Inscape Design College Courses and Requirements


Are you considering pursuing a career in design and wondering which educational institution to choose?

Look no further than Inscape Design College, a prestigious private college in South Africa.

In this post, I will be looking into the world of Inscape Design College, exploring its accreditation, advantages, and why it stands out as a premier choice for design enthusiasts.

Inscape Design College Courses and Requirements

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Inscape Design College Is A Private Higher Education Institution

Inscape Design College holds a unique position as a private higher education institution in South Africa.

It is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, operating under the provisions of the Higher Education Act of 1997.

This accreditation underscores its commitment to providing high-quality education in the field of design.

The Uniqueness of Inscape Design College

Private colleges, like Inscape Design College, play a vital role in the South African education landscape.

They differ from public institutions in several significant ways, each contributing to a distinctive educational experience.

1. More Flexible Admission Requirements

One notable advantage of private colleges is their flexibility in admission requirements.

Unlike public universities and colleges, which often have stringent entry criteria, private colleges tend to offer more accessible pathways to education.

This inclusivity ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue their passion for design.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

Class size matters when it comes to education quality.

Private colleges typically boast smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalized interactions between students and faculty.

This intimate learning environment fosters better engagement, facilitates deeper understanding, and encourages active participation.

3. Individualized Attention

At Inscape Design College, individualized attention is not just a promise; it’s a reality.

With smaller class sizes, instructors can focus on the unique needs and aspirations of each student.

This tailored approach to education empowers students to thrive academically and creatively.

4. A Diverse Range of Courses

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different in education.

Private colleges often offer a more extensive array of courses and programs compared to their public counterparts.

This diversity allows students to explore various facets of design and find their niche, whether it’s graphic design, interior design, or fashion design.

Financing Your Education

While private colleges offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to address the financial aspect.

Unlike public institutions that receive government subsidies, private colleges rely primarily on tuition fees, donations, and grants to operate.

Consequently, tuition fees at private colleges may be higher than those at public institutions.

Inscape Design College Is Known As A Design Education Powerhouse

Inscape Design College’s reputation speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence in design education.

Here’s why it stands out:

Accredited Qualifications

Inscape Design College offers a range of accredited qualifications in design.

These qualifications are not only recognized within South Africa but also highly regarded internationally.

Whether you dream of working locally or pursuing a global career in design, Inscape equips you with the credentials to succeed.

Industry Recognition

In the competitive world of design, employers value graduates from Inscape Design College.

The institution’s strong connections with industry leaders mean that graduates are in high demand.

Employers trust Inscape’s commitment to quality education, making its graduates top choices for design positions.

Creative Campus Environment

Studying at Inscape Design College is not just about lectures and assignments; it’s about immersing yourself in a vibrant creative community.

The campus environments are designed to inspire innovation, providing students with the ideal backdrop for exploring their creative potential.

Practical Experience

Inscape believes in learning by doing.

That’s why practical experience is a cornerstone of its education philosophy.

From internships to real-world design projects, students have ample opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life situations.

Courses at Inscape Design College

When it comes to pursuing a career in design, the options at Inscape Design College are both extensive and impressive.

This renowned South African private institution offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, diplomas, and higher certificates, ensuring that there’s a path for every aspiring designer. Take a closer look at the various design courses offered at Inscape Design College.

Undergraduate Courses at Inscape Design College

1. Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

For those with a passion for fashion, this program provides comprehensive training in fashion design, from concept to creation.

Graduates go on to make their mark in the dynamic world of fashion.

2. Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

If you have a flair for visual communication and creativity, the Graphic Design program equips you with the skills to become a professional graphic designer, ready to turn ideas into compelling visuals.

3. Bachelor of Design in Ideation Design

Ideation Design is all about generating innovative ideas and translating them into practical solutions.

This program prepares students to tackle complex design challenges in various industries.

4. Bachelor of Design in Interior Design

Interior design enthusiasts can choose from three specialized tracks:

  • Commercial Design: Focuses on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing commercial spaces.
  • Environmental Design: Emphasizes sustainable and eco-friendly interior design practices.
  • Social Design: Explores design solutions that positively impact society and communities.

5. BA Digital Marketing and Communication

In the digital age, marketing and communication are crucial skills.

This program combines design and marketing to create well-rounded professionals ready to excel in the digital landscape.

Diploma courses at Inscape Design College

6. Diploma in Fashion Design

This diploma program provides a solid foundation in fashion design principles, helping students kickstart their careers in the fashion industry.

7. Diploma in Graphic Design

Ideal for those seeking a shorter but intensive design program, this diploma covers essential graphic design skills and concepts.

