How to Check Your TTI Bursary Application Status
How to Check Your TTI Bursary Application Status

If you’ve applied for a TTI bursary, monitoring the status of your application is important. It allows you to track progress, submit any additional documents promptly, and be informed of your outcome. This comprehensive guide covers the various ways to check your TTI bursary application status.

How to Check Your TTI Bursary Application Status

Overview of TTI Bursaries

First, let’s briefly understand how the TTI bursary program works.

TTI or Tertiary School Trust and Innovation is a South African organization that awards bursaries to students on behalf of corporate donors. They make tertiary education accessible for academically deserving but financially constrained youth across the country.

Students can apply for TTI bursaries through their centralized online system. TTI then assesses eligibility and matches qualifying applicants to relevant bursary sponsors.

These bursaries cover tuition, allowances, books, devices, and more – providing comprehensive support.

Before You’ve Applied

If you intend to apply for a TTI bursary but haven’t yet, here’s how you can track information:

Check the TTI Website

Go to the TTI bursaries website at Under the “Students” tab, you’ll find details on:

  • Bursary eligibility criteria
  • List of fields of study supported
  • Step-by-step application process
  • Key dates and deadlines
  • FAQs

Reviewing this will help you determine if you meet the requirements and prepare your application.

The website also has a news section where they post latest updates.

Follow TTI Social Media

TTI is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Follow their pages:

  • Facebook: @TTI Bursary Management
  • Twitter: @trustfundterry

Here they announce upcoming application cycles, deadlines, and other news related to the bursary. Turn on notifications so you don’t miss any updates.

Checking Existing Application Status

If you’ve already submitted your TTI bursary application, here are the main ways to monitor its status:

Check TTI Student Portal

Once you apply, you gain access to the TTI Student Portal. Log in and go to the “My Applications” section.

This displays the status of your TTI bursary applications, such as:

  • Received
  • Under Review
  • Further Information Required
  • Successful
  • Unsuccessful

Check regularly for updates. Having your application reference number handy makes tracking easier.

Monitor Your Email Inbox

TTI communicates important bursary application updates via email. So monitor your inbox for any emails from TTI.

Their email will provide information like:

  • Application status
  • Reference number
  • Next steps if successful
  • Reasons if unsuccessful

If awaiting outcome, email TTI if it’s been over 2 months since applying.

Call or Email TTI

If you’ve waited long without any update on your TTI bursary application, directly contact TTI:

Call: 010 593 8600

Email: [email protected]

Provide your name, ID number, application reference, and any other details. Request them for an update on your application status and next steps.

Helpful Tips

Here are some additional tips for checking your TTI bursary application status:

  • Note down application reference numbers for easy tracking.
  • Check your TTI student profile, email, and their website regularly.
  • Be patient as bursary processing takes time due to high volumes.
  • When contacting TTI, be respectful; they handle thousands of applications.
  • If your contact details change, update TTI promptly so you don’t miss communications.
  • Look out for any fake emails/calls asking for personal details; TTI will never do this.

By proactively following up through the right channels, you can get feedback on your TTI bursary application status without too much delay.


  • Keeping track of your TTI bursary application status allows you to complete required steps and receive your outcome promptly.
  • Before applying, check the TTI website and social media for the latest bursary updates.
  • After applying, regularly monitor your TTI student profile, email inbox, and their channels for status updates.
  • When contacting TTI, have your reference number handy and follow up respectfully allowing time for processing.


How long does it take for TTI to finalize bursary applications on average?

It can take 2-3 months from the time you apply for TTI to assess all applications, match to donor partners, and communicate final outcomes. But this varies, so check your status directly.

What details do I need to provide TTI when checking my bursary application status?

When contacting TTI, have information like your name, ID number, application reference number, institution name, field of study etc. ready. These details help them look up your application faster.

Can I call the TTI office directly for a bursary application update?

Yes, you can call their helpline number at 010 593 8600 to check your TTI bursary application status. But emailing [email protected] first is recommended as they can then assist you in writing.

I forgot my TTI bursary application reference number. What should I do?

Email TTI explaining you’ve forgotten your reference number. Provide your ID number and other details. Request them to look up your application and inform you of the reference number. This will help further tracking.

How do I get my TTI bursary application reference number before I forget?

Note down the reference number immediately in your TTI student profile once you’ve submitted your application. Also maintain any emailed communications from TTI containing the reference number.


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