholars as well.

How do I apply for a financial aid bursary?

Submit a formal financial assistance application along with supporting documents by the specified deadline. The school’s Financial Aid Committee reviews applications.

Let me know if you need any other details regarding costs and fees at St Mary’s School, Waverley!


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