Clifton School (Durban) School Fees 2024


Located in the vibrant city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Clifton School (Durban) has been a shining beacon of education since its establishment in 1924.

This esteemed institution stands as an independent day school exclusively for boys, with a rich history of academic excellence and a commitment to shaping well-rounded young men who contribute meaningfully to society.

Clifton School (Durban) School fees

Clifton School’s legacy is steeped in academic excellence.

With a current enrollment of over 900 students, the institution is renowned for its unwavering dedication to fostering intellectual growth.

Location of Clifton School (Durban) School

Convenience is key, and Clifton School’s prime location ensures that getting there is a breeze.

Situated at 102 Lambert Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001, South Africa, it’s easily accessible from various parts of the city.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a visitor, you’ll appreciate the school’s central position.

The school is structured into four phases:

  1. Foundation Phase (Grade R-3): Here, the foundation for a lifelong love of learning is laid. Students are provided with a nurturing environment that sets the stage for their educational journey.
  2. Senior Preparatory (Grade 4-7): Building on the foundation, this phase focuses on preparing young minds to tackle more advanced academic challenges.
  3. College (Grade 8-12): The college phase signifies the culmination of a student’s school career. Clifton School equips students with the knowledge and skills they need for higher education and beyond.
  4. Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Exams: Clifton College conducts IEB exams, a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a rigorous and nationally recognized academic curriculum.

A Holistic Approach

Clifton School goes beyond academics, embracing a holistic approach to education.

The institution’s reputation extends to its robust sporting tradition.

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities.

This not only promotes physical well-being but also instills values like teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Success Stories

The Clifton School alumni network is a testament to the school’s success.

Graduates have forged successful careers in diverse fields, including business, law, medicine, and engineering.

Their achievements underscore the school’s role in nurturing talent and fostering ambition.

“Prodesse Quam Conspici” – To Be Useful Rather Than to Be Seen

At the heart of Clifton School’s ethos lies its motto, “Prodesse Quam Conspici,” which translates to “To be useful rather than to be seen.”

This guiding principle reflects the school’s commitment to producing not only academically accomplished individuals but also compassionate and responsible citizens who contribute positively to society.

Clifton School (Durban) School Fees

For the New academic year, Clifton School (Durban) is dedicated to providing quality education to its students.

Here are the school fees for each grade:

  • Grade 00:
    • Tuition Fee: R 16,265
    • Development Levy: R 250
    • Book Charge: R 150
    • Accident Insurance: R 210
    • Total: R 17,875
  • Grade R:
    • Tuition Fee: R 17,460
    • Development Levy: R 264
    • Book Charge: R 204
    • Accident Insurance: R 210
    • Total: R 18,138
  • Grade 1:
    • Tuition Fee: R 25,070
    • Development Levy: R 1,279
    • Book Charge: R 269
    • Accident Insurance: R 210
    • Total: R 26,828
  • Grade 2-3:
    • Tuition Fee: R 27,490
    • Development Levy: R 1,398
    • Book Charge: R 290
    • Accident Insurance: R 210
    • Total: R 29,388
  • Grade 4-7:
    • Tuition Fee: R 30,840
    • Development Levy: R 1,752
    • Book Charge: R 355
    • Accident Insurance: R 210
    • Total: R 33,157
  • Grade 8-12:
    • Tuition Fee: R 37,700
    • Development Levy: R 6,224
    • Book Charge: R 978
    • Accident Insurance: R 235
    • Total: R 55,137

GradeTuition Fee (R)Development Levy (R)Book Charge (R)Accident Insurance (R)Total (R)
Grade 0016,26525015021017,875
Grade R17,46026420421018,138
Grade 125,0701,27926921026,828
Grade 2-327,4901,39829021029,388
Grade 4-730,8401,75235521033,157
Grade 8-1237,7006,22497823555,137
Clifton School (Durban) School Fees

Please note that these fees are subject to change without prior notice.

For the most up-to-date information on school fees, it is advisable to visit the Clifton School website or directly contact the school administration.

