GCRA Bursary Requirements
GCRA Bursary Requirements 2024

The prestigious Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) Bursary program has specific eligibility and application requirements that prospective candidates need to meet to be considered. This funding is targeted at high-caliber youth from financially disadvantaged backgrounds studying towards priority qualifications. Review these essential criteria thoroughly to determine if you should pursue this opportunity.

GCRA Bursary Requirements


GCRA Bursary 2024 Application

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1. Citizenship and Residency Requirements

Applicants must meet these identity and residency criteria to start:

  • South African Citizenship
    • Hold a valid South African ID document
  • Gauteng Province Residency
    • Have permanent residential address within Gauteng province
    • Provide certified copy of address proof not older than 3 months
      • Utility bill (water, electricity, rates account)
      • Recent bank statement
      • Letter from ward councilor
    • If temporarily residing elsewhere for studies, need to demonstrate permanent Gauteng residential address

Meeting these foundational residence conditions is vital, as the program aims to develop human capital within Gauteng specifically.

2. Age Requirements

  • Attained minimum age of 18 years as of 1 January 2024
  • Not exceeded maximum threshold of 35 years as of 1 January 2024
  • Submit copy of ID document as age proof

Applicants in this age bracket are seen as youth ready to pursue tertiary studies and adequately benefit from GCRA investor graduate programs before reaching advanced career stages.

3. Academic Requirements

  • Successfully completed National Senior Certificate (NSC) from Grade 12 at South African high school or equivalent qualification
  • Met minimum statutory entry requirements for higher certificate or diploma programs
  • If applying for postgraduate studies, provide copy of completed bachelor’s degree certificate

Good academic performance demonstrates your ability to successfully complete an intensive funded qualification with GCRA support.

4. University Registration Requirements

  • Received provisional acceptance or currently registered at a accredited public/private university, university of technology or TVET college in South Africa
  • Pursuing full-time higher certificate, undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification
  • Provide copy of valid acceptance letter or current student number as proof

Being accepted into or studying towards a recognized qualification equips you with knowledge and skills for professional employability or self-employment.

5. Financial Need Requirements

  • Demonstrate severe financial constraints preventing you from funding any form of tertiary education currently
  • Show significant economic hardship making self-funding impossible without outside sponsorship
  • Explicitly articulate details of financial inability within motivation letter

Proving substantial lack of financial means is key, as GCRA funding seeks to enable aspirant candidates who would otherwise not access tertiary education opportunities due to poverty.

Additional Supporting Elements

Along with meeting above base eligibility criteria, these factors strengthen GCRA bursary applications:

  • Academic Excellence
    • Consistent record of outstanding Grade 12 and/or post-school academic performance
    • High marks in key subjects like Mathematics, Science, Accounting
    • Academic awards, prizes and accolades
  • Financial Hardship
    • Origin from extremely economically marginalized environment
    • Orphan or vulnerable family situations
    • Homelessness or perilous living conditions
    • Sole breadwinner for family
  • Leadership & Community Upliftment
    • Held senior leadership roles illustrating drive and initiative
    • Consistent volunteering record showing compassion
    • Participated in socio-economic improvement projects
    • Strong communicator and influencer

Application Documentation Requirements

  • Certified Copies
    • Recently certified not older than 3 months from deadline
    • Bear full details and stamp of certifying party
  • Grade 12 Certificate
    • National Senior Certificate final report with university endorsement
  • Identity Document
    • Green barcoded South African ID document
  • Tertiary Acceptance
    • Provisional university acceptance letter on official letterhead
    • Or student number proof if already enrolled
  • Residence Proof
    • Valid utility bill, bank statement or municipal letter with address
  • Motivation Letter
    • 1-2 pages articulating academic/career goals, achievements & financial need

Application Process Requirements

  • Online Application
    • Submit complete application via online portal
  • Application Deadline
    • Meet stipulated deadline of 29 February 2024 at 16:00 PM
  • Competency Assessments
    • If shortlisted, undergo online competency assessments
  • Panel Interviews
    • If selected, attend panel interview at allocated date and location
  • Timeous Submission
    • Late or incomplete applications are not considered


The GCRA bursary program is intensely competitive with limited funding slots. Meeting and exceeding the stipulated requirementsProfile and accurately following processes is imperative. This demonstrates respect, integrity and commitment in aligning with the values embodied by Gauteng City Region Academy. If awarded, fully embracing this enormous opportunity will empower you to ultimately contribute meaningfully to community upliftment.


How do I obtain certified copies of my documents?

  • Approach South African Police Services, bank manager, Commissioner of Oaths or attorney
  • Present your original document and request a certified copy
  • They will add signed stamp and text confirming authenticity
  • Certification must be dated less than 3 months before your application deadline

What format should my motivation letter be?

  • Typed letter between 1-2 pages on simple white paper
  • Address it to “GCRA Bursary Selection Panel”
  • Structure letter logically in clear paragraphs
  • Conclude by summarizing why you deserve this opportunity

If I don’t meet all requirements, can I still apply?

Unfortunately meeting ALL the base eligibility requirements is mandatory. The online system will block applications with unmet compulsory criteria. Rather submit a complete application in the next intake than waste this opportunity by applying prematurely. Use any interim period to strengthen your profile.

What makes a strong application?

Along with fully meeting essential criteria, notable strengths include:

  • Impeccable academic track record
  • Compelling background of financial adversity
  • Demonstrated involvement in community leadership and upliftment activities
  • Articulate, error-free motivation letter aligned to GCRA values
  • Meticulously following instructions and processes


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