GCRA Bursary 2024 Application

GCRA Bursary 2024

The Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) Bursary is open for online applications by eligible South African students residing in Gauteng province. This bursary aims to fund academically deserving and financially disadvantaged students to pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies at accredited institutions in 2024.

GCRA Bursary 2024


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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the GCRA bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship and Residence:
    • South African citizen
    • Permanent resident of Gauteng province
  • Age: Between 18 and 35 years old on 1 January 2024
  • Academic:
    • Completed Matriculation from South African high school
    • Attained bachelor’s degree pass if applying for postgraduate studies
  • University Acceptance:
    • Letter of provisional acceptance at an accredited and registered South African public university, private university, or TVET college
    • Pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in 2024
  • Financial need: Demonstrate lack of financial means to self-fund tertiary studies

Priority Disciplines

The GCRA bursary specifically targets students pursuing qualifications aligned to priority skills areas:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Engineering
  • Built Environment fields
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Teaching Sciences and Mathematics
  • Medical fields

However, students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply based on meeting the eligibility criteria.

Bursary Benefits

The GCRA bursary package includes:

  • Full cost of study covered including tuition fees, registration fees, prescribed textbooks, and other related academic expenses
  • Accommodation allowance at university residence or approved private accommodation
  • Meal allowance through university meal plan or monthly food allowance
  • Allowance for prescribed devices like laptop, calculator, laboratory equipment etc.
  • Limited assistance with transport costs from hometown to university location

The bursary funding is granted subject to the satisfactory academic performance, adherence to the bursary contract, and availability of funds.

Application Process Timelines

  • Applications open: 09 January 2024
  • Closing date for applications: 29 February 2024 at 16:00 PM
  • Outcome notifications: April – June 2024
  • Bursary tenure: 1 January 2025 – 31 December 2028

Key steps to apply:

  1. Create profile on the GCRA Bursaries Online System
  2. Submit completed online GCRA bursary application form
  3. Upload certified copies of supporting documents:
    • Grade 12 certificate
    • South African ID document
    • Acceptance letter from university
    • Proof of Gauteng province residence
    • Detailed motivation letter
  4. Application verification and shortlisting
  5. Online competency tests and interviews
  6. Final selection and outcome notification

Supporting Documents

Applicants must submit the following valid and certified documentation with their completed application form:

DocumentDetailsCertification Guidelines
Grade 12 CertificateFinal Matriculation certificate with passes allowing registration for degree/diplomaCertified copy not older than 3 months from application deadline
Identity DocumentValid green barcoded South African ID documentCertified copy not older than 3 months showing front and back side
University AcceptanceProvisional acceptance letter to registered higher education institution OR Current student number if already registeredOfficial institutional letter on letterhead with stamp/signature
Residence ProofValid proof of permanent Gauteng province residential address in applicant’s nameRecent utility bill, bank statement, municipal letter etc. Certification not older than 3 months
Motivation Letter1-2 page letter detailing academic and career goals, achievements, financial need and why applicant merits this bursarySigned by applicant
GCRA Bursary 2024

Certification Guidelines

  • Copies can be certified by South African Police Services, bank manager, attorney at law or Commissioner of Oaths
  • The certified copy must contain the certifier’s name, designation, contact details and stamp
  • Certification must have original signature and not be a photocopy or scan
  • Certification date must be no more than 3 months from bursary application deadline

Application Tips

Here are some top tips for submitting a strong GCRA bursary application:

  • Start early: Begin collecting supporting documents and drafting your motivation letter weeks in advance of the deadline
  • Check eligibility thoroughly: Review all criteria and priority focus areas to confirm your eligibility
  • Follow instructions precisely: Carefully read and adhere to all stipulated guidelines to avoid disqualification
  • Highlight achievements: Include academic, extracurricular and community service accomplishments in your application letter and interview answers to showcase your merit
  • Demonstrate financial need: Explicitly articulate how this bursary funding will enable you to pursue studies which you cannot self-fund currently
  • Have a career plan: Outline your career goals and prospects in South Africa upon completing your studies, emphasizing alignment to priority development areas
  • Proofread thoroughly: Check your entire application for errors and omissions before submitting to avoid losing points
  • Follow up online: Log in to your GCRA bursary profile frequently after submission to track status updates

Additional Resources

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The GCRA bursary offers a valuable opportunity for Gauteng residents to access full financial assistance and graduate debt-free. By equipping students from disadvantaged backgrounds with qualifications in scarce skills areas, this bursary aims to uplift individuals and families while meeting South Africa’s development needs. Leverage this enabling support by crafting an outstanding application aligned to the specified criteria and requirements. Commit to your academic and career goals and pay it forward to empower others when you achieve success.


How are GCRA bursary recipients selected?

GCRA recipients are selected based on a mix of:

  • Academic merit: Matric marks; university acceptance for high-demand qualifications
  • Financial need: Students who cannot afford any form of tertiary education without assistance
  • Area of specialization: Fields linked to priority economic sectors with scarce skills
  • Demographic representivity: Ensuring recipients are reflective of Gauteng’s population demographics
  • Interview performance: Assessing attributess like motivation, professional conduct and critical thinking

What are the obligations of GCRA bursary holders?

As a GCRA bursary recipient, you must:

  • Maintain high academic performance and progress each semester
  • Comply with all contract conditions throughout your qualification
  • Complete annual compulsory vacation work
  • Participate in GCRA graduate development and mentorship programs
  • Remain in good standing as a GCRA alumni upon graduation
  • Fulfill South African work obligations equal to the duration of your funded studies

What happens if I fail to complete my qualification?

If you are unable to complete your qualification due to poor performance or misconduct, the GCRA funding will cease. You may be liable to repay all bursary funding disbursed to date based on the contract terms. This can include payments made directly to you or the institution for enrollment, residence fees etc. You need to formally notify GCRA in writing if discontinuing studies for any reason.

When will I receive the bursary payments if awarded?

Disbursement of GCRA bursary funding is administered by the GCRA Finance Department. Payments are made directly to the accredited institution first to cover tuition fees, residence fees and other related academic expenses. Remaining funding for devices, monthly food, travel and supplies is payable to your own banking account on a quarterly basis after producing satisfactory proof of enrollment and progress each semester.


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