In addition to the tuition fees listed above, parents should be aware of the following additional costs associated with attending Clifton School:

  • Acceptance Fees: These are one-time fees paid upon a student’s acceptance into the school. The acceptance fee varies by grade, typically amounting to approximately R 9,000.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Clifton School offers a diverse array of extra-curricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs. Most extra-curricular activities involve an associated fee.
  • School Uniform: All students at Clifton School are required to wear the school uniform, which can be purchased from the school shop.
  • School Supplies: Students are responsible for acquiring their own school supplies, such as books, stationery, and sports equipment.

The total cost of attending Clifton School will vary depending on the grade level of the student, the extra-curricular activities they choose to participate in, and the expenses associated with school supplies.

On average, parents should anticipate an annual expenditure of at least R 100,000 per child for their education at Clifton School.

Admission and Opportunities

Admission to Clifton School is highly competitive and based on a combination of factors, including academic achievement, entrance exam results, and an interview.

The institution also extends a helping hand to students from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering scholarships and bursaries.

This commitment to inclusivity ensures that promising young minds have access to Clifton School’s world-class education.

Clifton School in Durban, South Africa, holds a distinguished reputation for academic excellence, and gaining admission to this prestigious institution is a rigorous and selective process.

Selective Admission Criteria

Admission to Clifton School is highly competitive and is determined by a holistic evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications.

The school’s admission criteria include:

  1. Academic Achievement: Prospective students are expected to demonstrate a strong academic record. Previous academic achievements play a pivotal role in the admission process, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence.
  2. Entrance Exam Results: Clifton School administers entrance examinations to assess the aptitude and potential of applicants. These results help in identifying candidates who have the academic capabilities to thrive within the school’s challenging curriculum.
  3. Interview: An interview is a vital component of the admission process. It provides an opportunity for the school to get to know the applicant on a personal level, assessing their character, values, and alignment with Clifton School’s ethos.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Clifton School recognizes the importance of providing educational opportunities to talented students, irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

To that end, the institution offers a range of scholarships and bursaries:

  • Scholarships: These are merit-based awards granted to students who exhibit exceptional academic, athletic, artistic, or leadership abilities. Scholarships not only recognize talent but also provide financial support to deserving students.
  • Bursaries: Clifton School is committed to inclusivity and diversity. Bursaries are financial grants awarded to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They ensure that promising individuals have access to the school’s exceptional educational offerings, regardless of financial constraints.

The availability and criteria for scholarships and bursaries may vary, and interested applicants should refer to the school’s official website or contact the school’s administration for specific details.

Is Clifton School (Durban) School a Boarding school?

Clifton School (Durban) is a highly esteemed independent day school for boys located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Since its founding in 1924, the school has upheld a commitment to delivering quality education to its students.

With a current enrollment of over 900 students, Clifton School stands as a testament to its enduring legacy of academic excellence.

Structural Phases

The school’s educational structure is divided into four distinct phases, each designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of its students:

  1. Foundation Phase (Grade R-3): At the foundation phase, Clifton School provides a nurturing environment where young learners are introduced to the fundamentals of education. This phase sets the stage for a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.
  2. Senior Preparatory (Grade 4-7): Building upon the foundation phase, the senior preparatory phase focuses on preparing students for more advanced academic challenges. It is a critical period of academic and personal growth.
  3. College (Grade 8-12): The college phase marks the culmination of a student’s school career at Clifton School. During these years, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in higher education and beyond.

Day School Excellence

It is important to note that Clifton School (Durban) operates exclusively as a day school, meaning that students do not board on campus.

The focus is on delivering top-quality education to students who commute daily to the school.

Clifton School’s commitment to day education is reflected in its dedication to providing a stimulating and enriching learning environment.

This approach allows students to return home each day, fostering a strong connection with their families and communities.


In conclusion, Clifton School (Durban) is not merely an educational institution; it is a nurturing ground for excellence.

With a rich history, unwavering commitment to academics, a strong sporting tradition, and a dedication to holistic development, Clifton School stands as a cornerstone of educational achievement in South Africa.

It molds young men who not only excel academically but also embrace values that make them pillars of their communities.

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