How to Apply For Grade 8 Learners in Gauteng?


A Complete Guide to Applying for Grade 8 in Gauteng Schools

Securing your child’s space in Grade 8 at a Gauteng school involves navigating the province’s centralized application system across two periods – regular and late.

This comprehensive guide covers key dates, steps, documents and tips to complete your Grade 8 application smoothly whether you are within the regular window or applying late.

How to apply for Grade 8 learner in Gauteng?

Overview of Application Periods

There are two application periods for those looking to enter Grade 8 in Gauteng:

1. Regular Application Period

  • Runs from 15 June to 31 July the year before your child enters Grade 8
  • Completed online via the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) portal
  • Offers best choice of schools subject to availability and admissions criteria
  • Outcomes typically communicated by end of August

2. Late Application Period

  • Runs from 1 December to 9 January for those who missed regular period
  • Limited to schools in Gauteng with leftover capacity
  • Priority tied to date of late application, documents submission
  • Outcomes only fully settled around March

Application steps are similar across both periods, with a few differences noted under each stage outlined next.

Step 1: Register on the GDE Admissions Website

Start your application by visiting the GDE Admissions Website and clicking on “Register” (create account).

  • Provide your email address and South African cell number to start
  • You will receive an OTP to validate and proceed to completing the signup
  • Use a valid active email and number for application progress updates

Step 2: Enter Your Child’s Academic History

After logging in, start your application by entering:

  • Child’s name as per official ID document
  • Date of birth, ID number, gender details
  • Up-to-date grade promotion history across Grade 1 to 7
  • Recent Grade 7 year performance across key subjects
  • Details of current school name, EMIS number, district

Attach a certified copy of your child’s latest Grade 7 end-of-year results report containing above details for verification by GDE.

Step 3: Select Up To 5 Preferred Gauteng Schools

The next step involves selecting in order of priority up to 5 Gauteng schools to which you wish to apply for Grade 8 placement.

  • Use the search functionality to find suitable schools
  • Filter further by curriculum, language preference if any
  • Shortlist based on proximity, transport accessibility other logistics

Availability Considerations

Regular period: higher availability across schools
Late period: check real-time slots on site before selection from shortened list

Step 4: Upload Supporting Documents

To complete your child’s application, mandatory documents need uploading:

  • Child’s ID document copy – certified on every page
  • Child’s birth certificate – also fully certified
  • Parent’s ID copy – certified, of registering guardian

Later submission directly to schools enables conditional placement.

Step 5: Submit and Track Application Status

Once document upload done, read and consent to privacy policy and terms of use to submit the multi-page application.

Regular Period

  • Outcome SMSes typically received end August once district processing finishes
  • Check online dashboard periodically – updates on placements, waitlists visible
  • School interactionsneeded if nothing received by early September

Late Period

  • System updates progressively as assessments continue through January
  • Expect more waitlist movements before final placements settled by March
  • Respond immediately to any SMS requests for information

Additional Tips to Aid Successful Application

Beyond completing the 5 application steps, consider several proactive measures:

  • Prep early – understand required documents, schools within home address feeder zone
  • Follow-up immediately if SMSes mention missing items or next steps
  • Act promptly if waitlisted offers come through to avoid missing out
  • Thoroughly complete all sections accurately – errors can cause hiccups
  • Attach good quality certified documents– illegible scans may warrant resubmission
  • Save application proof offline – screenshot dashboards periodically
  • Connect offline with district/schools regarding program options to demonstrate interest


Whether within the regular or late periods, follow the above guidelines for smooth Grade 8 Gauteng school applications. Feel free to reach out for any other questions!

How to apply for Grade 8 learner in Gauteng?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional common queries:

Q: How do I get documents certified?

A: Police stations will certify copies by verifying originals. Schools can also certify their own academic progress reports.

Q: Can I change my selected schools after submission?

A: Yes, you can edit preferences any time before deadlines close via your dashboard login.

Q: My child’s application shows as incomplete. What now?

A: Check if any SMS/email notifications mention specific missing items or documents to address urgently.

Q: Are late applications allowed after the January deadline?

A: Extreme special consideration cases may be made on appeal directly to district office but rarely.

Let me know if any other questions!


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