8. Diploma in Interior Design

Similar to the degree program but more focused, this diploma offers in-depth training in interior design.

Higher Certificate Courses at Inscape Design College

9. Higher Certificate in Architectural Design

For aspiring architects, this certificate program introduces fundamental concepts in architectural design.

10. Fundamental Course in User Experience Design

In the digital realm, user experience is paramount.

This fundamental course teaches the principles of creating user-friendly digital interfaces.

11. Fundamental Course in Digital Marketing

An ideal starting point for those interested in digital marketing, this course covers the basics of online advertising and promotion.

12. Advanced Course in Architectural Design

Building on the Higher Certificate, this advanced course goes deeper into architectural design concepts and techniques.

Program TypeProgram NameDescription
Undergraduate ProgramsBachelor of Design in Fashion DesignComprehensive fashion design program, from concept to creation.
Bachelor of Design in Graphic DesignEquips students with skills to become professional graphic designers.
Bachelor of Design in Ideation DesignFocuses on generating innovative ideas and practical design solutions.
Bachelor of Design in Interior DesignOffers specialization in Commercial Design, Environmental Design, and Social Design.
BA Digital Marketing and CommunicationCombines design and marketing for success in the digital landscape.
Diploma ProgramsDiploma in Fashion DesignProvides a solid foundation in fashion design principles.
Diploma in Graphic DesignCovers essential graphic design skills and concepts.
Diploma in Interior DesignOffers in-depth training in interior design.
Higher CertificatesHigher Certificate in Architectural DesignIntroduces fundamental concepts in architectural design.
Fundamental Course in User Experience DesignTeaches principles of creating user-friendly digital interfaces.
Fundamental Course in Digital MarketingCovers basics of online advertising and promotion.
Advanced Course in Architectural Designcovers architectural design concepts and techniques.
Admission RequirementsValid Grade 12 certificate with a minimum of 50% in English and Mathematics.General requirement for all applicants.
Portfolio of creative work.Essential for design program applications.
Successful interview with the college.Discussion of passion for design and career aspirations.
Additional InformationRegistered private higher education institution in South Africa.Offers accredited qualifications in design. Graduates are highly sought-after by design industry employers.
Emphasizes innovation and industry relevance in its curriculum.Encourages students to use design skills for positive societal impact.
Inspires creativity and purpose in students.Provides education, inspiration, and a sense of purpose in the field of design.
Inscape Design College Courses

This table format makes it easier to quickly reference the different programs and their descriptions, admission requirements, and additional information about Inscape Design College.

Additional Information

Inscape Design College stands as a registered private higher education institution in South Africa, offering accredited qualifications in design.

Its graduates are highly sought-after by employers in the design industry, thanks to the institution’s innovative curriculum and commitment to industry relevance.

Moreover, the college places a strong emphasis on social responsibility, encouraging students to leverage their design skills to make a positive impact on the world.

In your pursuit of design excellence, Inscape Design College provides not just education but also inspiration and a sense of purpose.

Embrace your passion for design and embark on an exciting journey at Inscape Design College.

Your creative future


Admission Requirements at Inscape Design College

While the specific requirements for each course may vary, there are some general prerequisites that all applicants must meet to be considered for admission:

  • A valid Grade 12 certificate with a minimum of 50% in both English and Mathematics.
  • A portfolio showcasing your creative work, which is especially crucial for design programs.
  • A successful interview with the college, where you can discuss your passion for design and your career aspirations.

For detailed information on the specific admission requirements for each course, I recommend visiting the official Inscape Design College website.

General RequirementsSpecific Requirements (Example)
A valid Grade 12 certificatePortfolio of graphic design work (for Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design)
Minimum of 50% in English and Mathematics
Portfolio of creative work
Successful interview with the college
Admission Requirements at Inscape Design College

These general and specific requirements provide prospective students with a clear understanding of what is expected during the application process at Inscape Design College.

Specific requirements may vary depending on the chosen program of study.

Admission Fees at Inscape Design College

The admission fees at Inscape Design College can vary depending on the specific course you are applying for.

However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Registration Fee: R10,490
  • Study Pack Fee: R6,090
  • Total Admission Fee: R16,580

It’s important to note that the admission fee is a one-time payment, and it is required upfront at the time of enrollment.

This fee is not refundable.

Admission to Inscape Design College: APS Score and Application Tips

Inscape Design College follows a holistic approach to admissions, taking into account various factors when considering applicants for their programs.

