ISASA Bursaries for 2024: Requirements and Application Process for Teacher Funding

ISASA Bursaries for 2024: Requirements and Application Process for Teacher Funding

ISASA, the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, partners with various organizations and trusts to facilitate bursary funding for deserving aspiring teachers – particularly in scare subjects like Mathematics, Science, Technology and English.

With different programs available, this guide explores:

πŸ” ISASA-administered bursaries for teaching qualifications

πŸ” Eligibility and ideal candidates

πŸ” Application process and dates

Let’s break these down systematically to uncover the paths to secure this career-enabling support as a prospective South African educator.

ISASA Bursaries for


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Overview of ISASA Bursary Categories

ISASA provides a pivotal conduit for financial assistance for future teachers under these core programs:

❇️ SAMSTIP Bursaries

The SA Mathematics & Science Teacher Intern Programme, supported by Investec and DBE

❇️ ISF Merit Bursaries

ISASA Bursary Fund awards for committed teacher training candidates

❇️ External Partnership Bursaries

Through corporate partners on the ISASA Bursary Fund

As we unpack details below, identify which offering best aligns to your background.

Requirements: Who Qualifies for ISASA Bursaries?

While criteria differs slightly across the above ISASA-led opportunities, core requirements include:

πŸ”Ά Matric/Tertiary Qualifications

πŸ”Ά Strong Performance in Teaching Subjects

πŸ”Ά Acceptance into Teacher Training Programs

πŸ”Ά Commitment to Public Service

Maths/Science competence is mandatory for most. Additional desired attributes range from academics, extramurals, communication skills and leadership.

Familiarize yourself with specifics per bursary program.

How to Apply: Process and Timelines

With basics covered, let’s get tactical by navigating process and dates:

πŸ—“οΈ Mid-Year: Watch for application announcements (April-May)

πŸ“ƒ Gather Documentation: Matric/tertiary results, references, accepts letters etc.

πŸ“ Complete Applications: Read requirements, compose convincing submissions

πŸ“€ Submit Before Deadlines: Send all applications well before communicated cut-offs

πŸ“… Notification By Year End: Receive selection outcomes and funding confirmation

Timing is crucial – prepare documentation in advance given short application windows once announced. Submit promptly. Sign any acceptance contracts quickly if selected.

Crafting Compelling Applications: Key Tips

Beyond meeting technical criteria, make applications leap through:

πŸ“ˆ Quantifying Academic Achievement: Share exam scores, rankings, accolades demonstrating excellence

πŸŽ“ Showcasing Leadership: Highlight extracurricular activity organizing, mentoring etc.

πŸ™Œ Proving Commitment to Public Service: Articulate why you’re passionate about developing communities through teaching

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Communicating Confidence in Chosen Field: Convey depth of knowledge, self-initiated learning demonstrating capability

Allow these dimensions to shine through your entire application!

Additional Information Sources:

πŸ“° ISASA Website Bursaries Page:

πŸ“° SAMSTIP Website:

πŸ“§ [email protected] for queries

☎️ ISASA National Office: +27 11 648 1331


ISASA provides pivotal springboards for South African academic talent to access specialized teacher training through bursary funding. Submit focused applications addressing all criteria to benefit. I wish you success empowering generations through education!


What are ISASA’s priority focus teaching subjects for bursaries?

Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Accounting, IT and English receive priority across ISASA-administered teaching bursaries. But all specializations are considered. Align strengths.

Do I need teaching experience to qualify for ISASA bursaries?

Not necessarily – most ISASA bursaries target school leavers pursuing first-time teaching qualifications. But any exposure via camps, tutoring etc. boosts candidacy. Some accommodate existing teachers pursuing development.

If I don’t get the bursary this year, can I reapply next application cycle?

Absolutely. Many strong candidates only succeed after 1 or 2 application attempts – persistence pays off! Continue strengthening your profile and submissions until selected.


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