Multichoice Bursary Application 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the MultiChoice Bursary Scheme in South Africa

The MultiChoice Bursary Scheme offers an invaluable opportunity for South African students to fund their higher education and gain career development experience.

This guide will walk through every key detail regarding eligibility, required documents, the step-by-step application process, and tips to submit a strong application for the MultiChoice bursary program aimed at STEM students.

Multichoice Bursary Application


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Introduction to MultiChoice and the Bursary Scheme

Headquartered in South Africa, MultiChoice is a leading entertainment company providing digital satellite television and online streaming services across Africa.

As part of their youth skills development and transformation initiatives, MultiChoice offers comprehensive bursaries to high-potential students through their MultiChoice Bursary Scheme, launched in 2003.

The scheme provides financial support, mentorship, internships and guaranteed employment opportunities to qualifying students pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies primarily in STEM programs at accredited South African universities.

Hundreds of students have benefitted from MultiChoice bursaries over the years, gaining access to education and career growth.

Eligibility Criteria for the MultiChoice Bursary

The MultiChoice bursary program has clear eligibility criteria that applicants must meet:

Citizenship and Residence

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be completing studies at a South African university

Academic Level

  • Open to students in all years of study from first year to postgraduate
  • School leavers must have received university acceptance

Field of Study

  • Mainly open to students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
  • Limited support for top Business studies like Marketing, Accounting, Actuarial Science students

Financial Means Analysis

  • Must have attended a quintile 1, 2 or 3 high school
  • Demonstrate financial need through detailed assessment

Academic Performance

  • Minimum of 60% average in high school studies
  • Consistently good academic results in tertiary studies

Meeting these eligibility criteria is the first step to qualifying for MultiChoice’s competitive bursary program.

Required Supporting Documents

Applicants must submit the following compulsory documents with their MultiChoice bursary application:

Proof of Identity

  • Certified copy of South African ID book/card

Academic Results

  • Grade 12 certificate endorsed by the school (certified copy)
  • Recent tertiary academic transcripts, if already studying

University Acceptance

  • Provisional university acceptance letter for first time applicants

Financial Means Test

  • Detailed financial information as required in application
  • Income statements, pay slips etc.

Other Supporting Docs

  • Personal video submission
  • Academic reference letters
  • Awards and certificates

Submitting complete, authentic documents increases chances of successfully passing the rigorous screening process.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Online Application Process

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of completing the MultiChoice bursary application online:

Step 1) Visit the MultiChoice Bursary Website

Go to and find the bursary application link.

Step 2) Click on “Apply Now”

Register an account or login to start a new bursary application.

Step 3) Select Bursary Scheme

Choose the “MultiChoice Bursary Scheme” from the options.

Step 4) Complete Application Form

Fill in all sections with your details, academic history, financial situation etc.

Step 5) Upload Supporting Docs

Attach certified copies of your ID, results, university acceptance letter and other supporting documents.

Step 6) Submit Application

Carefully review then submit your complete bursary application before the deadline.

Following these straightforward steps will ensure you complete all required aspects of the online bursary application for MultiChoice.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Here are the important MultiChoice bursary dates to note:

  • Applications open: September 2022
  • Closing date for applications: 27 January 2023
  • Shortlisting and interviews: February to March 2023
  • Selection finalized: April to May 2023
  • Bursary start: Mid year for second semester studies

Mark your calendars and apply as early as possible once applications open to get your spot.

Top Tips for a Successful Bursary Application

Utilize these proven tips to strengthen your MultiChoice bursary application:

  • Start applications early and avoid last minute rush
  • Thoroughly research MultiChoice’s industries and ethos
  • Highlight your most impressive academic achievements
  • Demonstrate financial need clearly in your application
  • Get a strong reference letter from a teacher or lecturer
  • Proofread your application multiple times before submission
  • Be thorough when completing all sections of the online form
  • Follow up if you don’t receive a confirmation after submitting
  • Contact MultiChoice to resolve any application issues promptly

Following these best practices will boost your chances of being awarded the MultiChoice bursary.

Preparing for the Bursary Interview

If shortlisted, you will be invited for a panel interview including:

  • Technical industry-related questions
  • Behavioral questions judging critical thinking, values and motivation
  • Scenario-based questions to test aptitude and attitude

Here are some tips to prepare and perform well:

  • Research the company’s services, leaders, culture, values thoroughly
  • Revise your degree subjects and technical fundamentals
  • Prepare examples highlighting your skills and achievements
  • Dress professionally and exude confidence
  • Make eye contact, speak clearly, and answer confidently
  • Send thank you notes to interviewers post-interview

Preparation and practice are key to excelling at the MultiChoice bursary selection interview.

Mentorship and Internship Opportunities

In addition to financial support, the MultiChoice bursary includes:

  • Structured mentorship: Counselling on career options, challenges, work ethic and more.
  • Internships: Gain work experience during holidays in your field of interest.
  • Skills programs: Develop in-demand skills like data analytics through sponsored courses.
  • Preferential employment: Priority consideration for graduate roles at MultiChoice.

These components provide both social and professional development.


The MultiChoice Bursary Scheme enables bright, financially constrained students to access quality tertiary education and embark on rewarding STEM careers. By meeting the eligibility criteria, submitting meticulous applications before deadlines, and acing the interview process, prospective candidates stand to unlock this valuable opportunity. The application guide provided covers all key considerations including documents, online process, timeline, tips and interview preparation for South African students. The MultiChoice bursary allows recipients to realize their full academic and career potential.


When are MultiChoice bursary applications open?

Applications open in September each year for the intake for the next academic year. The deadline is end January.

How many students receive a MultiChoice bursary annually?

The number varies annually but on average 100+ students are selected each year for a MultiChoice bursary.

Which all universities are eligible?

You must be registered at an accredited public South African university or college on a full-time basis.

What percentage of tuition fees are covered?

MultiChoice bursaries cover 100% of recipients’ academic fees and associated study costs.

Can current university students apply?

Yes, the bursary is open to students already studying for their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Do I need to maintain marks to renew the bursary?

You must maintain a minimum passing average of 60% each year to continue receiving the bursary throughout your degree.

With valuable financial support and exclusive opportunities, the MultiChoice bursary enables students to focus on academic and career growth.


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