King Edward VII School, Johannesburg School fees

In the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa’s Gauteng Province, lies King Edward VII School, a prominent institution that has raised questions about its status as a government school.

In this post, I look into the intriguing dynamics of King Edward VII School annual fees, shedding light on its funding, governance, and the role tuition fees play in its operations.

King Edward VII School, Johannesburg School fees

Understanding King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, is undoubtedly a well-known name in the realm of education.

Established to provide quality education to young boys, the school has carved a niche for itself over the years.

However, the debate surrounding its classification as a government school is not uncommon.

The Public Nature of King Edward VII School

Yes, King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, is indeed a government school.

It operates as a public English medium high school for boys and falls under the purview of the Gauteng Department of Education.

This affiliation with the government ensures that the school adheres to certain educational standards and regulations, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of students.

The Tuition Fee Conundrum

However, the categorization of King Edward VII School as a government school is not without its complexities.

One of the primary sources of contention is the school’s tuition fees.

Unlike typical government schools where education is free of charge, King Edward VII School does requires tuition fees.

The Role of Tuition Fees

The presence of tuition fees at King Edward VII School is a result of the school’s financial structure.

While it receives funding from the Gauteng Department of Education, this financial support does not cover all the operational expenses of the school.

Consequently, the school relies on tuition fees to bridge the financial gap and maintain its standards of excellence.

Where Do Tuition Fees Go?

It’s important to understand that the tuition fees collected by King Edward VII School serve various purposes.

These fees are not merely an additional burden on parents; they are a vital component of the school’s sustainability.

Here’s how the fees are utilized:

1. High-Quality Teaching and Learning Resources

A significant portion of the tuition fees is allocated to ensuring that the school maintains high-quality teaching and learning resources.

This includes hiring and retaining skilled educators, updating curriculum materials, and investing in innovative teaching methods.

2. Extracurricular Activities and Sports Programs

King Edward VII School takes pride in offering a holistic educational experience.

Tuition fees contribute to the development and maintenance of a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports programs.

These activities play a crucial role in nurturing well-rounded individuals.

3. Facilities Maintenance and Improvement

To provide a conducive learning environment, King Edward VII School must maintain and enhance its facilities regularly.

Tuition fees play a vital role in funding projects that improve infrastructure, classrooms, and other amenities.

4. Financial Aid for Students in Need

Recognizing the diverse socioeconomic backgrounds of its students, the school also allocates a portion of tuition fees to provide financial aid to students facing economic hardships.

This ensures that deserving students can access quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Fee Structure and Review

Like every other school, the school fees at King Edward VII School are not static; they are reviewed annually by the school’s governing body.

This body carefully considers a variety of factors when setting the fees.

These factors include the cost of living, the school’s financial needs, and the affordability of fees for parents.

This review process is designed to strike a balance between maintaining the school’s standards and ensuring accessibility to a broad demographic.

School Fees at King Edward VII School, Johannesburg

For the new academic year, King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, has set its school fees as follows:

  • High School: R56,000 per annum (tuition)
  • Weekly Boarders: R63,500 per annum
  • Termly Boarders: R75,000 per annum

Additionally, the school offers discounts for early payment and for families with multiple children attending the school.

It’s important to note that these fees specifically cover tuition and boarding charges, and they do not include the cost of textbooks, uniforms, or any other ancillary expenses.

CategoryTuition Fees (Annual)Early Payment Discount
High SchoolR56,0005% discount
Weekly BoardersR63,50010% discount
Termly BoardersR75,00015% discount
School Fees at King Edward VII School, Johannesburg

Early Payment Discounts at King Edward VII School, Johannesburg

King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, values its students and their families, and as a gesture of appreciation, the school offers early payment discounts for the following categories of fees:

  • High School: Parents of high school students can enjoy a 5% discount on the total tuition fees for the academic year.
  • Weekly Boarders: Families with students in the weekly boarding program are eligible for a 10% discount on the total tuition fees.
  • Termly Boarders: For termly boarders, a generous 15% discount is offered on the total annual tuition fees.

Payment Options

To make it convenient for parents, King Edward VII School provides flexible payment options.

Parents can choose to pay their fees in full upfront or in manageable installments over the academic year.

Qualifying for the Early Payment Discount

To qualify for the early payment discount, parents must ensure that their fees are paid in full by the specified due date.

Meeting this deadline is essential to avail of the discount.

Benefits of the Early Payment Discount

The early payment discount serves as a win-win situation for both the school and parents.

Here are the key benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Parents can enjoy significant cost savings on their child’s education, making quality education more accessible.
  2. Support for the School: Opting for early payment not only benefits individual families but also demonstrates support for the school’s mission and commitment to education.
  3. Financial Planning: Early payment allows parents to plan their finances more effectively, knowing that a portion of their educational expenses is already covered.

The early payment discount at King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, is a fantastic opportunity for parents to reduce the financial burden of education while showing their support for the school.

If you have the means to pay your fees in full upfront, it is encouraged to take advantage of this generous discount. To get in contact with the school here are a few contact info, email at [email protected], school website, and phone number +27 11 551 5800

Subjects Offered at King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, is dedicated to offering a comprehensive and diverse range of subjects to cater to the educational needs and interests of its students.

The subjects offered can be categorized into compulsory, optional, and elective subjects.

Compulsory Subjects (For All Grades):

  1. English Home Language
  2. 1st Additional Language (Afrikaans or isiZulu)
  3. Mathematics
  4. Natural Sciences
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Creative Arts
  7. Economic Management Sciences
  8. Life Orientation

Optional Subjects (For Grades 10, 11, and 12):

  • In Grades 10, 11, and 12, students have the flexibility to choose three additional optional subjects from the following list:
    1. Accounting
    2. Business Studies
    3. Engineering Graphics and Design
    4. Geography
    5. History
    6. Information Technology
    7. Life Sciences
    8. Physical Sciences
    9. Visual Arts

Elective Subjects:

  • In addition to their compulsory and optional subjects, King Edward VII School provides students with the opportunity to explore elective subjects based on their interests. These elective subjects include:
    1. Agricultural Science
    2. Computer Literacy
    3. Drama
    4. Music
    5. Technical Graphics
    6. Textiles

Broad and Balanced Education

King Edward VII School’s commitment to offering a wide array of subjects reflects its dedication to providing students with a broad and balanced education.

By offering such a diverse selection of subjects, the school ensures that each student can pursue their academic passions and achieve their full potential.

This approach not only promotes academic excellence but also fosters a well-rounded educational experience, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their academic and professional journeys.

King Edward VII School aims to meet the unique needs and aspirations of all its students through its comprehensive subject offerings.


In conclusion, while King Edward VII School, Johannesburg, does charge tuition fees, it remains a government school.

Its affiliation with the Gauteng Department of Education and its commitment to providing quality education underscore its status as a public institution.

The imposition of tuition fees is a necessary measure to uphold the school’s standards and ensure its sustainability.

These fees are not arbitrary but are carefully managed to benefit both the school and its students, making King Edward VII School a valuable asset in the educational landscape of South Africa.

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