How to apply for BMW Bursary 2024

How to Apply for the BMW Bursary Program

The BMW bursary program offers a valuable funding opportunity for high-achieving students. However, the application process can be extensive and competitive. It is important to understand the key steps involved in submitting a strong application.

This guide covers the end-to-end application process for the BMW bursary program in South Africa, Germany, the UK and other countries.

How to apply for BMW Bursary


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Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

The first step is to evaluate if you meet the core eligibility criteria for the bursary:

  • Check that you meet the academic requirements for grades/marks and field of study.
  • Review the citizenship and residency requirements for the country you are applying in.
  • Assess your financial need and ability to provide proof of limited family resources.
  • Evaluate if you meet requirements related to career motivationleadership skillsproblem-solving abilities, and work experience.

If you meet the core criteria, you can proceed with the application. Otherwise, it may be beneficial to wait and apply in future when you do meet all the requirements.

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

BMW requires all applicants to submit various documents to assess their eligibility. Make sure you have the following ready:

  • Certified academic records – grade transcripts, mark sheets, test scores
  • Copy of ID document or passport – certified by a Commissioner of Oaths
  • Detailed CV – highlighting academic, extracurricular and work experience
  • Motivation letter – up to 500 words on your passions and alignment with BMW
  • Income statements – of parents/guardians showing financial need
  • Reference letters – ideally two, from teachers or lecturers
  • Portfolio – awards, certificates, evidence of achievements (optional)

Allow sufficient time to gather all documents neatly and get copies certified where required.

Step 3: Complete the Online Application

Once BMW bursary applications open:

  • Go to the BMW careers website for your country
  • Navigate to the student funding or bursaries section
  • Register an account by providing your details
  • Select the bursary you wish to apply for
  • Complete all sections of the online application form
  • Upload your supporting documents
  • Submit the full application by the closing date

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered so it is important to apply as early as possible.

Step 4: Successfully Pass Assessments

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to participate in:

  • Aptitude and psychometric tests – numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning
  • Group exercises – discussions, presentations and collaboration
  • Panel interviews – questions on your technical knowledge, motivation, problem-solving skills
  • Technical exercises – engineering drawings, data analysis, computer coding

Thorough preparation through mock tests, presentations and practice interviews is highly recommended. This will help you demonstrate your abilities best.

Step 5: Accept the Bursary Offer

If selected after the assessments, you will receive:

  • Offer letter – states the funding details including amounts and duration
  • Contract – sets out the terms and conditions you must abide by
  • Review the offer carefully and sign the contract if you wish to accept it. Decline the offer if you change your mind.
  • Return signed copies as directed before the deadline. Non-acceptance may result in the offer being withdrawn.

Tip: Notify other institutions that offered you funding once you have accepted the BMW bursary to release that funding to other candidates.

Additional Application Tips

Follow these recommendations to strengthen your BMW bursary application:

  • Start early – begin preparing your documents weeks/months before the opening date
  • Follow instructions – carefully adhere to all requirements outlined
  • Check spelling and grammar; ensure documents are free from errors
  • Stick to word limits – the motivation letter should be 500 words
  • Research BMW – understand the company’s values and goals
  • Practice for interviews and tests – so you are calm and confident
  • Keep copies – of all documents submitted including the final signed contract
  • Ask for support – approach lecturers, parents, and friends to provide advice

With diligent preparation and a professional application, you can showcase your worthiness for this life-changing bursary opportunity.


The BMW bursary application process is comprehensive but rewarding for high-caliber candidates who perform well at each stage. Thorough planning, attention to detail and demonstrating your passion for the automotive industry through the application can help secure the bursary.

Gaining a BMW bursary can be a springboard to an enriching career. By navigating each step appropriately with an outstanding application, you can be awarded this prestigious funding.


How long in advance should I apply?

Aim to start preparing your documents at least 2 months in advance. Applications typically open 4-5 months before the academic year starts. Apply as early as possible once it opens.

Can I submit a late application?

No, applications received after the published deadline will not be accepted in most cases. Submit your complete application well before the cutoff date.

How do I get documents certified?

You can get copies of documents certified by institutions like police stations, post offices, banks, or government offices. Remember not to submit originals.

What happens if I don’t get shortlisted?

If you are not shortlisted, you can request feedback on your application. Use this to strengthen your application and re-apply the following year. Each year provides new opportunities.

When will I be notified after the assessments?

You will receive notification of the outcome within 2–3 months of the assessments. Successful recipients receive offer letters first. If you are declined, you will receive an email notification later.


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