What is the Sasol Foundation bursary allowance?

Sasol Bursaries Decoded: Choosing the Optimal Allowance Package

As a prominent force in South Africa’s oil, gas and chemical sectors, Sasol recognizes its duty to nurture future talent and transform communities. This ethos drives the Sasol Foundation’s broad suite of bursary initiatives empowering economically disadvantaged students.

In this article, we explore prominent Sasol bursaries along with key advice for identifying the optimal match to access tertiary education without financial limitations.

What is the Sasol Foundation bursary allowance


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Sasol Foundation Bursary Landscape

The Sasol socio-economic development umbrella – Sasol Foundation – channels over R80 million annually into impactful community programmes spanning school support, skills development and crucially, several higher education bursaries.

By funding over 1000 students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and specialized niches, Sasol bolsters top talent entering their industry.

Let’s analyze the predominant bursary vehicles:

🔬 Sasol Mainstream Bursary

Focused on engineering, science, technology, environment and mathematics disciplines. Highly coveted and competitive.

**🎓 Sasol Foundation Bursary **

Broader coverage for all fields of undergraduate study, prioritizing STEM, commerce and other national priority degrees.

🌾 Sasol Agricultural Trust Bursary

Specialized support for agricultural sciences and related studies like food security aligned to sector needs.

Beyond these, additional ad hoc faculty collaborations and external joint bursaries further extend their reach.

Next let’s examine the financial assistance on offer.

Breakdown of Sasol Bursaries Funding Packages

Successful candidates under the above Sasol umbrellas receive generous funding encompassing:

🏫 Tuition & Registration Fees

Covering all directly related academic expenses

**🏢 Accommodation Allowance **

Equal to university res average rate

🍽️ Meal Allowance

University set daily food budget

📚 Learning Materials Credit

For textbook and stationery needs

💵 Monthly Pocket Money

Personal upkeep allowance

🖥️ Tech Equipment Budget

Laptop and calculator provision

With all these key costs handled, students can wholly dedicate energy towards excelling in studies for maximum career impact.

Next let’s dive deeper into specific bursary analysis.

Side-By-Side Bursary Comparison

While the overarching coverage is similar, some subtle differences exist. Let’s contrast the offerings:

Bursary TypeDurationAllowance ValueFields of StudyCompetitiveness
Sasol Mainstream1st undergraduate degreeVery generousEngineering, Science, Env. Studies, Technology, MathematicsHighly competitive
Sasol Foundation1st undergraduate degreeGenerousAll fields, prioritizing STEM, CommerceHighly competitive
Sasol Agricultural Trust1st undergraduate degreeUndisclosedAgriculture, Food Security, ConservationNiche competitive
What is the Sasol Foundation bursary allowance

As illustrated, candidates should analyze specialization area, financial need and career aspirations when selecting the optimal match.

Tradeoffs inevitably exist – the mainstream bursary carries prestige but intense competition given generous funding. Meanwhile Agricultural studies receive niche support where less candidates vie for significant assistance.

Understanding these dynamics allows informed decision making.

Next let’s examine the application process itself.

How To Tactically Apply for Sasol Bursaries

Annual applications generally open 1 April, closing 30 April – final decisions normally by 31 July.

Here is the usual process:

📋 Submit Online Application

Fully complete application form available on Sasol Bursaries website

🖋️ Write Motivation Essay

500 words on your alignment to Sasol vision

📃 Gather Supporting Documents

Certified ID, latest academic results, proof of university acceptance

📝 Assessment & Interviews

If shortlisted, panel interviews determine selection

🤝 Accept Offer

Sign agreement if awarded

Timeous submission and thoughtful preparation is key to outshining the droves of candidates eyeing these illustrious bursaries!

Final Perspective

Sasol Foundation’s layered bursary funding instruments open doors for historically disadvantaged South African students to access quality tertiary education across diverse specializations.

I encourage all financially constrained candidates to carefully assess the aforementioned comparison factors against personal career goals and apply for the best matching vehicle.

With ample rigor and some luck, a life-changing Sasol bursary can set you up for immense impact!


What are the obligations after graduating?

No direct work obligations. But Sasol hopes recipients give back to communities in their own way after succeeding through such funding support.

What marks are required?

For school leavers – 75%+ average across math, science and language subjects. Current students require most recent 65%+ exam average or latest results above.

How often must I reapply?

The bursary application is a once-off process to secure funding for your full undergraduate degree if you meet renewal academic criteria.

When are outcomes announced?

Final bursary application outcomes are generally communicated by end of July each year.

I hope this detailed overview enlightens your journey ahead. Best of luck!



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