While there isn’t a specific APS (Admission Point Score) requirement, there are important considerations to keep in mind:

General Admission Requirements

  1. Academic Record: Your academic performance in Grade 12 is an essential factor. While there’s no fixed APS score, achieving a minimum average of 30% in your Grade 12 subjects is typically required for eligibility.
  2. Portfolio of Creative Work: Your portfolio is a critical component of your application. It provides a platform to showcase your design skills and creativity. Ensure that your portfolio includes a diverse range of relevant work that aligns with your chosen course.
  3. Interview Performance: The admissions interview plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Be well-prepared to discuss your academic background, design experience, and future aspirations during the interview.

Admission with an APS Score Below 30

If your APS score falls below 30, don’t be discouraged.

Inscape Design College still considers applicants with lower scores if they demonstrate strong potential in other areas.

Here are some tips to enhance your chances:

  1. Strengthen Your Portfolio: Focus on creating a robust portfolio that highlights your creativity and design skills. Ensure that the pieces you include are relevant to the specific course you are applying for.
  2. Prepare for the Interview: Invest time in preparing for the admissions interview. Anticipate questions about your academic journey, design background, and future goals. Confidence and clear communication can make a positive impression.
  3. Craft a Compelling Personal Statement: Your personal statement is an opportunity to share your unique journey and passion for design. Write a well-structured statement that provides insights into your motivation and commitment.

If you are enthusiastic about pursuing a design education at Inscape Design College, it’s encouraged to submit an application, even if your APS score is below 30.

The college evaluates applicants comprehensively, giving weight to your portfolio, interview performance, and personal statement.

Your potential to excel in the field of design is valued just as much as your academic record.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase your creativity and determination, and take the first step toward your design career with Inscape Design College.

Inscape design college fees

Tuition Fees at Inscape Design College

The cost of tuition at Inscape Design College can vary depending on the specific course you are pursuing and the duration of the program.

Below are some general fee guidelines:

Course TypeAnnual Tuition Range
Undergraduate CoursesR60,000 – R80,000 per year
Diploma CoursesR50,000 – R60,000 per year
Higher Certificate CoursesR30,000 – R40,000 per year
inscape design college fee

What’s Included in the Fees

The fees charged by Inscape Design College typically encompass various components necessary for your education:

  • Tuition Fees: The core cost of instruction and academic resources.
  • Compulsory Study Pack Fees: Materials or resources essential for your coursework.
  • Registration Fees: Fees associated with enrolling in the college.
  • Examination Fees: Costs related to examinations and assessments.

Additional Costs

It’s important to note that in addition to tuition and the above fees, students may need to budget for additional expenses such as:

  • Accommodation: If you are not staying at home, accommodation costs can vary based on location and preferences.
  • Food: Expenses related to meals and dining.
  • Transportation: Costs for commuting to and from the campus.

Financial Aid Options

Inscape Design College recognizes the financial commitment of pursuing higher education and offers various financial aid options to assist students in covering their tuition fees.

These options include:

  • Scholarships: Merit-based awards that recognize academic or creative excellence.
  • Bursaries: Financial assistance based on financial need or specific criteria.
  • Student Loans: Loans that provide financial support and are typically repaid after completing your studies.

Students are encouraged to explore these financial aid opportunities to help alleviate the financial burden of tuition fees and related expenses.

Keep in mind that the specific fees for your chosen course may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the college’s official website or contact their admissions or financial aid office for precise and up-to-date information on tuition and financial aid options.

Inscape Design College Campuses in South Africa

Inscape Design College boasts five campuses strategically located across South Africa, each offering a unique experience and excellent facilities for aspiring designers.

Cape TownCape TownSituated in the heart of Cape Town, this campus enjoys proximity to the city’s amenities. It boasts a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere, welcoming students from around the world.
DurbanDurbanLocated centrally within Durban, this campus offers easy access to the beach and popular tourist spots. It’s characterized by a relaxed and friendly ambiance, attracting a diverse student body.
MidrandMidrandConveniently positioned between Johannesburg and Pretoria, the Midrand campus features modern infrastructure and houses various design studios and workshops, providing students with state-of-the-art resources.
PretoriaPretoriaThe largest Inscape campus, situated in Menlyn Maine Design Hub, is Pretoria’s inaugural green precinct. This campus includes numerous design studios, workshops, a library, student center, and cafeteria. It’s deeply committed to sustainability.
StellenboschStellenboschNestled in the Stellenbosch Winelands, this campus offers a picturesque setting. It is known for its relaxed ambiance and is equipped with a range of design studios and workshops.
Inscape Design College Campuses in South Africa

Each campus has its own distinctive character and ambiance, catering to a diverse array of preferences.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant multiculturalism of Cape Town, the relaxed atmosphere of Durban, the modern facilities in Midrand, the commitment to sustainability in Pretoria, or the tranquil surroundings of Stellenbosch, you can be confident that your design education at Inscape Design College will be of the highest quality.

