St. Alban's College School Fees

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With the long list of distinguished private schools established in South Africa, St. Alban’s College School is one school that has over the years set itself apart as a school of strong academic reputation, making it one of the most esteemed schools in South Africa.

St. Alban’s College School is a school founded by the well known Anton Murray, this explains why it stands out for grooming remarkable audacious young boys.

Are you a parent looking for a school of high academic reputation, rich history and significant influence, then St. Alban’s College School could be the answer you seek.

In this post, I will be explicitly looking at St. Alban’s College School Fees, additional fees, registration fees, registration requirements as well as payment options for making payments to the school.

At the end of this post you would be equipped with information on the estimated amount required to enroll your boy into St. Alban’s College School.

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St. Alban's College School Fees

St. Alban’s College School Overview

St. Alban’s College School, established on February 1, 1963, is a prestigious educational institution located in the Lynnwood Glen suburb of Pretoria, Gauteng province, South Africa.

It is a private school offering English medium education for boys, and it provides both boarding and day scholar programs.

The school was founded by Anton Murray and has a rich history, significant influence, financial stability, and a strong academic reputation, making it one of the most esteemed schools in South Africa.

St. Alban’s College School also has a sister institution named St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, which is located in Pretoria as well.

These sister schools contribute to the overall educational landscape of the region, providing quality education to both male and female students.

St. Alban’s College School Fees for The New session

St. Alban’s College School has options for day scholars and a boarders and as such their school fees are of different amounts. Here is the value for the day scholars and boarders school fees.

  • Boarders: R272,850 per year
  • Day scholars: R155,100 per year

These fees include tuition, dining, and other essential costs like textbooks, stationery, and sports equipment. Please note that there may be additional optional fees for extracurricular activities and other services.

It’s important to be aware that these school fees are subject to annual review and may change from year to year.

In addition to the school fees, parents are required to pay a non-refundable enrolment levy:

  • Day scholars: R54,550
  • Boarders: R95,950

This enrolment levy covers expenses related to registration, uniforms, and other initial costs.

St. Alban’s College is a private school, and as such, its fees are relatively high.

However, the school is known for providing a high-quality education and a supportive environment for boys.

Type of FeeAmount (Rands)Details
School Fees
Boarders272,850Tuition, dining, textbooks, stationery, sports equipment, etc.
Day Scholars155,100Tuition, dining, textbooks, stationery, sports equipment, etc.
Additional Fees
Textbooks and Stationery (termly)VariesCharged on a termly basis.
Sports EquipmentVariesFor students participating in sports teams.
Extracurricular ActivitiesVariesFees vary by activity (e.g., music, art, drama, debating).
ToursVariesCharged on a per-trip basis for school tours.
Examination FeesVariesFor students taking external exams (e.g., IEB, Matric).
Other FeesVariesIncludes fees for services like printing, photocopying, etc.
Registration Fees
Boarders95,950Non-refundable; covers registration and uniforms.
Day Scholars54,550Non-refundable; covers registration and uniforms.
St. Alban’s College School Fees

Please note that the fees listed are for the new academic year and may be subject to change in future years.

For specific details or inquiries about any of these fees, please contact the school admissions office.

Additional Fees at St. Alban’s College

  1. Textbooks and Stationery: These fees are typically charged on a termly basis. Students may need to purchase specific textbooks and stationery items for their courses.
  2. Sports Equipment: Students who participate in school sports teams may be required to pay a fee for sports equipment or uniforms associated with their chosen sport.
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Fees for extracurricular activities such as music, art, drama, and debating can vary depending on the activity. Participation in these activities may have associated costs for materials, lessons, or events.
  4. Tours: St. Alban’s College offers various tours throughout the year, including cultural tours and educational trips. Fees for these tours are typically charged on a per-trip basis, covering expenses like transportation, accommodation, and admission fees.
  5. Examination Fees: Students who sit for external examinations like the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) or Matric may be required to pay examination fees. These fees cover the administrative costs associated with external exams.
  6. Other Fees: There may be additional fees for specific services such as printing, photocopying, and computer use. These fees are typically related to the use of school resources.

Please note that the list of additional fees provided above is not exhaustive, and there may be other fees that are charged on a case-by-case basis.

