BMW Bursary Requirements
Key Eligibility Criteria for the BMW Bursary Program

The BMW bursary program offers a valuable funding opportunity for students pursuing qualifications in fields relevant to the automotive industry. However, competition for the bursaries is intense. Applicants from South Africa, Germany, and elsewhere have to meet rigorous criteria to be considered.

Below is an in-depth look at the typical eligibility and application requirements for the BMW bursary program globally.

BMW Bursary Requirements


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Academic Requirements

Excelling academically is a core prerequisite for the BMW bursary. Applicants are assessed competitively on their scholastic ability and potential.

Minimum Grades

You require outstanding grades in your previous studies to qualify for a BMW bursary. The minimum averages required are:

  • South Africa – At least 75% average in Grade 11 or at university
  • Germany – Above average grades (1,5 or better) for Bachelor’s
  • UK – AAA or AAB at A-Level; First class for Bachelor’s
  • USA – High school GPA of 3.5+; 3.8+ GPA at university

Relevant Degree

Your degree/diploma needs to align with BMW’s skills requirements. Suitable programs include:

  • Engineering – mechanical, electrical, industrial, mechatronic
  • Information Technology – computer science, software development
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Human Resources

Priority is given to technical disciplines like engineering and IT.

Academic Status

  • School leavers – need to be in final year of high school
  • Undergraduates – should have finished at least one year of studies
  • Postgraduates – must be registered for an honours, masters or PhD

Citizenship and Residency Requirements

BMW often gives preference to local citizens and residents when awarding bursaries.

Local Citizenship

Most BMW bursaries require South African, German or British citizenship. However, some programs are open to international students.

Permanent Residency

You need to have permanent resident status in the country where you are applying.

Historical Disadvantage

BMW aims to increase diversity through its bursaries. Applicants from designated groups or historically disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Financial Need Criteria

The BMW bursary application requires you to demonstrate your financial need.

Income Thresholds

Your household income will be assessed. Your family collectively should not exceed an income threshold, such as:

  • R600,000 annual income in South Africa
  • €60,000 annual income in Germany

Insufficient Resources

Provide details showing your family’s limited resources to self-fund your studies. This is especially important if your family income exceeds the threshold.

Additional Requirements

Along with meeting academic and financial criteria, some key qualities and competencies are required:

Career Motivation

Demonstrate your strong interest and motivation to pursue a career in the automotive industry through your application essays. Highlight your passion for the sector.

Well-rounded Profile

BMW wants students who are academically talented but also have diverse interests and abilities. Showcase extracurricular activities, leadership experience, volunteering work or unique hobbies.

Language Proficiency

English fluency is essential. Knowledge of German is advantageous for bursaries in Germany.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Logical thinking and analytical skills are highly regarded given the technical nature of the bursary program.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills, emotional intelligence and the ability to work in a team are key qualities BMW looks for.

Work Experience

Relevant work exposure in engineering, IT, accounting, etc can strengthen your profile. But it is not a strict requirement.

How to Apply for the BMW Bursary

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, here are the key steps to apply for the BMW bursary:

1. Check Opening Dates

  • Bursary applications open in May/June each year.
  • Deadline is typically end of June or July.
  • Registration may open earlier for existing BMW students.

2. Gather Required Documents

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Academic transcripts
  • Family income proof
  • Motivation letter & detailed CV
  • Reference letters from lecturers/teachers
  • Portfolio of achievements (optional)

3. Complete Online Application

  • Go to BMW Group’s student funding website
  • Create a user account and register your details
  • Fill out the application form and upload supporting documents

4. Prepare for Assessments

  • If shortlisted, you may need to complete interviews, psychometric tests, presentations and technical exercises.

5. Accept Offer

  • Successful applicants will receive a written bursary offer. Read it thoroughly.
  • Sign the contract if you accept the offer and return it.

Application Tips

  • Start early and submit your application as soon as possible once it opens.
  • Follow instructions carefully and provide all requested information.
  • Ensure documents are certified where required.
  • Spend time on your motivation letter and CV.
  • Choose reliable referees who can testify to your abilities.
  • Attend assessments professionally dressed and well prepared.

With thorough preparation, attention to detail, and a strong application, you can maximize your chances of securing the competitive BMW bursary.


The BMW bursary program offers generous funding but has rigorous and comprehensive eligibility requirements. Applicants from South Africa, Germany, the UK and elsewhere need to demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, strong motivation and well-roundedness.

Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee selection. But by understanding the requirements, preparing thoroughly, and highlighting your relevant skills and potential, you can submit a compelling bursary application. If awarded, the BMW bursary can be a life-changing opportunity and gateway to an enriching career.


Does BMW offer bursaries outside South Africa and Germany?

Yes, BMW offers some bursary and scholarship programs in other countries too. For example, UK students can apply for the BMW Group UK Scholarship. This is open to university students studying for technical degrees.

Do I need work experience to be eligible?

Relevant work experience is advantageous but not always required. School leavers and first year students are also encouraged to apply as long as they meet academic criteria.

What is the service obligation after completing the bursary?

You are required to work at BMW for the same number of years that you received the bursary funding. This is usually 1 to 2 years for undergraduate bursaries and longer for postgraduate bursaries.

Can I hold another bursary/scholarship along with the BMW one?

Yes, you can hold multiple bursaries as long as you disclose this upfront to BMW. The funding you receive will factor into assessing your financial need.

How do I get my documents certified?

You can get copies of documents certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, police station, post office, or bank. Never submit original documents.


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