CCBSA Study Buddy Fund Bursary 2024: Eligibility, Application Process & Preparation Tips

CCBSA Study Buddy Fund Bursary 2024: Eligibility, Application Process & Preparation Tips

The Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) Study Buddy Fund provides a golden opportunity for academically talented yet financially constrained South African students to access tertiary education across diverse fields.

CCBSA Study Buddy Fund Bursary

For 2024 admissions, the CCBSA bursary covers all major costs:

✅ Registration & Tuition

✅ Accommodation

✅ Meals

✅ Learning Materials

However, securing this competitive funding requires early preparation and meticulous application. This guide offers step-by-step guidance on:

Eligibility Criteria: Who Qualifies for the CCBSA Bursary?

At minimum, eligible applicants must:

🍃 Be South African Citizens

This disqualifies international students.

🍃 Have Passed Matric in 2023

A bachelor’s pass enables diverse tertiary program options.

🍃 Have Tertiary Acceptance in 2024

Acceptance letters before January 31st, 2024 enables application.

🍃 NOT Have Existing CCBSA Affiliation

This avoids conflicts of interest. Applicants should not have relatives employed at CCBSA.

No limitations exist on specific degree choices – all fields are supported.

CCBSA Bursary Application & Preparation Timeline

August 2023:

  • Research university/degree options. Seek acceptance letters.

September to November 2023:

  • Initiate CCBSA bursary application online
  • Gather supporting documents

31 January 2024:

  • Application deadline – Submit by this date. No late entries accepted.

February to April 2024:

  • If selected – Accept offer and supply registration proof.
  • Plan budgets factoring in bursary coverage of tuition and expenses.

Step-By-Step CCBSA Bursary Application Guide

Follow these key steps for your best shot at the bursary:

Step 1: Verify Eligibility 🕵️‍♀️

Double check you meet all criteria listed in first section above. If not eligible currently, strategize toward qualifying in future.

Step 2: Have Documents Ready ✅

Prepare digital copies of:

  • Certified Matric results
  • Tertiary acceptance letter
  • South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport photo

You’ll need to upload these.

Step 3: Craft Winning Motivation Letter 📝

This personal 1-page “cover letter” must convince the selection panel why YOU merit this funding. Articulate:

  • Career ambitions
  • Challenges overcome
  • Passion for your chosen path
  • Ways you’ll “pay it forward” one day

Adapt tone for compelling impact.

Step 4: Submit Online Application ⬆️

Around mid-September 2023, access application form at:

Input details. Attach documents from Step 2 & 3. Submit by January 31st 2024 deadline.

Selection Criteria: What Gives Candidates an Edge?

To stand out amid high competition, evaluators look for well-rounded applicants demonstrating:

🌟 Academic Excellence: Consistently strong grades.

🌟 Financial Need: Family income constraints requiring assistance.

🌟 Community Mindedness: Selfless contribution upholding values like the CCBSA slogan “Upliftment Begins With Caring”.

🌟 Future Leader Potential: Well-articulated career goals benefiting communities long-term.

As you shape your application, ensure these priorities shine through your motivation letter, achievements listed and supporting testimony.

Additional Expert Application Tips

Complement the step-by-step guidance above with:

💡 Submit early – don’t risk missing the firm deadline

💡 Follow up if selected – promptly submit registration proof

💡 Attend CCBSA open days when possible to demonstrate interest

💡 Apply again if unsuccessful – request application feedback to strengthen future attempts

Submitting an exceptional CCBSA funding application requires dedication, but pays dividends through opportunities unlocked.

Prepare rigorously and apply diligently for best shot at a life-changing education! You’ve got this!


The CCBSA Study Buddy Fund enables aspiring, community-focused students to access quality tertiary education – uplifting individuals and society at large. I wish you all the best with your application and education ahead! Consistent hard work, self-discipline and caring for others will light your path to greatness.


If I don’t get the CCBSA bursary on my first try, can I reapply in future years?

Yes, you can reapply in subsequent years as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria. Strengthen your updated application based on prior feedback. Persist in pursuing this financial support.

Do CCBSA bursaries cover postgraduate studies?

Unfortunately not – the CCBSA study buddy fund only supports undergraduate candidates at this point. For postgrad funding, explore offerings from the NRF, Innovation Hub and similar organizations instead.

If selected, when/how are CCBSA bursary funds disbursed?

Once tertiary registration is confirmed early 2024, the CCBSA transfers agreed amounts towards your tuition, accommodation and book/meal allowances on a structured schedule. Funds don’t flow directly to you – they are managed centrally.



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