Northwood high school subjects
An In-Depth Look at the Academic Offerings of Northwood Boys’ School & Northwood Independent High School

When evaluating high schools for your child in South Africa, an important consideration beyond fees, facilities and extracurricular activities is the breadth and quality of the academic program. As a parent, you want a school that challenges your child across a well-rounded set of subjects while helping them identify and nurture their talents.

This article provides an in-depth look at the subjects offered at the two Northwood High Schools in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng respectively. We analyse the national curriculum requirements, diverse electives provided, focus areas, alumni outcomes and other key details parents should factor when comparing school programs.


Northwood high school subjects


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National Senior Certificate Subjects

National Senior Certificate Timetable

Northwood Boys’ School – A Tradition of Excellence in Durban

Established in 1923 along the picturesque KwaZulu-Natal coastline, Northwood Boys’ School has built a reputation for balancing rigorous academics with achievement in sports, creative arts and community engagement.

The school follows the national curriculum while enhancing it with diverse electives, dedicated focus areas based on student strengths and a global outlook preparing graduates for the 21st century.

Here are some highlights of Northwood Boys School’s academic program:

National Senior Certificate Track

  • Northwood is an NSC Exam Centre, meaning students complete their high-stakes Grade 12 exams on campus. Between Matriculation Board Exemptions, university exemptions and Bachelor degree endorsements, Northwood’s NSC results consistently rank among the top public and private boys schools nationally.

Compulsory Core NSC Subjects

As an NSC Exam Centre, Northwood mandates students take the core subjects in Grade 10-12 required for Tertiary education:

  • Home Language (English/Afrikaans)
  • Additional Language (English/Afrikaans/Zulu)
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics or Math Literacy

Diverse Elective Subject Choice

In addition to the four compulsory NSC subjects above, Grade 10-12 students select from over 45 elective subjects spanning:

  • Sciences: Physical Science, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering Graphics & Design etc.
  • Humanities: History, Visual Arts, Music etc.
  • Languages: English Literature, Zulu, French etc.
  • Business & Economics: Accounting, Business Studies etc.
  • Vocational: Computer Applications Technology (CAT), Tourism etc.

This extensive choice allows students to customise their NSC coursework across diverse disciplines matching individual strengths and post-school ambitions.

Focus Areas

Northwood further enables students to specialise via four focus areas chosen in Grade 10 spanning:

  • Commerce & Law Focus
  • Science, Engineering & Technology Focus
  • Sports Science Focus
  • Humanities, Arts & Culture Focus

Each focus area has custom subject combinations, enrichment options and tertiary preparation matching related career paths. This builds differentiated excellence into the school’s academic program.

Global Dimension

With extensive global partnerships in China, Europe and North America, Northwood Boys School infuses global competencies into the curriculum. Mandarin courses, student exchange programs and linked international service projects educate students to thrive in an interconnected world.

Top Alumni Outcomes

From doctors and engineers to lawyers, CEOs and pro athletes, Northwood Boys School’s academic foundation catalyses alumni achievement locally and globally. Graduates earn degrees at South Africa’s top universities and pursue vibrant careers across diverse sectors.

Northwood Independent High School – A Balanced Approach in Pretoria

As a leading independent, non-profit high school in Pretoria East, Northwood Independent offers a balanced program meeting national curriculum standards via varied subject choice while preparing students for an evolving society.

Here’s a closer look at Northwood Independent’s academic model catering to different talents:

NSC Programme with Local Relevance

Northwood Independent follows the essential NSC coursework mandated by South Africa’s Department of Education for Grade 10-12, including:

  • Home Language
  • First Additional Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics or Math Literacy

Beyond these compulsory standards, academic diversity manifests via electives and activities tailored to community needs in Pretoria and northern Gauteng.

Elective Subject Choice

Students choose four additional NSC subjects as electives based on their strengths, interests and career plans across50+ options:

  • Sciences & Technology: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Information Technology etc.
  • Humanities & Arts: History, Music, Dance, Visual Arts etc.
  • Languages: English Literature, Setswana, French etc.
  • Business & Economics: Business Studies, Economics, Accounting etc.
  • Additional Maths: Advanced Program Mathematics

Guidance from Teachers, Heads of Grades and Counsellors helps students align electives to opportunities.

Practical Focus

Northwood Independent deploys project-based learning via the CAPS curriculum to reveal knowledge application in the real world. Whether launching a entrepreneurial venture or designing sustainable housing solutions, students lead tangible projects inspiring their future.

Future Readiness

The school’s KHAYA Future Readiness programme builds career awareness through:

  • Job Shadowing & Internships
  • Industry Partnerships & Guest Talks
  • Workplace Skills Development
  • Tertiary Guidance & Applications

This develops graduates ready to excel in diverse fields while giving back.

University Placement

From health sciences to engineering, law to technology, Northwood Independent alumni gain admission into university programs aligned to their aspirations, interests and capabilities. Small class sizes and individual attention breeds outcomes.

The Best of Both Worlds

Blending national standards with diverse electives, real-world projects and future employability, Northwood Independent High School empowers grads with choice and capability – best of both worlds for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions on Northwood’s Academic Offerings

As we compare the twin Northwood high schools and the arrays of academic options offered, here are answers to some frequently asked questions from parents:

Q: How does Northwood Boys School achieve both sports and academic excellence compared to rivals?

Northwood strategically staggers sports and academic schedules to prevent conflicts while aligning learning to different thinking styles. Support systems also detect potential issues early to maintain outcomes.

Q: Does Northwood Independent teach the CAPS or IEB curriculum?

Northwood Independent follows the national CAPS curriculum while incorporating IEB style assessments to enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills aligned to tertiary studies.

Q: Which Northwood high school provides more individualized subject choice?

Northwood Boys School arguably provides greater subject choice given the four customized focus areas. However, both schools enable tailored combinations aligned to tertiary plans.

Q: What percentage of alumni from each Northwood school typically qualify for university?

With both schools delivering excellent NSC results, over 98% of graduates qualify for tertiary education annually. Alumni transition to diverse fields including health sciences, actuarial science, engineering, law, arts and more.

Q: How do the schools accommodate different learning needs and challenges students may face with academics?

Both Northwood schools have dedicated teams including counsellors, specialists and tutors who partner with families to assess and support individual learning needs through custom programs. A compassionate learning community backs every child’s growth.


When evaluating schools on academics, the twin Northwood high schools present compelling options worth considering, blending national standards with diverse electives, focus areas and real world learning suited to different capabilities and interests.

With balanced curriculums navigating student passions towards university studies and career preparedness, Northwood continues upholding its high expectations amid a nurturing environment – ideology captured by its holding hands emblem.

By taking a closer look at the subjects and programs offered by Northwood Boys School and Northwood Independent High School, parents can make an informed choice matching their child’s unique talents.



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