Places where you can buy quality used cars.
Places where you can buy quality used cars.

If you’re in the market for a quality used car, you’re in luck!

There are numerous options available for buying a reliable pre-owned vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

This comprehensive guide, will explore the best places to find used cars and provide valuable tips for making a smart purchase.

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What is the best car selling website in South Africa?

When it comes to selling your car in South Africa, the internet has revolutionized the process.

Gone are the days of posting classified ads in newspapers or relying solely on word-of-mouth.

Now, you have a plethora of online platforms to choose from.

However, determining the best car-selling website can be a daunting task. It ultimately boils down to your specific needs and preferences.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most popular car-selling websites in South Africa, each with its unique offerings, to help you make an informed decision.

AutoTrader: South Africa’s Automotive Hub

AutoTrader stands out as South Africa’s most visited automotive website.

It has earned its reputation as a go-to destination for both buying and selling cars.

Here’s why:

Vast Selection

AutoTrader boasts an extensive inventory of both new and used cars, spanning all major makes and models.

Whether you’re in the market for a sleek sedan, a robust SUV, or a zippy hatchback, AutoTrader has you covered.

Advanced Search Filters

Finding the perfect car is made easy with AutoTrader’s advanced search filters.

You can refine your search based on criteria like make, model, price range, and even specific features.

This ensures you find the vehicle that perfectly suits your needs.

Detailed Vehicle Descriptions

AutoTrader goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive vehicle descriptions.

From mileage and engine specifications to interior features and safety ratings, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your Car Buying Companion is another prominent player in the South African car selling market. It shares many similarities with AutoTrader but has some unique offerings of its own:

Diverse Inventory

Like AutoTrader, offers a diverse range of new and used cars.

Whether you’re a fan of local brands or prefer international makes, you’ll find plenty of options here.

Car Reviews and Financing Advice

What sets apart is its extensive library of car reviews and financing advice.

If you’re uncertain about a particular model or need guidance on securing a car loan, their informative articles can be invaluable. Streamlined Car Transactions has carved its niche as a South African car dealership with a robust online presence. It simplifies the car selling and buying process in several ways:

Hassle-Free Transactions

As the name suggests, specializes in purchasing cars. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle quickly and conveniently, they offer a straightforward process that can save you time and effort.

Competitive Prices

This platform is known for its competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for both buyers and sellers. You can trust that you’ll get a fair deal.

User-Friendly Website

Navigating the website is a breeze. Its user-friendly interface ensures that you can find what you’re looking for without any frustration.

Auto Mart: Bridging Dealerships and Private Sellers

Auto Mart is another noteworthy contender in the South African car selling landscape. It combines offerings from dealerships and private sellers, providing a unique experience:

Extensive Inventory

Auto Mart offers a wide selection of new and used cars, catering to different budgets and preferences.

Whether you want a brand-new ride or a well-maintained used car, you’ll find options here.

User-Friendly Features

Just like AutoTrader, Auto Mart offers advanced search filters and detailed vehicle descriptions.

These features simplify the process of finding your dream car.

Now that you have a glimpse of South Africa’s top car selling websites, let’s delve into some factors to consider when making your choice.

Choosing the Right Car Selling Website: Factors to Consider

  1. Selection: Assess how extensive the website’s car inventory is. More options can increase your chances of finding the perfect match.
  2. Features: Determine if the website offers features that align with your needs. Look for advanced search filters, car reviews, financing advice, and any other tools that can assist you in your car buying journey.
  3. Reputation: Research the website’s reputation. Check online reviews and testimonials from previous users to gauge their satisfaction level.
  4. Price: Compare the prices of similar vehicles across different websites. Competitive pricing can make a significant difference in your final decision.
  5. User Experience: Consider how user-friendly the website is. A well-designed and easy-to-navigate platform can save you time and frustration.

Before you make your final decision, don’t forget to read reviews from other users who have used the platform you’re interested in. Hearing about their experiences can provide valuable insights.

