BMW Bursary
The BMW Bursary Program in South Africa

The BMW bursary program in South Africa provides financial assistance to talented students who want to pursue studies in fields related to the automotive industry. As one of the leading luxury car manufacturers in the world, BMW aims to support the development of skilled professionals who can contribute to technical innovation in South Africa.

BMW Bursary


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Overview of the BMW Bursary

BMW South Africa offers bursaries annually to high-performing students who are interested in studying engineering, information technology, logistics, finance, and other subjects. The bursary program is merit-based and aims to increase diversity in the country’s technical talent pool.

The bursaries cover all tuition fees, provide a monthly allowance for accommodation and living expenses, and offer opportunities for practical work experience. In return, students commit to working for BMW South Africa for a period equal to their time spent in the bursary program after graduating.

Some key facts about the BMW bursary program:

  • Covers studies at accredited South African universities
  • Focuses on STEM fields like engineering, IT, logistics, and finance
  • Open to South African citizens of all races
  • Requires a minimum academic average of 75%
  • Contractual obligation to work for BMW upon graduating
  • Provides work integrated learning opportunities

By investing in the education of high-potential students, BMW hopes to develop specialist skills needed in its operations, enrich innovation capacity, and build a diverse talent pipeline in South Africa.

Eligibility Criteria for the BMW Bursary

To qualify for a BMW bursary, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Academic Requirements

  • Currently in Grade 12 or already studying at a South African university
  • Achieved at least 75% average in Grade 11 exams (for school-leavers)
  • Maintained strong academic performance at university (for current students)
  • Studying towards a degree in an area relevant to BMW’s business needs, such as:
    • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, mechatronic, industrial, etc.)
    • Information Technology and Computer Science
    • Logistics, Supply Chain Management
    • Finance, Accounting
    • Marketing, Communications
    • Human Resources

Citizenship and Residency Requirements

  • South African citizenship
  • Permanent residence in South Africa
  • Preference for students from disadvantaged communities

Financial Need

  • Proven financial need for support
  • Limited family resources to fund studies

Other Criteria

  • Leadership potential and extracurricular participation
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities
  • High motivation to succeed in studies and career
  • Interest in the automotive industry

Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee selection for the bursary program. BMW conducts a holistic assessment of each applicant and their suitability for the program.

BMW Bursary Package Details

The BMW bursary program is very comprehensive in the support it provides to beneficiaries. Here are the key components of the bursary package:

Tuition Fees

  • Full coverage of tuition and registration fees
  • Fees paid directly to the institution

Accommodation Allowance

  • Monthly stipend for accommodation near campus
  • Allowance amount depends on location

Living Expenses

  • Monthly allowance for food, books, and other expenses
  • Allowance amount is reviewed annually

Work Integrated Learning

  • Paid work experience during university holidays
  • Develop practical skills at BMW workshops and plants
  • Opportunity to network within the company


  • Assignment of a BMW staff mentor
  • Guidance on professional development and careers

Health Insurance

  • Basic health insurance provided

By covering all major costs and providing work experience opportunities, the BMW bursary enables students to focus on their studies without financial strain.

How to Apply for the BMW Bursary

Applications for the BMW bursary program open in May each year. The application window is relatively short, so candidates have to prepare their documents and apply as soon as possible. Here are the steps to apply:

1. Check Eligibility

Make sure you meet all the basic academic, citizenship, financial and other eligibility criteria before applying. Ineligible applications will not be processed.

2. Gather Required Documents

You will need to submit the following documents with your bursary application form:

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Certified copies of your Grade 11 and 12 results (if in school)
  • University academic transcripts (if already studying)
  • Proof of family income (payslips, affidavits, etc.)
  • Motivational essay and CV

3. Complete Online Application

Go to the BMW Group South Africa website and find the bursary section. Register an account and fill out the online application form. Upload your documents.

4. Attend Assessments

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for assessment days at BMW offices. You may have to complete psychometric testing, panel interviews, presentations etc. Use this opportunity to showcase your skills.

5. Receive Offer

Successful applicants will receive a written bursary offer with details of their award package. You will have to sign a contract confirming your acceptance.


BMW Bursary Contract

Students who accept the BMW bursary must enter into a contractual agreement with the company. The key terms of the contract are:

  • Commitment to complete your degree within the allotted time
  • Maintain strong academic performance throughout your studies
  • Undertake compulsory vacation work and experiential training
  • Become a BMW employee for the same duration as your bursary period after graduating
  • Repay the full bursary amount if you fail to meet the terms

Essentially, in return for the bursary funding, you have to work for BMW South Africa for the number of years you received the bursary. This ensures the company benefits from investing in your education.

Life as a BMW Bursar

Being awarded a BMW bursary gives you the chance to kickstart your career with an esteemed automotive brand. But you also have to take your responsibilities seriously. Here is what life is like as a BMW bursary recipient:

  • Attend an orientation session and sign your contract
  • Maintain contact with your BMW mentor and provide updates on academic progress
  • Excel in your studies and secure strong grades in every subject
  • Take up vacation work and experiential learning opportunities at BMW
  • Participate enthusiastically in BMW events and brand activities on campus
  • Use the monthly allowance responsibly for your authorized expenses
  • Prepare well in advance for employment at BMW after graduation
  • Be an ambassador for the BMW brand throughout your studies

The BMW bursary program can open up many doors for your future success. With hard work and commitment, you can maximize all the opportunities that come with being awarded this prestigious bursary.


The BMW bursary program is a valuable scholarship opportunity for talented students in South Africa who have an interest in the automotive and engineering sectors. It provides comprehensive financial support paired with work integrated learning to enable academic success.

BMW invites applications from high-achieving, enthusiastic students who display excellence and well-roundedness. The application process is competitive so it is vital to make a strong case for your suitability. If awarded the bursary, you can look forward to fully-funded studies and a promising career path with BMW.

Meeting the demands of the program requires motivation and dedication. However, the investment you make in your education and early career development will reap dividends for your future advancement in the industry. Overall, the BMW bursary program invests in youth empowerment and skills development aligned with South Africa’s transformation goals.


What fields of study are covered by the BMW bursary?

The BMW bursary is awarded to students studying various STEM and business-related degrees such as engineering, information technology, supply chain management, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources. You need to be studying a degree aligned to BMW’s business needs.

How do I apply if I’m still in high school?

If you are currently in Grade 12, you can apply using your Grade 11 final exam results. Make sure you meet the minimum 75% average requirement before applying.

When is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for BMW bursary applications is typically end of May or early June each year. Submit your application as soon as possible once applications open.

What is covered in the assessment process?

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend assessment days at BMW offices. The assessments may include psychometric testing, panel interviews, technical assessments, presentations and more. It’s a chance to showcase your skills.

Can I still apply if I have another bursary?

Yes, you can still apply for the BMW bursary even if you have already been awarded another bursary. Just disclose this information in your application. BMW will assess your need for additional funding.


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