FEM Bursary
The FEM Bursary Program: Funding Careers in Engineering, Built Environment and Health Sciences

Tertiary education is the gateway to exciting careers, but high costs put this out of reach for many bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The FEM bursary aims to break this barrier by fully funding studies in key fields.

FEM Bursary


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About FEM

FEM (Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company) has provided specialized insurance for South Africa’s construction and engineering industries since 1936. Their non-profit arm, the FEM Education Foundation (FEMEF), was founded in 2016 to improve education and skills development.

FEMEF has already contributed R750 million to assisting students through bursaries. The FEM bursary program aligns with their mission of empowering youth from challenging circumstances to achieve their career aspirations.

Bursary Focus Areas

FEM offers bursaries in disciplines vital to South Africa’s growth:

  • Engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Industrial, Mining
  • Built Environment: Architecture, Construction, Quantity Surveying
  • Health Sciences: Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing

By funding studies in these key fields, FEM aims to equip youth with scarce and high-demand skills critical for national development.

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What the Bursary Covers

The FEM bursary package includes:

  • Full coverage of tuition fees
  • Allowance for prescribed textbooks
  • monthly stipend for living expenses
  • Potential coverage for accommodation and meals

This comprehensive sponsorship eliminates the financial barriers preventing academically deserving but disadvantaged students from pursuing tertiary education.

The bursary is awarded yearly, with the opportunity for renewal based on satisfactory academic performance and participation in FEM’s community initiatives.

Bursary Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the FEM bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • South African citizenship
  • Studying full-time toward an undergraduate degree in one of the specified fields
  • Completed first year of study (i.e. current second or third years)
  • Registered at a South African public university
  • Total household income less than R360,000 per year
  • Strong academic record
  • In financial need

The bursary aims to uplift students from challenging financial circumstances who demonstrate academic excellence and potential.

Meeting all these eligibility requirements is crucial, as incomplete applications may be disqualified.

How to Apply for the FEM Bursary

Online Application Form: Submit an online application via the FEM website: FEM Bursary Application 2024

Supporting Documents: Attach certified copies of the required documents:

  • ID Document
  • Latest academic record
  • Parents’/guardians’ ID documents
  • Parents’/guardians’ income proof
  • Siblings’ tertiary registration proof (if applicable)

Enter Referrer Details: Please enter “saschoolsnearme.co.za” when asked how you heard about the bursary.

Application Deadline: Submit your application before the closing date of December 20, 2023.

Shortlisting and Interviews

Based on applications, FEM will shortlist candidates for potential awards.

Those shortlisted will receive a second round application form to provide additional information and refs.

Top candidates may be interviewed to assess merit for the bursary program.

Submitting a strong initial application is vital to progress through the selection process.

Contact Details

For any queries, contact the FEM bursary administrators:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone: 011 359 4300

Please read all FAQs before submitting queries.


The FEM bursary program provides crucial funding for aspiring engineers, built environment professionals and health scientists from challenging backgrounds.

This life-changing opportunity enables academically gifted students to access tertiary education, gain sought-after qualifications, and unlock a bright future.

I wish all applicants the best of luck! Persist even through difficulties – your skills are vital for helping build our nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about the FEM bursary:

What undergraduate levels are eligible?

Second and third year undergraduate students can apply. First years and postgraduates are not eligible.

When do I need to apply by?

The closing date is 20 December 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

How are bursary recipients selected?

Based on merit, academic record, financial need and meeting all requirements. Top applicants will be interviewed.

Is there a requirement to work for FEM after graduating?

No, there is no work-back obligation with the FEM bursary.

How much is the monthly stipend amount?

The stipend amount will be confirmed with successful applicants. Estimate approximately R2,500-R5,000 monthly.

If I don’t get the bursary this year, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again next year as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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