These campuses are well-equipped and prioritize sustainability, ensuring a positive environmental impact.

Choose your ideal Inscape Design College campus and embark on your creative journey with confidence.

Accreditation and Registration of Inscape Design College

Inscape Design College is proud to hold accreditation and registration with key educational authorities in South Africa, affirming its commitment to delivering quality education in design.

Accreditation by the Council on Higher Education (CHE)

Inscape Design College has received accreditation from the Council on Higher Education (CHE), the statutory body responsible for accrediting higher education institutions in South Africa.

This accreditation signifies that Inscape Design College consistently upholds the requisite standards for quality education and training.

It further attests that qualifications obtained at the college are internationally recognized, bolstering employability prospects.

Registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

In addition to CHE accreditation, Inscape Design College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The DHET is the government department overseeing higher education and training in South Africa. Registration with the DHET establishes Inscape Design College as a legally recognized higher education institution within the country.

It also subjects the college to DHET regulations and quality assurance standards, ensuring compliance with national educational guidelines.

Inscape Design College’s dedication to delivering a high-quality design education is underscored by its accredited qualifications and DHET registration.

Prospective students can be confident that they are selecting a well-respected and legitimate institution when considering Inscape Design College for their design education journey.

This accreditation and registration affirm Inscape Design College’s commitment to providing a reputable and quality education in the field of design.

Recognition of Inscape Design College

1. Global Recognition: Inscape Design College’s qualifications are not only accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) in South Africa but are also recognized globally.

recognition extends to both employers and other educational institutions around the world.

2. Accreditation by CHE: The accreditation by CHE, South Africa’s authoritative body for higher education institution accreditation, guarantees that Inscape Design College consistently adheres to the rigorous standards for quality education and training. This accreditation bolsters the credibility of the college’s qualifications.

3. Registration with DHET: Inscape Design College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the South African government department responsible for overseeing higher education and training.

DHET registration affirms the college’s status as a legitimate higher education institution within South Africa and its commitment to compliance with national educational regulations.

4. Strong Reputation in the Design Industry: Inscape Design College has cultivated a robust reputation in the design industry. The success stories of its alumni, who excel in diverse fields such as fashion, graphic design, interior design, and product design, underscore the quality of education provided by the college.

These graduates are highly sought-after by employers in various industries, attesting to the practical and valuable skills acquired at Inscape Design College.

Inscape Design College’s recognition by the CHE, DHET, employers, and educational institutions worldwide underscores its commitment to delivering a high standard of design education.

Graduates from the college not only benefit from a reputable qualification but also gain a competitive edge in their respective fields, making them valuable assets to employers around the globe.

E-Learning Courses at Inscape Design College

Inscape Design College embraces e-learning and offers a selection of online courses through GRIP Learning, a dedicated online learning platform.

These e-learning courses are designed to provide flexibility, accessibility, and interactivity for learners.

Here are some key details:

Available E-Learning Courses

  1. Fundamental Course in User Experience Design
  2. Fundamental Course in Digital Marketing
  3. Advanced Course in Architectural Design

Advantages of Inscape Design College’s E-Learning Courses

  • Flexibility: E-learning courses at Inscape Design College allow students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles or other commitments.
  • Accessibility: These courses are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, breaking down geographical barriers.
  • Affordability: E-learning courses are often more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based courses, making quality education more accessible.
  • Convenience: Students have the convenience of studying from the comfort of their homes or offices, eliminating the need for commuting.
  • Interactive and Engaging: Inscape Design College’s e-learning courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, incorporating various learning activities and assessments to enhance the learning experience.

Enrollment Process

To enroll in an Inscape Design College e-learning course:

  1. Create an account on the GRIP Learning website.
  2. Select the desired course and make the purchase.
  3. Start learning immediately, taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of online education.

If you are interested in exploring the range of e-learning courses offered by Inscape Design College, you can visit the college’s official website or the GRIP Learning website for detailed information and course availability.

Inscape Design College’s commitment to e-learning ensures that students can access quality education in design with the added benefits of flexibility, accessibility, and interactivity.


In conclusion, Inscape Design College is more than just a private institution; it’s a gateway to excellence in design education. With its accreditation, flexible admission requirements, smaller class sizes, and industry recognition, it offers a unique educational experience tailored to your design aspirations.

While private education may come with a higher price tag, the investment in your future is well worth it.

Inscape Design College’s track record of producing successful design professionals speaks for itself.

If you’re passionate about design and committed to achieving your career goals, Inscape Design College is the place to be.

Your creative journey starts here.


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