Parents should contact the school directly for more detailed information on the specific additional fees that may apply to their child.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of all potential expenses to plan for the total cost of sending a child to St. Alban’s College.

Admission Requirements for St. Alban’s College School

  1. Academic Achievement: Applicants should have a strong academic record from their previous school. This includes submitting school reports and standardized test scores to demonstrate academic readiness.
  2. Personal Qualities: Applicants must exhibit positive personal qualities such as character, leadership potential, and a commitment to the school’s values. This is assessed through personal statements and letters of recommendation.
  3. Interview: Applicants undergo an interview conducted by a panel of school staff to evaluate their suitability for the school. The interview is an opportunity for both the applicant and the school to learn more about each other.

Additional Considerations for Admissions:

  • Extracurricular Activities: Preference may be given to applicants who actively participate in extracurricular activities, as it demonstrates a commitment to personal interests and contributing to the school community.
  • Siblings: Applicants with siblings already attending St. Alban’s College School may receive preference, as they are already familiar with the school and its community.
  • Financial Need: The school offers financial assistance to students from low-income families. Parents seeking financial assistance should contact the school’s admissions office for more details.

Admissions decisions at St. Alban’s College School are made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account these requirements and additional considerations.

Meeting the minimum requirements and demonstrating the desired personal qualities increase the likelihood of acceptance, but each applicant is evaluated individually.

Prospective parents interested in admission should reach out to the school’s admissions office for further information and guidance.

Payment Options

  1. Termly Payments: Parents have the option to pay their school fees in full at the beginning of each term. This is a convenient choice for those who have the financial means to make upfront payments.
  2. Monthly Payments: For parents who prefer to spread out their payments over a longer period, the school offers the option to set up a monthly debit order. This allows fees to be deducted directly from the parent’s bank account on a monthly basis.
  3. Credit Card Payments: Another option for spreading payments over time is to use credit card payments. However, parents should be aware that using credit cards for payments may involve additional fees.
  4. Payment Plan: St. Alban’s College School provides a payment plan for parents who require more time to fulfill their fee obligations. Parents can apply for a payment plan through the school’s finance department.

Financial Assistance

The school also offers financial assistance to students from low-income families through various bursaries and scholarships.

Parents who are interested in applying for financial aid or learning more about these opportunities should get in touch with the school’s admissions office for detailed information and guidance.

It’s advisable for parents to contact the school’s finance department to explore the specific payment options available and to discuss any financial assistance requirements they may have.

St. Alban’s College School strives to provide flexibility and support to ensure that students can access a quality education.

Ages and grades of Boys in St. Alban’s College School

Here is a detailed breakdown of the age groups and corresponding grades at St. Alban’s College School in English:

  • Grade 8 (Form I): Typically ages 14-15
  • Grade 9 (Form II): Typically ages 15-16
  • Grade 10 (Form III): Typically ages 16-17
  • Grade 11 (Form IV): Typically ages 17-18
  • Grade 12 (Form V): Typically ages 18-19

Students at St. Alban’s College School follow the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum, which is known for its rigorous academic standards and its preparation of students for university-level studies.

It’s important to note that St. Alban’s College School is a highly competitive institution, and admission is selective.

Admitted students are expected to excel academically and actively participate in extracurricular activities.

For parents considering enrolling their sons at St. Alban’s College School, it is advisable to reach out to the school’s admissions office for comprehensive information and guidance regarding the application process, admission criteria, and any other inquiries.

St. Alban’s College School Fees


In conclusion, St. Alban’s College School, stands as a distinguished institution in Pretoria, South Africa, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, character development, and a supportive learning environment.

With a competitive admission process, the school caters to students from Grades 8 to 12, focusing on ages 14 to 19.

Offering a diverse range of payment options, including termly, monthly, and credit card payments, as well as financial assistance through bursaries and scholarships, St. Alban’s College School strives to make its high-quality education accessible to a wide range of students and families.

With a dedication to both academic achievement and personal growth, St. Alban’s College School provides a holistic educational experience, preparing students for the challenges of university and beyond.

Prospective parents interested in securing a place for their sons in this esteemed institution should reach out to the admissions office for further information and guidance, here is a link to St. Alban’s College School website.

St. Alban’s College School continues to uphold its reputation as one of South Africa’s premier schools, nurturing young minds and empowering them to excel academically and contribute positively to their communities and the world at large.

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