Sasol X15 Operator Recruitment – Apply with Grade 12

A Comprehensive Guide to the X15 Operator Role at Sasol

Sasol is a leading international integrated chemicals and energy company offering excellent career opportunities in South Africa and globally. The company is currently recruiting for the position of X15 Operator at their coal processing operations in Secunda, Mpumalanga. This role provides a great entry point into the technical fields at Sasol with minimum requirements. This detailed guide covers everything about the X15 Operator role including key responsibilities, requirements, skills needed, application process, working environment, career progression, and tips to stand out as an applicant.

Sasol X15 Operator Recruitment


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Introduction to Sasol

Founded in 1950, Sasol is an industrial giant, among the top 30 companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Their operations involve:

  • Coal mining and liquid fuel production
  • Petroleum, natural gas, and chemical manufacturing
  • Commodity sales and trading
  • Exploration and production of oil and gas

With over 30,000 employees globally and revenues exceeding $15 billion, Sasol offers dynamic career opportunities in wide-ranging disciplines. Joining Sasol enables working with cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with top technical experts in the field.

Overview of the X15 Operator Role

The X15 Operator role is based at Sasol’s coal processing plants in Secunda, Mpumalanga. X15 Operators are responsible for:

  • Monitoring and controlling the X15 coal processing equipment to achieve optimal performance
  • Operating the workstations and control panels to regulate equipment parameters
  • Performing start-up and shutdown procedures for the X15 and associated systems
  • Identifying faults, deviations or abnormalities and taking appropriate action
  • Completing operation logs, checklists, and performance reports accurately
  • Adhering to safety, health, environmental, and quality protocols
  • Executing minor preventive maintenance and housekeeping duties
  • Coordinating activities and communicating with team members effectively

The X15 Operator works 12-hour shifts on a day or night roster including weekends and public holidays.

Job Requirements for X15 Operators at Sasol

To qualify for the X15 Operator position at Sasol, candidates need:


  • Grade 12 certificate


  • No prior experience required
  • Experience in production or chemical plant environment is advantageous


  • Basic understanding of production processes and equipment
  • Computer literacy with ability to use control systems


  • Attention to detail and observation skills
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Planning and time management
  • Ability to multi-task

Meeting the minimum education requirements and displaying the above knowledge, skills and competencies will make you an ideal candidate for this role at Sasol.

X15 Operator Responsibilities In Detail

Let’s look deeper at some of the key responsibilities X15 Operators take on:

Operating Control Panels

  • Monitor multiple displays, trends and parameters
  • Understand significance of readings and use them to regulate equipment
  • Operate switches, valves, pumps, conveyors etc. from central panels

Process Monitoring

  • Continuously track variables like flow, pressure, temperature, level etc.
  • Identify normal vs abnormal conditions based on plant standards
  • Take corrective actions following operating procedures

Administrative Tasks

  • Maintain accurate logs of all shift activities, production, incidents etc.
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports detailing performance
  • Update maintenance management systems

Safety and Quality

  • Comply with safety protocols for operating equipment, hazardous chemicals etc.
  • Wear required PPE like hard hats, respirators, earplugs at all times
  • Follow regulations around waste handling, emissions etc.
  • Conduct quality checks and sampling to meet requirements


  • Coordinate activities during shift changeovers
  • Collaborate with maintenance teams for repairs
  • Report problems immediately as per escalation matrix
  • Suggest process improvements to engineers

These diverse responsibilities make the X15 Operator role varied and engaging while providing critical plant oversight.

Skills Needed to Succeed as a X15 Operator

Here are some of the top skills and competencies needed to excel as a X15 Operator at Sasol:

Technical aptitude – Ability to operate complex process equipment and learn new systems.

Communication skills – Clear verbal and written communication to engage with cross-functional teams.

Analysis and problem-solving – Investigate issues logically and derive solutions.

Situational awareness – Maintain constant vigilance of all process parameters.

Planning and organizing – Prioritize and sequence tasks efficiently to achieve objectives.

Teamwork – Work collaboratively with other roles to optimize overall performance.

Stress management – Operate effectively under pressure during upsets and outages.

Numeracy – Analyze data trends to prevent deviations from optimal levels.

Troubleshooting – Isolate faults, identify causes, and restore normal functioning.

Cultivating these skills will help prospective candidates successfully undertake the X15 Operator role at Sasol.

X15 Operator Application and Interview Process

Interested applicants should follow these steps to apply for the X15 Operator role:

1. Search job listings

  • Visit Sasol’s careers page and search for X15 Operator openings in Secunda, South Africa.

2. Submit application online

  • Create a candidate profile and submit your application on the portal.
  • Attach updated CV, qualifications, and other requested documents.

3. Pre-screening assessments

  • You may need to complete psychometric assessments testing your aptitude.