Here are the tips for buying a quality used car in a tabular form:

Tips for Buying a Quality Used Car
1. Do Your Research
– Research different makes and models
– Read reviews and compare prices
– Establish a reasonable budget
2. Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection
– Insist on a qualified mechanic inspection
– Uncover hidden issues
– Avoid buying a lemon
3. Be Prepared to Negotiate
– Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price
– Most sellers, especially private ones, are open
to bargaining, especially if paying in cash
4. Get Everything in Writing
– Document all terms and agreements in writing
– Include purchase price, payment terms, and warranties

Online Marketplaces: Your Gateway to a Vast Selection.

The Best Websites to Buy Used Cars from Private Sellers.

In the quest for the perfect used car, one important decision is where to look for it.

The digital age has transformed the way we shop for vehicles, offering a multitude of online platforms to choose from.

In this section, I will explore some of the best websites for buying used cars from private sellers, helping you make an informed decision based on your unique needs and preferences.

Autotrader: Your Trusted Companion in Car Shopping.

Autotrader stands out as one of the largest and most well-known online marketplaces for both buying and selling used cars.

Whether you’re a private seller or a dealership, Autotrader offers an expansive inventory of listings.

This platform’s popularity is a testament to its reliability and comprehensive listings.

CarGurus: Where Data-Driven Decisions Happen.

Another standout choice is CarGurus, which has earned its reputation for advanced search features and innovative tools.

One of its standout features is the “Instant Market Value” tool, designed to assist buyers in determining a fair price for their desired vehicle.

CarGurus ensures you’re equipped with the right data to make informed decisions.

Craigslist: The Treasure Trove of Bargains.

Craigslist is a free classifieds website that has been a go-to option for those seeking deals on used cars from private sellers.

While it’s a goldmine for bargains, it’s essential to exercise caution due to its open nature.

Buyers on Craigslist should take extra care when considering a purchase, conducting thorough research and inspections.

Facebook Marketplace: Where Convenience Meets Variety.

For those looking for a convenient and user-friendly platform, Facebook Marketplace is a top choice.

With its vast user base, it’s easy to browse through numerous listings, connecting with private sellers directly through Facebook.

This platform seamlessly integrates into your daily social media activities.

What is the best place to look for used car?

When it comes to buying a used car, your choice of where to look depends on your budget, preferences, and the specific type of vehicle you’re seeking. Let’s explore some of the most popular options and essential tips for a successful purchase.

Dealerships: A Wide Selection with Added Benefits

Dealerships are known for offering a broad range of used cars, often including certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles.

Here are some key considerations:


  • Extensive Variety: Dealerships typically provide a diverse selection of used cars, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Certified Pre-Owned (CPO): CPO vehicles come with extended warranties and other perks, ensuring added peace of mind.
  • Financing Options: Dealerships can offer financing solutions that might not be available elsewhere.


  • Higher Prices: Dealerships tend to have higher price tags compared to other options due to their added services and benefits.

Online Marketplaces: Convenience and Variety

The internet has brought convenience to car shopping.

Numerous online marketplaces cater to both dealerships and private sellers.

Popular choices include Autotrader, CarGurus,, and eBay Motors.


  • Vast Selection: Online marketplaces offer an extensive array of cars, providing you with numerous choices.
  • Competitive Prices: Due to the online nature of these platforms, prices are often competitive.
  • Comprehensive Information: You can access detailed information about each car, making it easier to narrow down your options.


  • Inspection Required: It’s essential to inspect any car you’re interested in and verify the information provided in listings.
  • Potential Scams: Be cautious of online scams; always deal with reputable sellers.

Private Sellers: Cost Savings with Caution

Buying from a private seller can save you money, but it comes with certain considerations:


  • Cost Savings: Private sellers usually offer lower prices compared to dealerships.
  • Direct Negotiation: You can negotiate directly with the owner, potentially securing a better deal.


