Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS) Fees 2024


Looking for a profound institution to help groom your young, musically talented boys?

In this post I answer this, so sit back and enjoy the up-to-date information on a distinguished and exceptional choir school with an unquestionable track record.

DBCS is a boarding school, welcoming boys aged 9 to 15, and its mission is profound: “to prepare boys for life and leadership through excellence in music, academics, physical development, and social enrichment, in a Christian environment.

Located in the breathtaking landscapes of Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, lies a musical haven at the base of the Central Drakensberg mountain range.

Established in 1967 by the visionary John Tungay and his family, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS) has evolved into one of the world’s most esteemed choir institutions.

Drakensberg Boys' Choir School (DBCS) Fees

A Crescendo of Global Impact

The DBCS choir has transcended borders, gracing stages in over 60 countries.

Renowned for its versatility, this choir effortlessly harmonizes classical, jazz, pop, and African music genres. Moreover, the choir’s international tours are a testament to its global appeal.

Academic Brilliance

Beyond its musical prowess, DBCS boasts a robust academic program.

Aligned with the South African curriculum, the school offers a spectrum of subjects, including mathematics, science, English, Afrikaans, and history.

Thus, DBCS nurtures not only musicians but also scholars.

A Symphony of Extracurriculars

At DBCS, education extends beyond the classroom.

The school encourages holistic development through an array of extracurricular activities.

From sports and drama to various clubs, students have opportunities to explore their passions.

The Overture to Admission

Admission to DBCS is a journey in itself, blending academic and musical prowess.

Prospective students must complete an application form, undergo an audition, and participate in an interview.

This rigorous process ensures that the school admits young talents who are poised for greatness.

A Cadence of Community

DBCS isn’t just a school; it’s a community. Known for fostering a strong sense of togetherness, the institution is committed to molding well-rounded young men who not only excel in their chosen fields but also contribute positively to society.

What is the famous boys’ choir in South Africa?

The heart and soul of the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS) lie in its globally celebrated choir.

This remarkable ensemble has left an indelible mark on the world of music, enchanting audiences in more than 60 countries with its exceptional talent.

A Serenade of Versatility

The DBCS choir is renowned for its versatility, offering a captivating repertoire that spans classical, jazz, pop, and African music genres.

This diversity is a testament to the choir’s dedication to embracing the richness of musical expression.

A Harmonious Journey

One of the choir’s defining features is its regular international tours.

These journeys take the melodious voices of DBCS far and wide, allowing them to share their artistry with audiences across the globe.

It’s a musical voyage that transcends borders.

Accolades and Applause

The accolades bestowed upon the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir are as numerous as their harmonious notes.

Among their impressive list of achievements, the choir clinched the Grand Prize at the World Choir Games in both 2008 and 2014.

Such victories are a testament to their unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

A Captivated Audience

The illustrious choir has had the privilege of performing for a distinguished audience.

From Nelson Mandela to Queen Elizabeth II and even Pope Francis, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir has shared its enchanting melodies with dignitaries and celebrities alike.

Their music transcends boundaries, touching the hearts of people from all walks of life.

A National Jewel

In South Africa, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir is not just an institution; it’s a national treasure.

The choir stands as a source of immense pride for the nation, symbolizing the extraordinary talent that the country nurtures.

Its music has not only inspired but also entertained millions, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

In the grand symphony of life, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir takes center stage, showcasing the beauty of music’s universal language.

With each note and every performance, they continue to inspire and captivate, reminding us of the enduring power of harmony.

What Ages/Grades are boys at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS)?

At the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS), young boys embark on a transformative journey from grades 4 to 9.

This exceptional institution is not just a school; it’s a haven for those aged 9 to 15, where education, music, and community converge to shape future leaders.

Drakensberg Boys’ Choir Schoo fees

Ensuring your child’s education at the prestigious Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School (DBCS) comes with a price tag that reflects the commitment to excellence that the institution embodies.

Here’s a breakdown of the school fees for the new academic year:

Boarding Fees

  • Grade 3: R119,990.00
  • Grade 4: R126,810.00
  • Grade 5: R133,140.00
  • Grade 6: R139,470.00
  • Grade 7: R145,800.00

General Purpose Levy

For all grades, there is a General Purpose Levy of R2,000.00.

IT and Materials Fee

For all grades, an IT and Materials Fee of R2,000.00 is applicable.

Stationery Fee

The stationery fee may vary from year to year, and parents will be notified of the specific amount.

Admission Fee

A one-time Admission Fee of R10,000.00 is required.

Payment Terms

Fees are structured to be payable monthly in advance over ten months, starting in January and concluding with the final payment on 1 October.

There is an incentive for early payment, as a 5% discount applies if the total amount is settled before 31 January of the new academic session.

For international parents, it’s important to note that a full term’s school fees must be paid upfront and in advance.

GradeBoarding FeesGeneral Purpose LevyIT and Materials FeeStationery Fee (Varies)Admission Fee
Grade 3R119,990.00R2,000.00R2,000.00Varies (Yearly)R10,000.00
Grade 4R126,810.00R2,000.00R2,000.00Varies (Yearly)R10,000.00
Grade 5R133,140.00R2,000.00R2,000.00Varies (Yearly)R10,000.00
Grade 6R139,470.00R2,000.00R2,000.00Varies (Yearly)R10,000.00
Grade 7R145,800.00R2,000.00R2,000.00Varies (Yearly)R10,000.00
Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School fees

Additional Information

It’s essential to understand that the school fees encompass all aspects of tuition, including boarding and meals.

However, parents should budget separately for school uniforms, travel expenses, and any incidental costs that may arise.

DBCS recognizes the financial commitment required and, in the spirit of inclusivity, offers various financial assistance options to support families who may encounter challenges in affording school fees.

Please bear in mind that these fee structures are subject to change without prior notice.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information, we recommend visiting the official DBCS website or directly contacting the school.

Investing in your child’s education is an investment in their future, and DBCS stands ready to provide a world-class educational experience.


In conclusion, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and education.

It is a sanctuary where young talents become virtuosos, where notes become symphonies, and where boys become leaders. With a world-class education and an unwavering commitment to excellence, DBCS continues to shape the future, one melodious note at a time.

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