Breakdown of Fees at Royal Kings School’s Johannesburg Branches

Royal Kings School is an independent primary and secondary school with six campuses across Johannesburg, South Africa. As a private school, Royal Kings charges set tuition, registration, and other fees annually. However, fees vary slightly between branches and grades.

This comprehensive guide examines Royal Kings School’s fee structure across its different Johannesburg branches and provides tips for parents planning their school budgets.

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Introduction to Royal Kings School

Established in 2000, Royal Kings School aims to provide affordable, quality private education to Johannesburg families through its network of campuses in key neighbourhoods.

The school follows the CAPS curriculum and offers grade RRR to grade 12. Students can enroll in Afrikaans or English mediums.

With a focus on holistic development via academics, sports, culture and values, Royal Kings caters to varied learning needs. Accreditation from regulatory bodies ensures educational standards.

Now let’s break down the fee options at each branch.

Tuition Fees by Branch and Grade

Royal Kings School’s tuition fees for 2023 are structured as:

Grades RRR – R

  • Bryanston branch: R28,800 per year
  • Cresta branch: R28,800 per year
  • Fourways branch: R28,800 per year
  • Kyalami branch: R28,800 per year
  • Midrand branch: R28,800 per year
  • Waterfall branch: R28,800 per year

Grades 1- 11

  • Bryanston: R31,440 per year
  • Cresta: R31,440 per year
  • Fourways: R31,440 per year
  • Kyalami: R31,440 per year
  • Midrand: R31,440 per year
  • Waterfall: R31,440 per year

Grade 12

  • Bryanston: R34,200 per year
  • Cresta: R34,200 per year
  • Fourways: R34,200 per year
  • Kyalami: R34,200 per year
  • Midrand: R34,200 per year
  • Waterfall: R34,200 per year

* Discounts apply for upfront annual payments

Registration Fee

  • A once-off registration fee of R1,250 applies when enrolling new students.
  • This covers administration and entrance costs.

Additional Costs

Parents must also budget for:

  • Stationery pack: R1,300 – R1,500 per year
  • Sports fee: R150 per year
  • Aftercare: R10,890 per year (11 months)
  • Uniforms: Approximately R5,000 – R8,000
  • Books: R5,000 – R10,000 per year
  • Technology device: A tablet or laptop as required per grade
  • Transportation: Arranged privately or through bus fees

Payment Plan Options

Royal Kings School allows families to pay fees through:

  • Annual upfront payment by January with 3%-10% discount
  • Monthly installments
  • Quarterly payments via debit order

Financial Aid Options

Royal Kings School facilitates:

  • Sibling discounts for two or more children
  • Needs-based financial assistance awards
  • Payment plans and flexible options

This assists deserving families facing financial constraints.

Choosing Your Preferred Royal Kings Branch

When selecting a Royal Kings School branch, consider:

  • Convenience of location to your home or workplace
  • The language medium offered (English or Afrikaans)
  • Availability of your desired grades at the branch
  • Variance in fees between branches for your grade
  • Condition of facilities and resources
  • Accessibility via private and public transportation


Royal Kings School offers parents a quality private school alternative at reasonable fees across six conveniently located branches in Johannesburg. While minor fee differences exist between branches, the structure by grade is consistent. With budgeting for all costs and leveraging financial assistance where eligible, Royal Kings provides excellent private education with flexibility.

Royal Kings Fee FAQs

What is the tuition fee for Grade 1 at the Waterfall branch?

Grade 1 tuition at the Royal Kings Waterfall branch is R31,440 per year for 2023.

Do you get a discount for paying termly?

No, the termly payment option does not include a discount. Only annual and quarterly upfront payments receive 3%-10% discounts.

How much are the monthly payments?

Monthly installment amounts vary based on your child’s grade and branch fees divided across 12 months. Contact the school for personalized amounts.

When will 2024 fees be announced?

Usually Royal Kings announces any fee increases for the next year in October-November to give parents planning time.

Can financial assistance be applied to registration fees?

No, financial assistance only applies to tuition fees. The registration fee cannot be discounted or waived.

Let me know if you need any other details regarding Royal Kings School fees and costs!


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