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Unfortunately I do not have the exact current monthly allowance value for the Armscor Bursary Programme . However, based on available information and comparisons to similar bursaries in the field, I estimate it likely falls in the R2,500 to R4,000 range per month.

Of course, I still advise contacting Armscor directly or checking their latest bursary handbook to confirm the stipend. As you rightly pointed out, the allowance can vary depending on year of study, field of study, location and other factors.

While the monetary component remains important, I encourage you to evaluate the Armscor Bursary opportunity based primarily on the overall package and benefits offered beyond the allowance:

armscor bursary

Key Benefits of Armscor Bursary

Full Cost of Study

  • 100% tuition fees
  • Accommodation covered
  • Allowances for books, equipment etc

Work Integrated Learning

  • Vacation work
  • Mentorship programme
  • Networking events

Guaranteed Employment

  • Placement in Armscor or broader defence industry

Specialized Skill Development

  • Access industry-tailored curriculum
  • Stay updated on latest technologies

As you can see, the bursary delivers immense value beyond the monthly stipend through work exposure, future job prospects and domain knowledge enhancement.

Tips for Confirming Allowance

Here are some recommendations for getting accurate confirmation of the allowance:

  • Check Armscor website bursary section for latest documentation
  • Email or phone the Armscor Bursary Department directly
  • Consult recent bursary recipients on exact amounts
  • Consider reaching out to industry peers in similar bursary programmes

I encourage you to keep pursuing this opportunity regardless of allowance fluctuations. The components discussed above represent the true value that will empower your career over the long run. Armscor produces some of South Africa’s most skilled defence industry experts.

Please let me know if any other questions!


What are typical eligibility criteria?

Typical eligibility includes SA citizenship, studies in engineering/technology fields, Grade 12 average >65%, university acceptance etc.

When do applications open?

Applications generally open around February-March annually. The window remains open 6-8 weeks to apply before closing.

Is there a service obligation after graduating?

Yes, recipients are required to work for Armscor or related defence & security industries for a minimum period once completing studies.

Can current students apply?

Yes, current engineering/technology students can apply provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

I hope these answers provide some further guidance. Feel free to enquire with Armscor directly for additional queries.


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