4. Interviews

  • Shortlisted candidates are invited for technical and behavioral interviews.
  • Interview panels comprise line managers and HR.

5. Medical evaluation

  • Those offered roles must pass a medical exam before final appointment.

6. Final appointment

  • Complete all documentation and onboarding formalities to secure your position.

Prepare thoroughly for the interviews by researching Sasol’s operations, safety culture, team values, and having situational examples ready.

Perks of Working at Sasol as an X15 Operator

Some amazing advantages of building your career at Sasol include:

  • Structured training by experts in world-class facilities
  • Ongoing skills development opportunities
  • Progressive career development pathways
  • Exposure to latest technologies and in-demand skills
  • Strong focus on safety and environmental standards
  • Performance-based promotion and salary increments
  • Healthcare, wellness, and retirement benefits
  • Diverse and inclusive work culture
  • Prestige of working for a globally renowned industry leader

With these benefits, Sasol offers a rewarding environment for employees to excel and grow professionally.

Career Growth Prospects as an X15 Operator

The X15 Operator role provides an excellent entry point to gain experience in technical plant operations at Sasol. From here, operators can progress their careers in several directions:

Becoming a Lead Operator/Supervisor

With some years of experience, operators can move to supervising teams of other operators.


Operators are cross-trained across various equipment to gain multi-skilling. This widens prospects.

Transitioning to Maintenance

The skills gained prepare operators well for maintenance roles like artisans, fitters etc.

Shifting to Engineering

Further education allows transitioning to technical roles in engineering, asset management etc.

Moving to Other Plants

Operators can apply for better roles at Sasol’s other large facilities internationally.

The career growth options are plentiful for motivated operators. Hard work and continuous learning provide opportunities to advance professionally.

Application Tips for X15 Operator Candidates

Candidates hoping to get hired as X15 Operators at Sasol can employ these tips:

  • Highlight process industry or equipment experience if any in your resume.
  • Take online courses to learn basics of coal processing before applying.
  • Prepare examples that showcase your technical troubleshooting abilities.
  • Emphasize your reliability, compliance, teamwork and communication skills.
  • Show your long-term interest in production engineering as a career.
  • Ask insightful questions about day-to-day responsibilities during interviews.
  • Discuss health and safety as top priorities if hired.
  • Demonstrate openness and ability to quickly learn new technologies.

Making your technical inclination and cultural fit clear will improve your chances of successfully getting selected.

Life as an X15 Operator at Sasol

Here are some unique aspects of the life of an X15 Operator at Sasol:

  • Alternating day and night 12-hour shifts requiring stamina and work-life balance.
  • Fast-paced, high-pressure environment requiring you to think on your feet.
  • Shift handovers are critical to safely transfer responsibilities between teams.
  • Limited personal mobile phone usage allowed only during breaks.
  • Facilities provide workwear, protective equipment, and uniform cleaning.
  • Canteen provides subsidized meals to sustain energy levels.
  • Strict safety and personal protective equipment requirements at all times.
  • Highly rewarding to directly contribute to smooth functioning of vital processes.
  • Opportunity to apply learning immediately and grow capabilities.

Embracing the culture of excellence, safety, and people development will lead to an enriching experience.


The X15 Operator role offers an exciting entry point into Sasol with advancement possibilities for those with the right attitude. The job involves critical monitoring and control duties with no prior experience required. Candidates from different backgrounds who meet the minimum Grade 12 eligibility stand a chance if they demonstrate the core competencies like communication, problem-solving and learning agility. The application process involves online assessments and comprehensive interviews. Selected candidates can have rewarding careers with Sasol’s excellent training, benefits and career growth opportunities. For those interested in hands-on, technical roles in the chemical production industry, the X15 Operator position provides the perfect launchpad.

FAQs About the X15 Operator Role

What does the job title X15 stand for?

X15 refers to a specific type of advanced coal processing equipment used at Sasol’s Secunda plant where these operators work.

What is the pay scale for X15 Operators?

Remuneration is based on a Sasol salary band appropriate for this entry-level technical role and dependent on qualifications.

What are the typical working hours?

Operators work set 12-hour shifts on a day or night schedule including weekends, with 2 days off following 6 consecutive days.

What safety gear must be worn?

Mandatory personal protective equipment includes hard hats, respirators, hearing protection, protective eyewear, and flame-retardant clothing.

Can women apply for the X15 Operator position?

Yes absolutely, Sasol encourages greater gender inclusivity across all roles and levels of the organization.

How much experience is needed to become a supervisor?

Around 3-5 years of experience as an Operator paired with leadership skills enables qualification for a supervisory position.

Does Sasol provide housing for X15 Operators?

Yes, Sasol provides heavily subsidized accommodation options for employees near the Secunda plant.

With scarce opportunities for unskilled professionals, the Sasol X15 Operator role offers a promising career gateway in the technical field.



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