List Of payday cash advance online no credit check

No Credit Check Needed: 5 Apps for Payday Cash Advances

When an unexpected expense arises and payday is still days away, getting quick cash fast can prevent late fees or service disruptions. But if your credit score is less than stellar, taking out a traditional loan or credit card may not be an option. That’s where payday cash advance apps come in.

These fintech apps allow access to advances of a few hundred dollars, often deposited the same or next day, without running hard credit checks. While not technically loans, the cash advances are fee-based and must be repaid on your next pay date.

Read on to learn more about how payday advance apps work, top providers, eligibility requirements, costs, and other details to consider before signing up.

List Of payday cash advance online no credit check

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What Are Payday Cash Advance Apps?

Payday cash advance apps provide a new option for accessing small amounts of fast cash between paychecks without undergoing credit inquiries.

Rather than focusing on your credit score, these apps evaluate factors like your income, spending habits, account balances, and history with the app. If approved, you get a cash advance ranging from $20 up to $500 deposited quickly into your connected bank account.

The apps make money by charging subscription fees, tips, or transaction fees instead of interest. You’re expected to repay the full advance on your next payday. It’s not rollover debt like a payday loan.

Benefits of payday advance apps include:

  • Fast access to cash, often within 24 hours of request
  • No credit checks or effect on your credit score
  • Simple eligibility based on income rather than credit score
  • Useful budgeting and financial literacy tools
  • Lower fees than payday loans or overdrafts

Downsides to consider:

  • Repayment due in full on next pay date
  • Steep fees that can add up quickly
  • No installment plans offered
  • Potential for overspending if used irresponsibly

Overall, payday advance apps fill a unique niche for fast cash without credit inquiries. But you must have a reliable income and repayment plan.

Top 5 Payday Advance Apps

Here are 5 top-rated payday cash advance apps to consider if you need funds fast:


Dave’s flagship product is ExtraCash, which provides advances up to $500 with no credit check or interest fees. Instead, Dave charges a monthly $1 membership fee. You’ll need 3 months of positive checking account history and regular income deposits to qualify. Dave also helps users budget, build credit, and avoid overdrafts.

Cash advance: Up to $500
Fees: $1/month membership


Brigit offers Plus members “Cashouts” of up to $250 with no credit check. The Plus plan costs $14.99 per month. Brigit also provides balance alerts, financial planning tools, and opportunities to earn extra income. Even the free plan helps avoid overdrafts.

Cash advance: Up to $250
Fees: $14.99/month subscription


MoneyLion Instacash advances up to $250 with no credit check or interest charges. Instead, it uses a monthly membership model like Dave. Members also get access to loans, managed investment accounts, and credit monitoring.

Cash advance: Up to $250 Fees: $1-19.99/month membership


FloatMe allows free members cash advances between $20-$200 per month, with an additional $50 for referral bonuses. FloatMe charges usage fees but no credit check or interest. Membership upgrades provide higher advance limits.

Cash advance: $20-$200 Fees: $1.99 fee per advance


Earnin pioneered the payday advance model. Connect your payroll and pay up to $100/day and $500/pay period. They don’t charge fees but accept “tips.” Earnin also has a paid subscription called Earnin Plus.

Cash advance: Up to $500 per period
Fees: Voluntary tips but no required fees

When comparing payday advance apps, check for any subscription fees, limits on cashout amounts, time to receive funds, and user ratings.

Payday Advance App Requirements

To get approved for payday advances through an app, you’ll need to meet basic eligibility standards:

  • Steady verifiable income stream through paychecks, benefits, gig work, etc. This shows repayment ability.
  • Consistent direct deposits into a checking account. Advances are deposited and withdrawn from your connected account.
  • Fairly active account usage with positive balances. Apps assess your spending habits.
  • Minimum monthly income, often around $500. Specific amounts vary by provider.
  • Legal US resident age 18+ (21+ in some states)
  • Debt-to-income ratio often can’t exceed 50%.
  • No recent bankruptcies or loan defaults
  • For earned wage access specifically, you’ll need an integrated payroll provider or uploaded paystubs.

The payday advance apps use technology like Plaid to securely connect to your checking account and assess your eligibility. This doesn’t affect your credit score.

Costs of Payday Advance Apps

Payday advance apps charge a variety of fees for their services rather than interest like credit cards or loans. Common fee types include:

  • Membership fees – Monthly or annual fees to access basic or premium features
  • Transaction fees – Flat fees charged per cash advance, such as $1.99 per request
  • Tips – Voluntary tips given to the app but not required
  • Overdraft fees – If you overdraw by using the advance, banks still charge NSF fees
  • Late fees – Failure to repay on time can incur fees from some apps
  • Activity fees – Charged for certain account transactions or declines

Read all fee disclosures carefully before signing up. While apps market themselves as cost-effective alternatives to payday loans, the fees can still add up substantially. Manage your cash advances responsibly.

Pros and Cons of Payday Advance Apps

Here are some key advantages and disadvantages to weigh with payday advance apps:


  • Fast access to a few hundred dollars, often within 24 hours
  • No credit check or damage to credit score
  • Easy qualification based on income rather than credit score
  • Lower fees than payday loans, overdrafts, or high-interest credit cards
  • Useful budgeting and financial health tools


  • Full repayment required by next pay date
  • No installment plans offered
  • Steep fees can snowball if used repeatedly
  • Potential overspending if used irresponsibly
  • Account management is required to stay eligible
  • Potential overdrafts if cash isn’t budgeted properly

Alternatives to Payday Advance Apps

Before turning to payday advance apps, consider these other options to cover emergency costs in a pinch:

  • Employer paycheck advance – Ask your manager about getting an early paycheck if eligible.
  • Payment plan with creditors – Explain the situation and request an extended due date.
  • Borrow from family or friends – Offer to sign a loan contract stipulating terms.
  • Credit card cash advance – Withdraw cash from an available credit line.
  • 401k loan – Borrow against yourself and repay over 5 years.
  • Sell items – Generate fast cash by selling unused electronics, jewelry, tools, etc.
  • Gig work – Drive for a rideshare, deliver food, or provide handyman services.


The bottom line is that payday advance apps can provide quick relief but aren’t a long-term financial solution. Weigh the costs carefully, budget responsibly, and have a repayment plan.

Payday Advance App FAQs

How much money can I get through a payday advance app?

Maximum cashout amounts range from $20-$500, depending on the specific app. Some set a per-transaction limit, while others cap the total advances per pay period.

How quickly can I get cash from a payday advance app?

Most apps provide access to funds within 24 hours or less. Some may be instantly available, while others take 1-2 business days to hit your account.

Can payday advance apps garnish my wages or levy my bank account?

No, reputable payday advance apps cannot garnish your wages or withdraw funds without permission like payday lenders can. But failure to repay on time can get you banned from their services.


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