GCRA Bursary Monthly Allowance 2024

GCRA Bursary Funding Package 2024

The Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) Bursary program aims to fully fund eligible students’ tertiary studies by covering all key costs. Instead of a fixed monthly living allowance, funding is structured into customized category allocations based on each recipient’s specific enrolled qualification and situation.

GCRA Bursary Funding Package


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GCRA Bursary Requirements 2024

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Tuition Support

The primary area funded by the GCRA bursary is direct university expenses:

  • Tuition fees:
    • Full cost for South African student at public university
    • Up to R120,000 per annum for private institutions
  • Registration fees
  • Prescribed textbooks:
    • Reimbursed from book allowance upon proof of purchase

Coverage of these academic expenses enables beneficiaries to learn without financial hindrance at reputable institutions equipping them for global competitiveness.

Accommodation Support

Funding assistance for residence or approved private lodging depends on where the student will reside during academic terms:

On-Campus Residence

  • Public university bachelor room
  • Shared room in campus residence per institution rules
  • Valued at approximately R65,000 per annum

Off-Campus/Private Accommodation

  • Shared rental flat or boarding house
  • Maximum cap of R47,000 per annum
  • Landlord lease contract required

The accommodation support reduces financial stress significantly, enabling focus on academic success.

Allowance Disbursements

Along with tuition and lodging funding, personalized allowances help cover other key needs:

ItemDetailsAnnual Value
LaptopLatest model device for studiesR10,000
BooksPrescribed/recommended academic textsR8,000
MealsMonthly food allowanceR1,650 x 12 = R19,800
  • Meal allowance only for off-campus/private residents
  • All claims must have valid receipts/invoices attached

This structured budget empowers students to concentrate on learning instead of survival.

Estimated Total Value

The approximated full value of the GCRA bursary funding package averages between R150,000 – R250,000 per annum. The variance depends primarily on:

  • Public or private institution
  • Campus residence or private lodging
  • Academic discipline’s resource requirements
  • Overall year of study

While not limitless, this generous funding support dramatically eases barriers to access quality tertiary education realistically unattainable otherwise for brilliant but destitute youth.

Payment Administration

  • Tuition and accommodation expenses are settled directly with institutions first
  • Allowance balance payments process thereafter to student’s own bank account
  • Disbursements transpire quarterly upon satisfactory academic progress reports
  • Valid receipts and invoices must reconcile for all claims
  • No cash or cheque payments are handled directly

This structured system promotes responsible usage on academic necessities aligned to graduation.

Budgetary Requirements

While the bursary sponsorship alleviates enormous financial strain, beneficiaries carry personal responsibility to budget diligently for other expenses from their allowance payments. These may encompass:

  • Additional textbooks
  • Printing, photocopying and academic supplies
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cellphone and data
  • Transport for leisure outings
  • Other unforeseen needs

Learning frugal planning and saving habits during studies establishes a solid foundation to build upon into career and beyond.

Additional Funding Sources

If awarded the GCRA bursary, candidates should still explore supplementary funding opportunities to augment living expenses:

  • Part-time employment
  • Freelance work in field of study
  • Industrial attachments with stipend incentive
  • External scholarships/grants
  • Family financial contributions
  • Student loans from financial institutions

Compiling diverse income streams helps relieve over-dependence on the bursary allowance.


In conclusThe GCRA bursary offering does not feature a regular cash allowance. Rather, it strategically funds different critical academic expenses related to tuition, lodging and learning resources. This empowers beneficiaries to wholly focus efforts on attaining their qualification through financial liberation. Savvy budgeting of the personalized allocations promotes sharper money management abilities – a valuable asset that reaps dividends long after graduation.


Can I request increased allowances?

The GCRA has fixed category caps based on budget availability and equitable disbursement across recipients. You may motivate in writing for once-off increases for unexpected emergencies, but routine allowance raises are unfortunately not feasible.

When are allowances paid?

If you provide satisfactory biannual progress reports, your personalized allowances get deposited into your South African bank account during:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

First tuition and residence fees payments happen earlier directly to institutions.

Can I use the laptop allowance to purchase a tablet instead?

You have discretion to utilize your annual laptop allowance towards any device facilitating your academic studies, including laptops, tablets or even upgrading your smartphone if required for research etc. Proof of purchase receipts are still required.

What happens if I fail some courses?

You need to pass at least 60% of your annual course load to maintain bursary funding. Failing below this threshold means funding gets suspended pending improvement the following semester. Repeated failure may require full repayment as you would no longer be effectively using sponsorship.


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