Multichoice Bursary Benefits
A Comprehensive Overview of the MultiChoice Bursary Scheme Benefits in South Africa

The MultiChoice Bursary Scheme offers substantial financial support and career development opportunities for promising students in South Africa.

Established in 2003, this scheme aims to assist youth from disadvantaged communities in completing their tertiary education, especially in fields like engineering, computer science, data science, and other STEM programs.

This detailed guide will explore all the key benefits provided through the MultiChoice bursaries, from tuition coverage and living allowances to exclusive industry access, mentoring, and future employment prospects.

Multichoice Bursary Benefits


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Introduction to MultiChoice and their Bursary Scheme

MultiChoice Group is a leading video entertainment and internet company headquartered in South Africa. They reach over 20 million households across 50 countries in Africa through platforms like DStv, Showmax, M-Net etc.

As part of their investment into developing future talent and transforming education, MultiChoice established the bursary scheme in 2003 to support students through tertiary studies. Through this scheme, they cover all education costs and provide additional benefits like mentoring, internships and preferential job opportunities.

Over the past two decades, MultiChoice has supported over 2,000 students through the bursary program, helping develop skilled professionals for the industry.

Comprehensive Tuition Support

One of the biggest advantages of the MultiChoice bursary is that it covers your full tuition fees.

Here are the details:

  • The bursary covers the complete tuition costs at any accredited public university or college where you are registered. This does not include private institutions.
  • All registration, examination and mandatory academic service fees are also included and paid directly to the academic institution.
  • Coverage is provided throughout the standard duration of your degree program, including all years of study.
  • The bursary caters to a wide range of STEM-focused degrees from IT and engineering to data science, artificial intelligence, software development and more.
  • For technical diplomas up to N6, the bursary covers college fees, learning materials, and PPE costs.

This extensive tuition coverage alleviates the huge financial burden students and parents would otherwise incur paying for a quality tertiary education.

Generous Monthly Allowances

In addition to tuition grants, MultiChoice provides generous monthly allowances:

  • Accommodation allowance – Bursary recipients get up to R2,800 monthly towards costs like university residence, boarding or private rental.
  • Meal allowance – Up to R2,800 monthly is provided to cover food expenses.
  • Travel allowance – Those who live far get R600 monthly for commuting costs.
  • Telephone allowance – R350 monthly for mobile, data and communication requirements.
  • Clothing allowance – R1,000 annually for clothing needs.

These allowances go a long way in covering living costs and enabling students to focus on academics.

Exam Fee Coverage

All mandatory examination fees are included in the MultiChoice bursary support:

  • Exam registration costs are paid.
  • Repeat exam fees are covered in cases where you need to rewrite.
  • Supplementary exam fees are provided for additional exam sittings if required.

This aids the ability to successfully progress in your academic program without financial hurdles.

Mentorship and Career Guidance

MultiChoice has an excellent mentorship initiative where students are assigned mentors who are professionals and leaders within the MultiChoice organization. Mentors provide:

  • Career guidance and advice on development areas to excel professionally.
  • Counselling on challenges faced at university and emotionally.
  • Insights into corporate culture and empowering students for the workplace.
  • Networking assistance by connecting students to key professionals.

This mentorship is invaluable in enabling holistic growth beyond academics.

Gaining In-demand Skills

Bursary students get exclusive opportunities to:

  • Take part in specialized skills-building initiatives like coding bootcamps, data science/analytics academies etc.
  • Attend MultiChoice career fairs and skills sessions to develop future-ready capabilities.
  • Get additional funding for high-demand certifications relevant to your field of study.
  • Leverage MultiChoice’s online learning and educational platforms like Masterclass.

These initiatives equip students with in-demand expertise to increase employability.

Internship and Work Opportunities

MultiChoice provides a number of channels for bursary recipients to get hands-on experience:

  • Vacation work – Take on paid part-time work at MultiChoice over university holidays.
  • Internships – Undertake 3-6 months internships during your degree to gain industry exposure.
  • Graduate programs – Get preferential entry into technology, media, and leadership graduate programs.
  • Priority interviews – Get exclusive access to job interviews for open positions at MultiChoice after graduating.

These opportunities give students workplace experience and a competitive edge when entering the job market.

Participating Universities and Programs

While largely aimed at STEM degrees, MultiChoice bursaries cater to diverse fields based on business needs. Some participating universities include:


  • University of Cape Town
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • University of Johannesburg
  • Nelson Mandela University
  • University of Pretoria
  • Rhodes University
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal

Fields of Study

  • Engineering (electrical, mechanical, civil, industrial)
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Media Studies and Film Production
  • Actuarial Science
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing and Communications

Candidates are assessed based on merit, potential, and interest in the industry when awarding bursaries.

Application Criteria and Process

Students keen on the MultiChoice bursary can apply during their final year of high school. Here are key considerations:

  • Meet minimum academic performance criteria
  • Display financial need for support
  • Show interest in core focus areas like STEM and business studies
  • Have proven leadership, community service and extracurricular participation
  • Submit detailed online application before deadline
  • Pass interview with selection panel

Successful applicants become part of a lifelong community, gaining access to opportunities even post-graduation.


In conclusion, the MultiChoice bursary program provides comprehensive support and enables highly deserving students to access quality higher education and professional development in South Africa. The full tuition coverage, generous monthly stipends, industry access and future employment opportunities make it a highly valuable funding channel for youth from disadvantaged communities. MultiChoice plays a pivotal role in empowering young talent and transforming education to build an inclusive future workforce and society.


Does MultiChoice offer full-cost or partial bursaries?

MultiChoice provides full-cost bursaries covering all tuition, academic fees, monthly allowances and more. Partial funding is not offered.

What fields can I study with the MultiChoice bursary?

Focus areas are STEM and business degrees but various programs are covered including IT, engineering, data science, media studies, supply chain management etc.

What criteria are used to select bursary recipients?

Selection is based on financial need, academic performance, leadership qualities, interest in MultiChoice’s industry and study fields, overcoming challenges etc.

Can I hold another bursary or award if awarded the MultiChoice bursary?

No, you will be required to accept only the MultiChoice bursary as the full funding makes external awards redundant.

Can international students apply for this bursary program?

No, unfortunately the bursary is only open to students who are South African citizens studying at accredited universities in South Africa.

What is the commitment period after graduation?

There is no mandatory service period. However, students are requested to strongly consider opportunities to join MultiChoice.

With its comprehensive coverage and access to industry, the MultiChoice bursary scheme is a premier funding option for high-potential students in South Africa looking to maximize career success.


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