BMW Bursary Monthly Allowance for Students 2024: Amount Revealed

Monthly Allowances for BMW Bursary Recipients

One of the most attractive components of the BMW bursary program is the comprehensive monthly allowance provided to selected students. This covers not just tuition, but also accommodation, food, transport and other expenses.

However, BMW does not publicly disclose the exact allowance amounts granted to bursary recipients in different countries. This information is provided directly to successful applicants only.

This article provides an estimate of the monthly funding BMW bursars can expect to receive based on available information.

Monthly Allowances for BMW Bursary Recipients


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Typical Allowance Categories

The BMW bursary provides funding in two main categories:

1. Tuition Fees

  • Covers 100% of academic fees
  • Paid directly to your institution

2. Living Allowance

  • For accommodation, food, transport, books etc.
  • Paid out monthly to your bank account

The living allowance is the portion whose amount is unclear before acceptance. But it is structured to cover the reasonable costs of supporting yourself during your studies.

South Africa Allowances

In South Africa, the BMW bursary typically includes:

  • Full tuition and registration fees
  • Campus residence accommodation
  • Meal allowance
  • Book allowance
  • Monthly stipend of R5,000 – R10,000
  • Final year project allowance
  • Full computer equipment costs

So your total monthly take-home allowance is approximately R5,000-R12,000 depending on your residence arrangements.

This gives you sufficient funding for reasonable living expenses as a student.

Germany Allowances

In Germany, the BMW bursary covers:

  • 100% of tuition fees
  • Health insurance costs
  • Monthly stipend of €650 – €850
  • Reimbursement for internship semesters

Here the estimated total monthly allowance is €650 – €900.

This covers the cost of living in Germany for most students.

UK Allowances

In the UK, the BMW bursary provides:

  • Tuition fee funding up to £9,250 per year
  • Annual stipend of £6,000 – £8,000
  • Paid UK work placements

So your monthly stipend works out to approx. £500 – £650 in addition to tuition funding.

South Africa vs Germany vs UK Packages

Based on the information available, we can summarize the estimated monthly allowances across the three countries:

CountryTuition FeesMonthly StipendTotal Monthly Allowance
South AfricaFully coveredR5,000 – R10,000R5,000 – R12,000
GermanyFully covered€650 – €850€650 – €900
United KingdomFully covered£500 – £650n/a
Monthly Allowances for BMW Bursary Recipients

As you can see, the allowances are quite generous and structured to enable students to focus on their academics. South Africa offers the highest living allowance, followed by Germany and the UK.

But ultimately, successful applicants will only know the exact amounts after receiving their contract.

When Are Allowances Paid?

Tuition Fees

  • Paid directly to your institution before registration each year

Living Allowance

  • Monthly stipend paid to your designated bank account
  • Usually from January to November each year
  • Final payment in December may include annual adjustments

By paying the amounts directly on your behalf, BMW ensures the funding is properly utilized for its intended education purposes.

Allowance Increases

BMW reviews and adjusts the monthly allowances annually to account for inflation and rising costs of university study.

You can expect an allowance increase of around 5-8% per year. Larger jumps may occur if costs rise significantly.

This ensures the funding keeps pace with real-world expenses.

Payments While Working

  • During mandatory work placements at BMW, your monthly allowance continues to be paid.
  • You do not receive dual payments – the work salary contributes to your funding.
  • Work terms are incorporated into the bursary contract duration.

So your living costs remain covered during work-integrated learning.

Budgeting Your Allowance

To make the monthly allowance stretch and cover all your expenses, you need to budget diligently:

  • Track your expenses and spending habits to identify areas for optimization.
  • Limit eating out and entertainment expenses.
  • Buy groceries in bulk and cook your meals.
  • Look for student discounts on software, travel, and other services.
  • Develop savings habits for larger future costs.
  • Supplement with small scholarships and part-time work if possible.

With smart financial planning, the BMW allowance can fully support you in focusing on your studies.

Benefits Beyond Financial Support

The BMW bursary allowance enables academic success in other ways too:

  • Alleviate stress from financial pressures
  • Avoid the need to work part-time during studies
  • Gain access to better accommodation closer to campus
  • Have funds for learning materials, data, printing and academic extras
  • Participate freely in student clubs, societies and activities
  • Focus energy solely on your studies and achieve top grades

The BMW allowance is your ticket to get the most out of your university experience.


In conclusion, the exact monthly living allowance amounts for BMW bursary recipients may be opaque before acceptance. But recipients can expect sufficient funding to fully cover studies in South Africa, Germany and the UK. Budgeting properly is key to making the monthly allowance last. Beyond just financial relief, the bursary package provides holistic academic support.


How will I receive the monthly allowance?

Your living allowance will be paid monthly to a designated bank account in your name. Tuition fees are paid directly to your university.

What expenses are covered by the allowance?

It is intended to cover your reasonable living costs including accommodation, food, transport, books, utilities and other general expenses.

What happens if I spend my full allowance before the month ends?

The allowance is intended to cover normal student expenses. You need to budget it properly across the full year. There are no top-up amounts if you spend it too quickly.

Can I use the allowance for non-educational expenses?

No, the allowance is strictly to support your studies. Using it for non-essential things like holidays and luxury items will breach your contract.

Will I get the allowance if I take a semester off?

No, the allowance is discontinued during any periods you are not officially enrolled and studying. It resumes when you return to your studies.


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