TTI Bursary Eligibility Criteria – A Detailed Guide

If you wish to apply for a TTI bursary, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. This guide provides comprehensive information on the TTI bursary requirements all applicants need to satisfy.

We will cover the standard criteria across TTI bursaries along with how to find any additional requirements for specific bursary programs.

TTI Bursary Requirements


How to Check Your TTI Bursary Application Status

How Much is the TTI Bursary Monthly Allowance?

Introduction to TTI Bursaries

First, a quick overview of what TTI bursaries are all about.

TTI or Tertiary School Trust and Innovation is a South African organization that provides bursaries and support to students on behalf of corporate donors.

By centralizing the bursary process, they enable academically deserving and financially constrained youth to access higher education opportunities funded by TTI partner companies.

These comprehensive bursaries cover tuition, accommodation, living expenses, books, and more. TTI also provides ongoing student development initiatives.

The bursaries are merit and need-based – intended for disadvantaged students who have demonstrated academic capability.

Hundreds of students have benefitted from TTI bursaries across fields like engineering, accounting, IT, health sciences and more.

Standard TTI Bursary Eligibility Criteria

While eligibility may vary slightly between specific bursary programs, standard criteria apply to most TTI bursaries.

South African Citizenship

All TTI bursaries are exclusively for South African citizens. So you must have a valid South African ID to qualify.

Academic Achievement

You need a strong academic record to demonstrate merit and capability. This includes:

  • Good grades in Matric, especially in Maths, Science, Accounting
  • Consistent performance in subsequent college/university studies
  • Meeting admission criteria for your intended programme

Financial Need

Applicants must demonstrate financial need. TTI prioritizes students from:

  • Low income households
  • Working class or rural backgrounds
  • Previously disadvantaged communities
  • “Missing middle” group with household income between R350k-R600k

Supported Fields of Study

Your chosen field of study must be one supported by TTI bursary partners. This includes:

  • Engineering (chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical etc.)
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences (physics, maths, chemistry etc.)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Teaching
  • Healthcare and Medical Sciences
  • actuarial sciences
  • …and various others

Refer to TTI website for the full list.

Accredited Institution

You must be registered or intend to register at an accredited South African public university, university of technology or TVET college.

Both contact and distance learning qualifications at these DHET-approved institutions are eligible.

So in summary, the standard eligibility criteria are:

  • South African citizenship
  • Strong academics and merit
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Supported field of study
  • Accredited institution

Meeting these baseline requirements makes you eligible for consideration but does not guarantee you will receive a TTI bursary. Selection is still competitive.

Additional Requirements for Specific Bursaries

Beyond the standard criteria, some TTI bursaries may have additional requirements depending on the specific sponsor.

For example:

  • Sasol Bursary – Requires Engineering studies and willingness to work at Sasol after graduating.
  • Eskom Bursary – Requires Electrical Engineering studies and mandatory vacation work.
  • Old Mutual Bursary – Prefers Actuarial Science, Finance, IT, and Accounting fields.

Therefore, it’s crucial to check the requirements for the particular TTI bursary you wish to apply for.

Here’s how to find the additional requirements:

Visit TTI Bursary Website

Go to and browse the different bursary programs under the “Bursaries” section.

Click on your bursary of interest. The bursary page outlines eligibility criteria, benefits, obligations etc. specific to that program.

For example, the Sasol page will highlight requirements like Engineering studies, South African citizenship etc. tailored to their bursary.

Check Bursary Application Form

When you start the TTI bursary application process, the application form will also indicate any additional requirements for the bursaries you’ve selected.

This allows you to verify you meet the criteria for those specific programs before applying.

Contact TTI

If you need any clarification on the eligibility criteria for a particular TTI bursary, get in touch with them directly:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 010 593 8600

Their team can answer questions and provide details on specific bursary requirements.

By researching thoroughly and contacting TTI if needed, you can determine if you meet all mandatory criteria before spending time applying.

I hope this guide summarizes everything you need to know about TTI bursary eligibility! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Standard TTI bursary eligibility criteria include South African citizenship, academic excellence, financial need and accredited institution study.
  • Specific bursaries may have additional requirements like field of study, willingness for work placement etc. based on the sponsor.
  • Visit the TTI website, check application form, and contact TTI to determine requirements for your bursary of interest.


What matric marks are required for the TTI bursary?

TTI does not specify fixed matric marks. But you need excellent grades, especially in Maths, Science, Accounting and English, to demonstrate strong academic capability.

What proof of income does TTI require for financial need assessment?

If shortlisted, you will need to submit documents like latest payslips, bank statements and affidavit declaring household income and employment status.

Can I get the TTI bursary if I’m currently employed?

Yes, you can still qualify if you meet the other eligibility criteria. But this may be assessed during financial need testing if you apply.

Does the TTI bursary require me to work for the sponsor company after graduating?

Some TTI bursaries require mandatory work placement after studies, while others have no obligation. Check requirements of your specific bursary.

Can I apply if I’m not starting studies this year but later?

Yes, you can apply if you meet the basic criteria even if not yet registered at an institution currently. But you will only receive funding once enrolled.


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