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Your Complete Guide to the TTI Bursary Program

Pursuing higher education can be an expensive endeavor that is out of reach for many academically-deserving students. This is where the TTI bursary program comes in. TTI provides comprehensive bursaries to youth across South Africa, opening doors to tertiary studies. This guide will provide all the details you need about the TTI bursary.

TTI Bursary


How to Check Your TTI Bursary Application Status

TTI Bursary Requirements

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How Much is the TTI Bursary Monthly Allowance?

How Long Does TTI Bursary Take to Respond to Applications?

What is TTI?

TTI stands for Tertiary School Trust and Innovation (TTI). They are an independent South African organization focused on enabling access to higher education through bursaries and support programs.

The core mission of TTI is to act as a conduit between donors and students. They partner with funders to award bursaries to financially-constrained youth who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Beyond just funding studies, TTI also provides mentoring, training and growth opportunities to bursary recipients. This holistic approach aims to empower students and set them up for long-term success.

Overview of TTI Bursary Program

The TTI bursary program matches eligible students to funding opportunities provided by an array of corporate donors and foundations.

Instead of students having to individually apply for multiple bursaries, TTI conveniently centralizes the process.

They call for applications, assess student eligibility, and then match qualifying applicants to relevant bursary partners.

This simplifies the process for students while also ensuring the donor’s funding reaches deserving candidates.

The bursaries target students from low-income backgrounds who require financial assistance to access higher education. All public universities, universities of technology and TVET colleges across South Africa are eligible institutions.

Fields of Study Supported

TTI bursary partners represent diverse industries from engineering to healthcare to agriculture. So they support studies in an extensive range of fields and programmes including:

  • Engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, industrial)
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences (physics, chemistry, maths, statistics)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Agriculture and Animal Sciences
  • Teaching and Education
  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • …and many more!

You can browse the TTI website for the full list of supported qualifications and subject areas. Both undergraduate and postgraduate studies are eligible.

As long as you meet the basic requirements, you stand a chance regardless of what you wish to study!

Who Qualifies for a TTI Bursary?

To qualify for consideration, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Completed Matric or currently in Grade 12
  • Accepted or studying at a South African public university, UoT or TVET college
  • Display financial need
  • Strong academic record with proven merit

The bursaries aim to enable access for youth who are academically capable but constrained by their financial situations.

Besides the standard criteria, some partner-specific requirements may apply for individual bursaries.

What Does the TTI Bursary Cover?

Successful TTI bursary recipients enjoy comprehensive support for their tertiary studies, including:

  • Full tuition and registration fees
  • Allowance for student accommodation
  • Monthly food allowance or transport stipend
  • Annual allowance for books, stationery and supplies
  • Laptop and data costs (for select bursaries)
  • Additional tutoring and academic support if required

This extensive coverage of study-related costs ensures you can fully focus on your education.

Some TTI bursaries even include opportunities like international exchanges, industry visits, vacation work and mentoring.

TTI Bursary Application Process

TTI bursary applications generally open around February-March each year.

To apply, you must submit an online application form on the TTI website along with supporting documents like your ID, matric results, acceptance letter etc.

The key steps are:

  1. Check TTI website for application announcement
  2. Create user profile on TTI portal
  3. Complete all sections of the online application form
  4. Upload necessary supporting documentation
  5. Submit your complete application before the deadline

Applications submitted after the cut-off date are usually not considered.

TTI Bursary Closing Dates

TTI sets an application deadline for each cycle. For the 2024 academic year, the TTI bursary application closing date is 30 April 2023.

Meeting this deadline is crucial, as late applications will not be accepted by the online system.

Mark your calendars and prepare your application materials well in advance to apply before the cut-off.

TTI Bursary Adjudication Process

TTI follows a rigorous selection process when awarding bursaries based on:

  • Academic performance and demonstrated potential
  • Financial need and personal circumstances
  • Field/level of study and partner opportunities
  • Diversity and representativity considerations

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or online assessments during the adjudication process.

You will receive notification from TTI regarding your outcome, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Responsibilities as a TTI Bursary Recipient

If you are selected as a TTI bursary recipient, you will be required to:

  • Maintain strong academic results each semester
  • Not change your field of study without permission
  • Only use bursary funding for its intended education costs
  • Complete any required vacation work, reports, surveys etc.
  • Uphold your institution’s code of conduct

Failure to fulfill these obligations may result in suspension or withdrawal of your bursary support.

Get in Touch with TTI

To stay informed about the TTI bursary, connect with them through:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 010 593 8600
Facebook: TTI Bursary Management
Twitter: @trustfundterry

Or visit for the latest updates.

I hope this guide covers everything you need to know about the TTI bursary program. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • TTI provides bursaries on behalf of corporate donors to enable access to higher education for financially constrained students.
  • They offer comprehensive support covering tuition, accommodation, allowances, books, devices and more.
  • To qualify, you must be an academically strong South African student with financial need studying at a public university, UoT or TVET.
  • Submit your complete application with documents online before the deadline to be considered.


What subjects do I need to take in Matric to qualify for the TTI bursary?

TTI does not prescribe required Matric subjects. But strong Maths, Science, and English results help demonstrate academic capability in technical fields. Meet university admission requirements.

When should I expect payment if I receive the TTI bursary?

If awarded a TTI bursary, you will receive a contract with payment details. Funds are paid directly to the institution first to cover tuition, then allowances are paid to your account monthly.

Can I hold multiple bursaries along with the TTI bursary?

Yes, you can hold additional bursaries as long as you disclose this to TTI upfront. They may revise award amounts to avoid overlap with other funding sources.

Does getting the TTI bursary guarantee me a job placement after graduating?

No, the TTI bursary does not come with any guaranteed employment or obligation to work for the donor company. But it can open doors through networking.

Can I get the TTI bursary for distance learning programmes?

Unfortunately, the TTI bursary only supports full-time contact learning programmes at eligible public universities, UoTs and TVET colleges across South Africa.


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