SABT Bursary Requirements 2024

Demystifying SABT Bursary Eligibility

The SABT Bursary Programme aims to empower financially constrained South African students to access quality higher education and specialized skill development.

Funded by the South African Black Bulk Transporters Association, a non-profit entity, the bursaries specifically target disciplines aligned to the country’s maritime industry growth.

But qualifying for this funding support requires meeting well-defined eligibility parameters. This comprehensive article breaks down the key criteria areas and documentation applicants must satisfy.

SABT Bursary Requirements

Personal Attribute Requirements

Applicants need to demonstrate the following personal attributes:

South African Citizenship/Residency

  • Hold valid South African ID documenting full citizenship or permanent residence status

Age Limit

  • Be under the age limit of 35 years at the time of bursary application

Employment Status

  • Not be formally employed or earning consistent income from full-time/part-time work

The parameters intend to provide equitable access to students in genuine financial adversity.

Academic Eligibility Parameters

The bursary places high emphasis on alignment across past academic performance, subject/degree choice and institution quality.

Matriculation Status

  • Have successfully completed Grade 12 (Matric) schooling in current year
  • Or be in Matric currently expecting completion in current academic year

Targeted Fields of Study

Be pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time diploma/degree in maritime domains like:

  • Maritime Engineering
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Port Operations
  • International Trade
  • Maritime Law
  • Marine Science
  • Nautical Science

Institution Accreditation

  • Have secured admission or be applying to a recognized public South African university

Academic Record

  • Consistently demonstrated strong academic performance in recent years with 60%+ scores

Fulfilling these parameters ensures applicants make the best utilization of maritime sector opportunities.

Financial Situation Assessment

The core objective of the bursary is assisting students blocked by money crunch. Hence, financial adversity evaluation is imperative.

Income Limitations

  • Demonstrate clear inability to self-finance further education owing to financial distress
  • Provide documents validating household income sources, assets, expenses and liabilities

Education Affordability Analysis

  • Submit a detailed university fee breakdown covering tuition, boarding and peripheral expenses
  • Funding amount allocated depends on assessed financial situation of the family

So transparency around money matters aids fair fund value determination.

Additional Evaluation Aspects

Alongside the above standard criteria, a few extra dimensions get considered:

Location Preference

  • Leans toward assisting applicants residing in and around Durban region
  • Since SABT has strong local community development focus


  • Encourages and prioritizes applicants with certified disabilities or impairments
  • Relevant medical records submission required

So the intention is providing localized support and equalizing access.

Necessary Support Documents

Finally, submitting notarized documents validating eligibility is compulsory:

  • National ID Copy
  • Matric Certificate
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Income Proof
  • University Acceptance Letter
  • Fee Structure Breakdown
  • Medical Records (where applicable)

So comprehensively fulfilling the diverse criterion areas enhances your funding approval probability!

Helpful Resources

Here are useful links to get the latest updates:

Final Words

Gaining clarity on the exact SABT bursary qualification requirements aids in self-assessing fit, gathering relevant documents and submitting an accurate application.

Optimizing your application as per the defined eligibility guidelines is key to unlocking this housing maritime education funding at a reputable local institution!

Hope this article helped outline the considerations to drive a strong bursary application. Let me know if any other questions.


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