Multichoice Bursary Monthly Allowance
Estimating the 2024 Monthly Living Allowance for MultiChoice Bursary Recipients in South Africa

The MultiChoice Bursary Scheme provides comprehensive support to deserving youth in South Africa to access quality higher education. One of the key benefits is a generous monthly living allowance that covers expenses like accommodation, food, transport, etc.

While MultiChoice has not officially announced the 2024 allowance amounts yet, we can make an educated estimate based on previous figures, inflation, and overall bursary value.

This guide will analyze past trends and provide insights into what students can expect the monthly living stipend to be for the upcoming 2024 academic year.

Multichoice Bursary Monthly Allowance


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Overview of the MultiChoice Bursary Allowances

As part of the MultiChoice bursary package, students receive several monetary allowances in addition to tuition coverage:

  • Living allowance – For general monthly living expenses like food, transport, supplies etc.
  • Accommodation allowance – For students living away from home for studies.
  • Meal allowance – Covers costs of regular meals and groceries.
  • Travel allowance – For students traveling home regularly.
  • Telephone allowance – For mobile, data and communication costs.

These allowances provide comprehensive assistance to cover all key student living costs and are disbursed monthly or annually.

Monthly Living Allowance for 2023 MultiChoice Bursary

In order to estimate the 2024 allowance amount, we first need to establish the living allowance figure for the current 2023 bursary program.

As per MultiChoice’s website and various media reports, the monthly living allowance for 2023 was R4,500 for MultiChoice bursary recipients.

When combined with the other monetary allowances, this provides sufficient financial resources for students to focus on their academics.

Projecting Increase Based on Inflation

One method of projecting the potential 2024 living allowance is by considering inflation. South Africa’s average consumer inflation in 2022 was approximately 6.9%.

Applying this inflation rate, the monthly living allowance could increase by around 6.9% from R4,500 to about R4,810 for 2024.

However, given that the bursary amounts are not directly tied to inflation figures, the actual increase percentage might differ slightly. But inflation remains one useful benchmark.

Estimating Impact of Overall Bursary Value Increase

Another clue that indicates the monthly living stipend for 2024 may be higher is MultiChoice’s announcement that they have increased the total bursary program funding.

For 2023, MultiChoice allocated approximately R30 million towards their bursary scheme. For 2024, this has increased notably to R32 million.

This suggests that not only will more students receive the bursary, but that individual bursary amounts could also see an increment. Applying an estimated 7% increase to match the higher investment, the living allowance may rise from R4,500 to around R4,815.

So based on the bursary value expansion, we can expect the allowance to surpass inflation.

Historical Monthly Allowance Analysis

Analyzing the historical pattern of MultiChoice’s monthly living allowance provides further indication of the 2024 estimate:

  • 2020: R3,500
  • 2021: R4,000
  • 2022: R4,300
  • 2023: R4,500

The average increase over the past 4 years is approximately 7% year-on-year. Applying this trend, the monthly stipend for 2024 would increase by 7% from 2023’s R4,500 to R4,815 for 2024.

Interestingly, this matches our earlier estimate based on the total bursary value increment. Analyzing historical figures also points to possibility of a monthly allowance between R4,800 to R4,900 for 2024.

Key Considerations for Final Allowance

While we can make well-reasoned projections and estimates for the 2024 living allowance amount, the final figure will depend on:

  • The total number of bursary recipients selected
  • Distribution of funding between allowances like accommodation, meals, travel etc.
  • Overall budget availability and management by MultiChoice

But given the multiple estimation methods explored, it is highly likely the monthly living allowance will be between R4,500 and R5,000 for the MultiChoice bursary in 2024.

We will have to wait for MultiChoice’s official communication closer to the bursary application period to receive the confirmed amount.

How to Stay Updated on The Final Allowance Announcement

Here are some tips to get the latest information on the MultiChoice monthly living allowance once officially announced:

  • Activate notifications on the MultiChoice Bursary website
  • Follow MultiChoice social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Check the MultiChoice Bursary portal frequently
  • Call or email MultiChoice to inquire about bursary allowance updates
  • Speak to MultiChoice recruiters at university career fairs
  • Check for any media announcements by MultiChoice

Staying actively engaged across relevant channels will help you get immediate updates once the 2024 allowance is formally declared.

Importance of Monthly Allowances for Students

The MultiChoice monthly living and other stipends provide critical financial relief for students facing rising education costs, enabling them to:

  • Cover all their accommodation, food and transport needs
  • Pay for books, supplies, and other academic expenses
  • Avoid taking up jobs and focus fully on studies
  • Prevent accumulating student debt through loans
  • Network and participate in professional development activities
  • Focus time and energy on excelling academically

Without this financial assistance, many bright students would struggle to complete higher education and fulfill their potential due to socio-economic constraints.

Spending and Budgeting Recommendations

To make the most of their bursary allowances, students should:

  • Carefully plan budgets for optimal allocation across needs
  • Prioritize essential living costs in budget
  • Spend wisely and avoid wastage or overspending
  • Take advantage of student discounts where possible
  • Save a portion each month for future expenses
  • Limit eating out or shopping splurges
  • Learn student finance planning and budgeting basics

Following smart financial practices will help maximize benefits of the MultiChoice allowances.

The Bigger Impact of MultiChoice Bursaries

Beyond direct financial assistance, the MultiChoice bursary scheme facilitates:

  • Access to education – For youth who cannot afford tertiary fees and costs
  • Development of talent – Opportunities realize potential and contribute meaningfully
  • Diversity and inclusion – Equitable access for disadvantaged groups
  • Transformation – Socio-economic progress for youth, families and communities

By investing over R32 million into their 2024 bursary program, MultiChoice moves closer to the goal of an educated, empowered generation of future leaders.


The MultiChoice Bursary Scheme’s monthly living allowance provides critical support that enables students to cover their financial needs during studies. Although the official 2024 amount is still to be announced, thorough analysis of previous figures, inflation, overall bursary increases and historical trends points to a likely monthly allowance between R4,500 and R5,000 for the upcoming intake. The final number will be influenced by budgetary factors. Students eager for the latest updates must actively monitor MultiChoice’s channels for the confirmed allowance. By helping remove financial constraints, the bursary allowance allows scholars to pursue their academic and career aspirations.


How much was the monthly living allowance for 2022?

For the 2022 MultiChoice Bursary intake, the monthly living allowance was R4,300.

Does the allowance increase apply every year?

Historically the allowance has increased annually, but this is dependent on MultiChoice’s budget and recipient numbers. There is no guaranteed increase.

Besides living expenses, what else does the allowance cover?

The monthly stipend is quite flexible, but it’s recommended to utilize it for food, transport, accomodation, supplies etc. rather than luxury spends.

When will MultiChoice confirm the 2024 allowance amounts?

MultiChoice generally confirms the final allowance figures in Q4 ahead of the next year’s application period opening in January.

Do all MultiChoice bursary recipients get the same monthly allowance?

Yes, the standard living allowance amount announced is dispensed equally to all successful bursary recipients. There is no variation.

Can I use the monthly allowance to pay my tuition fees?

No, your tuition fees are already fully covered separately by MultiChoice as part of the bursary. The living allowance is specifically for general expenses.

With smart budgeting, students can sufficiently cover their living costs using the MultiChoice Bursary monthly stipend each year.


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