Food for Mzansi Bursary 2024/2025

The Food for Mzansi Bursary: A Doorway to an Agriculture Career for Rural Youth

The agricultural sector is vital to South Africa’s economy and food security. However, limited access to education poses barriers for rural youth looking to enter this field. The Food for Mzansi bursary aims to break down these obstacles by providing financial aid and online learning opportunities tailored to empower the next generation of young agripreneurs.

Food for Mzansi Bursary


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Overview of the Bursary

Food for Mzansi, an online platform promoting the country’s farming sector, has partnered with Agri Skills Transfer to offer bursaries worth up to R1.6 million. This funding will support 20 deserving Grade 12 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue National Diplomas in agriculture-related subjects.

The bursary covers all expenses, including tuition, learning materials, data, and mentorship. Students can study online through Agri Skills Transfer, making education more accessible. The curriculum focuses on practical skills and knowledge to equip youth for successful careers in agriculture. Subjects range from horticulture, animal production, mixed farming, agricultural economics, to agribusiness.

By removing financial limitations and connecting students to quality learning resources, the bursary enables rural youth to gain the expertise needed to drive change in their communities.

Why Was the Bursary Created?

Food for Mzansi launched the bursary campaign to achieve multiple aims:

  • Address inequality in access to agricultural education: For rural students, the costs of further studies often place tertiary education out of reach. This bursary makes an agriculture career more attainable.
  • Empower youth to uplift rural areas: With relevant skills and knowledge, young people can implement innovative farming solutions and contribute to development in their communities.
  • Cultivate future agripreneurs and leaders: The bursary nurtures students’ potential so they can establish successful agribusinesses, create jobs, and make a meaningful impact in the sector.
  • Ensure food security: Developing agricultural capacity among youth will be vital for South Africa’s goal of equitable food access for all.
  • Share positive stories about agriculture: The bursary highlights the opportunities the sector offers and inspires other young people to follow a similar path.

Value of the Bursary

Each Food for Mzansi bursary for the class of 2024 is valued up to R80,000. This amount will cover the full costs of the student’s studies including:

  • Registration and tuition fees
  • Learning materials like books, stationery, computer equipment if required
  • Data and airtime allowance
  • Mentorship and internship opportunities
  • Accommodation if needed
  • Transport costs

By providing an all-inclusive bursary package, Food for Mzansi aims to eliminate any obstacles, so students can focus fully on their education.

Bursary Partner: Agri Skills Transfer

Agri Skills Transfer is an accredited online learning institution that will deliver the agricultural courses sponsored by the bursaries.

Some key facts about Agri Skills Transfer:

  • Practical focus: Their curriculum emphasizes gaining hands-on skills using proven techniques successfully applied by farmers across South Africa.
  • Online accessibility: Students can access lessons, resources, and support via the online student portal using a computer or mobile device. This enables learning from anywhere at any time.
  • Industry-recognized qualifications: Their National Diplomas are accredited and internationally recognized, preparing graduates for employment globally.
  • Learner support: Experienced lecturers and mentors provide guidance and assist students throughout their studies.

Partnering with Agri Skills Transfer allows bursary recipients to obtain an education suited for real-world farming contexts. Students also gain versatility through virtual learning – important for overcoming geographical constraints.

Eligibility Criteria

The Food for Mzansi bursary aims to reach students who truly demonstrate promise but lack financial means to pursue agricultural studies. Applicants for the 2024 bursary must meet the following criteria:

Education Level

  • Completed Grade 12 in 2022
  • Have not begun post-school education
  • Do not have funding secured for studies in 2024

The bursary seeks to help students in the gap year after finishing high school but before they can progress to tertiary education due to monetary limitations.


  • From a disadvantaged rural community
  • Demonstrated financial need

The bursary intends to uplift youth from low-income households and remote areas lacking resources. Applicants must motivate how the bursary would enable their education.

Interest in Agriculture

  • Passionate about a career in agriculture
  • Leadership potential in the sector
  • Commitment to applying their education to uplift communities

Applicants must showcase their enthusiasm for agriculture, ambition to succeed, and desire to impact rural development.

