MQA Bursaries 2024: Comprehensive Guide on Programs, Eligibility & Applying

MQA Bursaries 2024: Comprehensive Guide on Programs, Eligibility & Applying

The Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) provides pivotal financial support enabling students to access specialized mining-related education through two key bursary schemes:

🌟 Bursary Program for Unemployed Learners

🌟 Bursary Support for Employed Applicants

This guide provides in-depth perspectives on:

✅ Key features and differences between these schemes

✅ Step-by-step application instructions

✅ Eligibility criteria and selection factors

Let’s get right into the essentials you’ll need to tap into these opportunities:

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Introducing the MQA Bursary Programs

Firstly, what are the objectives and offerings of each MQA bursary category?

MQA Bursary for Unemployed Learners

Purpose: Enable ~1000 unemployed youth to access mining-related qualifications and drive employment

Offerings Per Student:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Allowances:
    • Learning materials allowance
    • Meal allowance
    • Accommodation allowance

Clearly this scheme carries immense value for unlocking tertiary studies for financially constrained students!

MQA Bursary Funding for Employed Applicants

Purpose: Upskill ~65 employed mining sector personnel to fill priority skills gaps

Offerings Per Student:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Learning materials allowance

So while not as comprehensive as the unemployed scheme, critical tuition budget relief is provided.

Now let’s unpack how you can tap into each based on your status and plans.

Step-by-Step: Applying for MQA Bursaries

While applications for 2024 intakes are closed, guide below prepares you for next cycle:

1. Determine Which Bursary Category Fits

Ask yourself:

  • Are you currently employed in mining? -> Employed Scheme
  • Are you unemployed and want mining education? -> Unemployed Scheme

Choose the matching option.

2. Verify You Meet Eligibility Criteria

General Rules

✅ SA citizen

✅ Age under 30

✅ Accepted into recognized mining-related program

Additional Employed Applicant Rules

✅ 1+ year relevant experience

3. Complete Relevant MQA Application Form

Around August-September 2024, visit MQA site to access application forms for your bursary category. Form fields cover:

🔹 Personal details

🔹 Academic history

🔹 University acceptance letters

🔹 Motivation statement

Complete accurately and fully with supporting docs.

4. Submit Before Closing Date

Finalize and submit form before stated deadline (typically October). Late applications aren’t considered.

5. Await Outcome Notification

Expect selection outcome communication between November and January. Budget and plan accordingly once approved.

Key MQA Bursary Selection Criteria

Beyond basic eligibility, what attributes do selectors look for?

✔️ Academic Achievement: Strong grades required for tertiary acceptance build a solid case

✔️ Financial Need: Constraints to self-funding studies assessed

✔️ Work Experience: Employed applicants should demonstrate mining sector exposure

✔️ Commitment: Passion for continued mining industry career post-studies

Additional Application & Planning Pointers

Beyond the formal process, further tips:

  • Start preparation early even before applications open – gather docs etc
  • With expected high competition, optimize every aspect of your application
  • If not awarded at first try, refine and reapply in following years focused on gaps
  • Upon securing, carefully project budgets factoring in allowance amounts and tuition costs

Following this step-by-step guidance, you’ll be well equipped pursue these life-changing MQA bursaries supporting South Africa’s next generation of mining experts!


The MQA’s bursary funding platforms unlock immense potential for unemployed youth and working professionals to access specialized mining qualifications. This fuels both economic mobility for individuals and sector-wide skills enhancement.

I wish you all the best as you consider applying when the next cycle opens! Your education and training will equip you to meaningfully participate in and modernize one of South Africa’s most vital industries. Stay determined and focused!


If my studies span multiple years, can I extend or reapply for the MQA bursary?

Yes, recipients can apply for funding extensions/renewals to cover 2nd or 3rd year studies if still aligned to key mining subjects. Strict performance criteria must be met in preceding years at university and approval isn’t guaranteed though.

Which documents do I need for the MQA bursary application?

Key documents are your ID, proof of admission letter from chosen tertiary institution, academic transcripts/matric certificate, and additional forms indicating needs and motivations. Have these ready!

When selecting an institution, which programs qualify for MQA bursary funding?

Your chosen program must have SAQA accreditation and align directly to a mining-related field and qualification as specified on the MQA website. If unsure, engage the MQA before applying.


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