  • Limited Protections: Private sellers aren’t subject to the same regulations as dealerships, so you’ll have fewer protections.
  • Inspection Crucial: Always have the car inspected by a mechanic before finalizing the purchase to avoid hidden issues.
  • Negotiation Skills: Be prepared to negotiate the price, as private sellers may not always list their lowest offer upfront.

Specialized Dealerships and Marketplaces

If you’re on the hunt for a specific type of used car, such as a classic or luxury vehicle, consider specialized dealerships or online marketplaces catering to those niches.

Additional Tips for Finding the Best Used Car

  1. Do Your Research: Before starting your search, research the types of cars available and their fair market prices. Online resources like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can help you get price estimates.
  2. Pre-Purchase Inspection: Once you’ve found a car of interest, schedule a pre-purchase inspection with a trusted mechanic. This step can uncover potential issues before you commit to buying.
  3. Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to negotiate on the price when dealing with dealerships or private sellers. Most sellers are open to negotiation, especially if you’re making a cash purchase.

Buying a used car is an excellent way to save money while still obtaining a reliable vehicle.

By following these tips and choosing the right avenue for your purchase, you can increase your chances of finding the best-used car that meets your needs and budget.

Happy car hunting!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website.

When selecting a website to buy a used car from a private seller, several critical factors should guide your decision:

Inventory Size

Consider the number of listings available on the website.

A larger inventory often means more options and a better chance of finding the car you desire.

Search Features

Evaluate the website’s search capabilities.

Advanced search features can save you time by allowing you to filter results based on specific criteria.


Are the prices competitive? Compare listings with similar vehicles on other platforms to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Safety Features

Prioritize your safety by checking if the website has features in place to protect buyers from potential fraud or scams.

Tips for a Successful Purchase

Once you’ve settled on a website, follow these tips to ensure a successful purchase:

Do Your Research

Before contacting a seller, research the car thoroughly.

Read reviews, compare prices, and gain a clear understanding of the market value.

Ask Questions

Engage with the seller by asking pertinent questions about the car’s history, condition, and maintenance records.

The more you know, the better your decision-making.

Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don’t skip the crucial step of having the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

This helps you identify potential issues and negotiate a fair price.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price.

Most private sellers are open to discussions, especially if you’re offering cash.

Get Everything in Writing

Once a deal is struck, ensure all the details are documented in writing.

This includes the purchase price, terms of the sale, and any warranties or agreements.


CarsDirect is an excellent resource for finding used cars.

It offers valuable research tools and financing options to simplify your buying process.


Edmunds is a trusted source for automotive information.

Alongside reviews and pricing insights, it also features a comprehensive used car section.


CarMax is a well-known chain of used car dealerships with a strong online presence.

They have a large inventory and offer a variety of warranty options for peace of mind.


Carvana is a unique online platform that allows you to purchase a used car entirely online.

They offer a hassle-free buying experience with home delivery options.


Shift specializes in selling certified used cars.

Their vehicles go through a rigorous inspection process, ensuring you get a reliable car.


Vroom is an online retailer that offers a vast selection of used cars.

They provide detailed vehicle histories and a transparent pricing structure.

What is the biggest car seller in South Africa?

When it comes to car sales in South Africa, Toyota stands tall as the undisputed leader.

With a legacy of market dominance spanning several years, Toyota has earned its reputation as a reliable and enduring car manufacturer.

Here’s why Toyota is a standout choice for South African consumers:

A Wide Variety of New and Used Cars

Toyota offers a diverse range of both new and used vehicles, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs and preferences.

Whether you’re in search of a practical sedan, a rugged bakkie like the Hilux, a versatile SUV like the Corolla Cross, or a dependable van such as the Hiace, Toyota has you covered.

Reliability and Durability

Toyota’s cars are renowned for their reliability and durability.

This reputation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and engineering excellence, making their vehicles a trusted choice for South African motorists.

Impressive Sales Figures

In 2022, Toyota achieved an impressive milestone by selling over 130,000 cars in South Africa.

