MISA Bursary 2024: Application Guide and Requirements

All About the MISA Technical Bursary 2024

The Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) offers bursaries for youth pursuing careers in technical fields within the built environment. If you are interested in infrastructure development and related studies, the MISA bursary provides valuable funding and support. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the MISA technical bursary for 2024.

MISA Bursary

What is MISA?

MISA or Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent is an agency of the South African Department of Cooperative Governance (DCoG).

It was established to provide support to municipalities for:

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Project implementation
  • Operations and maintenance

This enables local governments to deliver effective services like water, sanitation, roads, electricity etc. which are crucial for communities.

Skilled technical professionals are imperative for MISA to fulfill its mission. This need drives their investment in youth development through bursaries.

Overview of MISA Bursary

The MISA Technical Bursary Programme aims to sponsor students pursuing qualifications in technical fields relevant to municipal infrastructure.

These bursaries uphold MISA’s goal of building a pipeline of young engineering talent equipped to tackle service delivery challenges.

The bursaries provide comprehensive support for the full duration of studies. This enables academically deserving but financially constrained youth to access tertiary education and become professionals in infrastructure-related sectors.

Fields Supported by MISA Bursary

The MISA bursary specifically targets studies in the following areas:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Town and Regional Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Quantity Surveying

These fields directly feed into MISA’s work in water, sanitation, road, transport, energy and other infrastructure projects.

Undergraduate diploma or degree studies in the above areas at accredited South African institutes are eligible for the bursary.

Who Qualifies for MISA Bursary?

To qualify for the MISA technical bursary, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Completed Matric in 2022 or currently in Matric
  • Accepted/enrolled for undergraduate studies in one of the listed fields
  • Registered at a recognised South African tertiary institute
  • Combined family income less than R600,000 per annum
  • Preference for applicants from rural areas and lower income households

The bursary aims to enable access to youth from economically disadvantaged families who display academic aptitude and interest in technical studies.

Meeting the eligibility does not guarantee you will receive the bursary – selection is competitive based on merit, need, and MISA goals.

What Does the MISA Bursary Cover?

The MISA technical bursary provides comprehensive financial assistance including:

Tuition Fees:

Full coverage of all academic fees and registration costs. This enables unhindered participation in your course.


Allowance for student housing rents near your campus for the year.

Learning Materials:

Funds for prescribed textbooks, software, stationery, printing, and other academic needs. This avoids expenses interfering with your learning.


A monthly food allowance to take care of your nutritional requirements.


Once-off grant for purchase of clothing like uniforms, protective gear etc. required for your studies.


Allowance for daily commuting to your institution.

Vacation Work:

Where possible, vacation work and experiential learning opportunities are provided for practical experience.

Therefore, the bursary lifts the burden of studying costs and living expenses while pursuing your diploma/degree.

How to Apply for MISA Bursary?

The MISA technical bursary applications usually open around August-September each year.

To apply, you must submit the online application form along with supporting documents before the cut-off date.

Follow these steps:

  1. Check MISA website for application announcements
  2. Download and complete the bursary application form
  3. Gather your latest academic results
  4. Prepare your ID, proof of household income, acceptance letter from institute
  5. Submit your application with documents via email before the deadline

Late or incomplete applications are usually not accepted.

When is the Closing Date?

The closing date for the MISA technical bursary for 2024 was 21 November 2023.

Applications for this cycle are now closed. Check the MISA website around July-August 2024 for details on next year’s bursary.

Meeting the deadline with all required documents is crucial, as late submissions will not be considered.

How are Bursary Recipients Selected?

MISA follows a competitive selection process based on:

Academic Achievement: Your Matric grades and post-Matric academic performance carry weightage. Excellence in Maths, Science and technical subjects strengthens your application.

Field of Study: Only applicants pursuing eligible fields detailed earlier are considered.

Institution Reputation: Being accepted into a reputable, accredited tertiary institute improves selection prospects.

Financial Need: Your household income and background is assessed to gauge your level of need.

Demographics: MISA values diversity and supports applicants from historically disadvantaged groups.

Once shortlisted, you may undergo interviews before final award decisions.

Obligations of Bursary Recipients

If awarded the MISA bursary, you will be required to:

  • Maintain a minimum academic performance each semester
  • Only spend funds on approved study-related expenses
  • Complete your qualification within the allotted time
  • Refrain from criminal, unethical activities
  • Not bring MISA into disrepute through public conduct
  • Complete compulsory vacation work and progress reports

Failure to adhere to these obligations may lead to suspension of your bursary.

How to Get Updates on MISA Bursary

Stay up-to-date on future MISA bursary opportunities through:

Website – www.misa.gov.za

Facebook – @misa.on.ca

Twitter – @misa_cogta

Email[email protected]

Phone – 012 848 5300

Follow MISA social media and subscribe for bursary email alerts. Check for announcements regularly.


The MISA technical bursary provides a gateway for financially constrained youth to access higher education and careers in infrastructure development. By preparing early and submitting a complete, timely application that demonstrates your academic merit and genuine need, you stand a chance of being awarded this empowering bursary.


What is the maximum bursary amount granted by MISA?

The total value varies based on study costs. But it can cover over R100,000 per annum covering tuition, accommodation, transport, materials and all major expenses.

When do I need to start repaying the MISA bursary?

The MISA bursary does not require any repayment. There is no obligation to work for MISA post graduation either.

Can I hold another bursary along with the MISA bursary?

Yes, you can hold additional bursaries if you disclose this upfront to MISA. They may then adjust amounts granted based on your total funding.

What if I change my course of study after getting the MISA bursary?

Your bursary is only for the specific programme you apply for. Changing to an ineligible course will lead to termination of the bursary.

What grade is required in Matric to be eligible?

MISA does not specify a minimum Matric point score. But you need excellent grades, especially in Maths, Science, Technical Maths to qualify for the bursary.


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