Academic Performance

  • Obtained university endorsement for diploma courses
  • Consistent effort and improvement during high school

While applicants don’t need straight A’s, they must demonstrate work ethic and progress in their studies.

Meeting these requirements indicates an applicant who epitomizes the target student – one deserving an opportunity to gain agricultural skills and make a difference.

How to Apply

Applying for the Food for Mzansi bursary involves two simple steps:

1. Video Application

Students must create a 1-2 minute video starting with “Dear Food for Mzansi” explaining:

  • Why they deserve the bursary
  • How it would enable their goals
  • Their ambitions in the agricultural sector
  • The impact they hope to have on their community

This video is the heart of the application, allowing students to directly share their story and passion. Creativity is encouraged!

2. Online Form

Applicants then fill out the official entry form available on the Food for Mzansi website. This covers all their details including:

  • Personal information
  • Education history
  • Home environment
  • Challenges faced

The form also includes fields to link to their application video and social media.

Social Media

To spread awareness, applicants must share their #DearFoodForMzansi video on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. This demonstrates their commitment to promoting agriculture among other youth.

Through these simple steps, deserving students from all corners of South Africa can access this life-changing opportunity.

Application Timeframes

At the time of writing, applications are open for the 2024 bursary intake. Interested students should prepare their video and form for submission as soon as possible.

The deadline will likely be in early 2023 to allow enough time for selection, registration, and course commencement by early 2024. However, applicants are advised to begin the process immediately and not delay.

Food for Mzansi will announce the official due date on their website and social media channels. Candidates should follow these platforms and act quickly once notified to secure their chance.

Late or incomplete applications may not be accepted, so prompt submission is critical.

The Selection Process

The Food for Mzansi team will review all video applications and select recipients based on merit. They will consider:

  • Enthusiasm – Level of expressed passion for an agricultural career.
  • Need – Evidence of financial constraints limiting access to education.
  • Potential – Demonstrated persistence and leadership abilities.
  • Commitment to community upliftment – Desire to apply learning to benefit their rural home region.
  • Presentation skills – Ability to convey their goals and personality through the video.

Applicants that stand out in these areas will have the highest chance of admission.

Food for Mzansi aims to award the 20 bursary places to deserving, high-potential individuals across a diversity of agricultural sectors and geographic areas. This enables maximum impact nationwide.

Students will receive notification in early 2023 on whether their application was successful. Those selected will also be guided through next steps like registration and preparation for their studies.

Why Should You Apply?

Beyond financial support, the Food for Mzansi bursary provides a life-altering opportunity through:

World-Class Agricultural Education

  • Gain expertise from experienced lecturers.
  • Access virtual learning resources from anywhere at any time.
  • Obtain an accredited National Diploma qualification.
  • Receive support like tutoring, mentoring, and internships.

Empowerment for the Future

  • Realize your career goals in agriculture.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to achieve success.
  • Become a pioneer for innovation and rural development.
  • Open doors for further education like B.Tech studies.

Chance to Uplift Communities

  • Implement solutions to challenges faced in your home region.
  • Introduce new technologies and techniques.
  • Share knowledge as an agricultural educator.
  • Start an agribusiness to stimulate economic activity.

If you envision yourself driving progress in South Africa’s agricultural landscape, don’t miss this opportunity!

Final Words of Encouragement

I know the university application process can feel daunting. But I believe you have the passion and abilities to create an outstanding #DearFoodForMzansi video and win this life-changing bursary.

Here are my tips:

  • Start now – Give yourself plenty of time to prepare an excellent application.
  • Speak from the heart – Share your genuine interests, ambitions, and background.
  • Show don’t tell – Let your enthusiasm shine through!
  • Stand out – Make your video creative but professional.
  • Check eligibility – Ensure you meet all the requirements.
  • Follow instructions – Stick to video length, social media posting, etc.

With some time and effort, you can produce an application that gets noticed. Imagine how rewarding it will feel to have your potential recognized – and the doors that will open to achieve your dreams in agriculture.

I wish you the very best! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions. You’ve got this.


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