This sales figure outpaces any other car manufacturer, solidifying Toyota’s status as the preferred choice for many South African car buyers.

A Competitive Edge

Toyota’s success in South Africa can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Strong Brand Reputation: Toyota has cultivated a strong and trusted brand identity in the South African market.
  • Wide Product Range: The company offers an extensive portfolio of vehicles, ensuring there’s something for every budget and lifestyle.
  • Competitive Pricing: Toyota remains competitive by providing affordable options for a diverse customer base.
  • Dealer Network: With a well-established network of dealerships throughout South Africa, Toyota makes it convenient for customers to purchase and service their vehicles.

Other Noteworthy Car Sellers in South Africa

While Toyota takes the top spot, South Africa’s car market is vibrant and diverse, with several other major players:

  • Volkswagen: Known for its reliable vehicles and popular models like the Polo and Golf.
  • Suzuki: Gaining popularity for its affordable and fuel-efficient cars.
  • Ford: Offering a range of SUVs, bakkies, and compact cars to suit various preferences.
  • Hyundai: Known for its value for money and modern features.
  • Nissan: Offering a wide array of vehicles, including the popular Nissan Navara bakkie.

Choosing the Right Car

When selecting a car in South Africa, it’s essential to consider your unique needs, budget, and desired features.

Conduct thorough research and compare different car manufacturers before making your decision.

South Africa’s car market offers an abundance of choices to ensure you find the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle and requirements.

What is the most sold car in South Africa?

In South Africa, the Toyota Hilux reigns supreme as the best-selling car, maintaining its dominance year after year.

This iconic vehicle is celebrated for its outstanding reliability, durability, and versatility.

Whether for personal or commercial use, the Hilux has captured the hearts of many South African drivers.

Here’s why it’s a top choice:

Unmatched Reliability

The Toyota Hilux has earned a reputation for being exceptionally reliable, even in the harshest of conditions.

Its robust engineering and durable construction make it a trusted companion for a wide range of tasks.

Versatile Variants

One of the Hilux’s strengths lies in its versatility.

It is available in various configurations, including single cab, double cab, and extra cab models.

This flexibility ensures that there’s a Hilux variant to suit the diverse needs of South African consumers.

Impressive Sales Figures

In 2022, Toyota achieved a remarkable feat by selling over 32,000 Hilux bakkies in South Africa, surpassing all other car models.

Furthermore, the Hilux is not only a favorite among commercial buyers but also holds a special place among private buyers.

Other Popular Cars in South Africa

While the Toyota Hilux is undoubtedly the top contender, South Africa’s car market offers a variety of popular choices, each with its own unique appeal:

  • Volkswagen Polo Vivo: Known for its affordability, practicality, and widespread popularity.
  • Ford Ranger: A robust and versatile choice, particularly favored by those seeking rugged capability.
  • Suzuki Swift: Gaining traction for its compact size, fuel efficiency, and affordability.
  • Isuzu D-Max: Highly regarded for its durability and performance, especially in the bakkie segment.
  • Toyota Corolla Cross: Blending SUV practicality with Toyota’s reliability and appeal.
  • Toyota Hiace: A trusted choice for businesses and individuals seeking spacious and reliable transportation.

Can I buy a car with R5000 salary?

Purchasing a car on a monthly salary of R5000 is possible, but it requires careful planning and research to ensure you make a financially sound decision.

Here are some valuable tips to guide you through the process:

Opt for a Used Car

Used cars offer a cost-effective alternative to brand-new vehicles.

There’s a wide selection of high-quality used cars available, making it easier to find one that fits your budget.

Consider a Smaller Car

Smaller cars are generally more affordable both in terms of purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

They are often more fuel-efficient as well, which can save you money in the long run.

Shop Around and Compare

Don’t rush into buying the first car you come across.

Take the time to shop around and compare prices from different dealerships and private sellers.

This will help you find the best deal for your budget.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Always arrange for a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic.

This crucial step can uncover potential issues with the car, helping you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Look for Lower Mileage

While cars with lower mileage may come at a slightly higher price, they tend to be more reliable and have a longer lifespan. Investing in a vehicle with lower mileage can be a wise decision.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. Most sellers, especially private ones, are open to negotiation, especially if you’re making a cash purchase.

Negotiating can help you secure a better deal.

Once you’ve found the right car, you’ll likely need a car loan to make the purchase.

Here’s how to navigate the loan process:

Applying for a Car Loan

You can apply for a car loan through a bank or a financial institution.

When applying, be prepared to provide proof of your income and employment. You’ll also need to make a down payment on the car.

Loan Amount and Interest Rate

The amount you can borrow for a car loan will depend on your salary and credit score.

A good credit score can allow you to borrow more money at a lower interest rate, which can reduce your monthly payments.

Stay Within Your Budget

A crucial rule to remember is that your car repayments should not exceed 25% of your monthly income.

For instance, if your monthly salary is R5000, your car repayments should not exceed R1250 per month to ensure you can comfortably manage your finances.

Private Party Websites: A Word of Caution

While online marketplaces and dealerships offer convenient options, you can also explore private-party websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

However, exercise caution when buying from private sellers.

The protections offered by dealerships may not apply in these transactions.

Countries Where Used Cars Are Generally Less Expensive:

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Nigeria
  4. Russia
  5. Mexico
  6. Chile
  7. New Zealand
  8. Italy

Factors Influencing Used Car Prices:

  • Make and model of the car.
  • Condition of the car.
  • Local market conditions.
  • Exchange rates (especially if buying in a foreign currency).
  • Location within a country (urban vs. rural).

Tips for Buying a Used Car Abroad:

  1. Know the Local Laws: Understand the regulations and requirements for buying and registering a used car in the country you’re in.
    These can vary widely.
  2. Mechanical Inspection: Have the car inspected by a qualified mechanic to assess its condition and identify potential issues.
  3. Negotiation Skills: Be prepared to negotiate the price with the seller.
  4. Bargaining customs can vary from one country to another.
  5. Documentation: Ensure that all aspects of the sale are documented in writing, including the purchase price, terms of the sale, and any warranties or guarantees.
  6. Language Barrier: If there’s a language barrier, consider bringing a local friend or translator to help you communicate effectively.
  7. Service and Repairs: Think about how you’ll handle servicing and repairs for the car once you return home, especially if it’s not a common make/model in your country.


  • Buying a used car in a foreign country can be riskier due to unfamiliarity with local markets and laws.
  • Research thoroughly, use trusted resources, and consult expats or locals for advice.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of buying used versus new or leasing a car.

Remember that buying a used car abroad can offer cost savings but may come with additional challenges.

It’s essential to do your homework, be cautious, and ensure that you’re making an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.

Tips for Buying a Quality Used Car

Now that you know where to find used cars, here are some essential tips to help you make a smart purchase:

  1. Do Your Research: Before you dive into the market, research different makes and models that pique your interest. Read reviews and compare prices to establish a reasonable budget.
  2. Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection: Always insist on a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic. This step can uncover any hidden issues and save you from buying a lemon.
  3. Be Prepared to Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. Most sellers, especially private ones, are open to bargaining, especially if you’re paying in cash.
  4. Get Everything in Writing: Once a deal is struck, ensure that all terms and agreements are documented in writing. This includes the purchase price, payment terms, and any warranties offered.
Quality Used Cars


Buying a quality used car can be a smooth and rewarding experience when you know where to look and how to navigate the process.

Buying a used car from a private seller can be an excellent way to save money and find a great deal.

However, it’s vital to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and follow best practices to ensure a successful purchase.

The best website for you ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Whether you opt for online marketplaces, dealerships, or private-party websites, remember to do your due diligence, get inspections, negotiate effectively, and document everything.

With these strategies in place, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect used car that meets your needs and expectations.

Happy car hunting!

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