ISASA Bursary Requirements 2024

Detailed Eligibility Criteria for ISASA Bursaries in 2024

The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) provides a range of bursaries to assist financially constrained students. Each ISASA bursary program has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet.

This comprehensive guide outlines the key requirements across popular ISASA bursaries available for 2024 applications.

ISASA Bursaries


How to Apply for ISASA Bursaries

ISASA Bursary Benefits

Postgraduate Bursary

High School Bursary Requirements

The high school bursaries facilitate disadvantaged students to complete Grades 8-12 at one of over 170 ISASA member independent schools. The eligibility criteria include:

Academic Achievement

  • Currently in Grade 6, 7 or 8 at any registered South African school
  • Consistent record of excellence with minimum 70%+ average across subjects
  • Strong results in core subjects like English, Maths, Science

Financial Need

  • Total household income less than R200,000 per annum
  • Inability to self-fund private school fees
  • Proof of income through payslips, affidavits etc.


  • South African citizenship

Co-Curricular Participation

  • Involvement and achievements in sports, culture, societies, leadership roles etc.

School Fit

  • Alignment with culture and offerings of selected ISASA member school

The bursaries aim to support deserving students who will thrive at prestigious member schools.

Teacher Bursary Requirements

ISASA offers several teacher development bursaries for aspiring educators including:


  • For BEd and PGCE students specializing in Maths and Science teaching

Teacher Internship Bursary

  • For graduates pursuing PGCE or BEd focused on priority skills subjects

NPDE Bursary

  • For underqualified practicing teachers pursuing the NPDE program

Common requirements include:

  • Relevant teaching degree/diploma with strong grades
  • Commitment to teach in South Africa for 2-3 years
  • English proficiency and communication skills
  • Passion for education and working with youth

Tertiary Education Bursary Requirements

These bursaries support disadvantaged students to access higher education in fields like social sciences, law, education and health sciences. The criteria are:

Academic Performance

  • Completed Grade 12 with 70%+ average
  • Strong performance in diploma/degree studies

Financial Need

  • Household income under R350,000 per annum
  • Unable to self-fund studies

Field of Study

  • Alignment with priority focus areas
  • Studying at accredited South African university

Leadership & Social Impact

  • Community involvement through volunteering etc.
  • Evidence of grit and perseverance

Postgraduate Scholarship Requirements

ISASA offers a few postgraduate scholarships, for example:

ISASA Education Leadership Scholarship

  • Honours, Masters or PhD in Education Leadership/Management

ISASA Social Sciences Scholarship

  • Masters or Doctoral study in Social Sciences

General requirements are:

  • Completed relevant undergraduate degree with strong grades
  • Registered for accredited postgraduate program
  • Research potential and academic excellence
  • Commitment to field and South Africa’s development

Financial need is sometimes also evaluated.

General Tips for Eligibility

  • Carefully review specific criteria before applying
  • Gather documents outlining academic ability, leadership experience, community impact etc.
  • Seek strong references to endorse your skills
  • Showcase extracurricular activities and interests
  • Highlight obstacles overcome and determination
  • Emphasize your potential through application essays
  • Reach out to bursary administrators if you have eligibility concerns

Meeting the minimum criteria alone does not guarantee selection. But a compelling, well-evidenced application has a strong chance of success.


ISASA bursaries provide invaluable support to deserving students across school, undergraduate, teacher training and postgraduate levels. Each program has specific eligibility requirements aligned to its purpose and focus field.

By understanding the criteria thoroughly and evidencing your suitability, you can craft an outstanding application. If awarded an ISASA bursary, you gain access to a quality education that can propel your future success.


What is the eligibility criteria for international students?

ISASA bursaries are aimed primarily at South African citizens and permanent residents. However, some accommodate SADC region students if they meet other criteria. Check with individual administrators.

Do I need work experience for postgraduate ISASA scholarships?

Relevant work experience is not mandatory but it can strengthen your profile if you have it. Fresh postgraduates are still encouraged to apply.

What subjects and grades are required for high school bursaries?

You need a strong overall academic record in Grade 6-8. Core subjects like Math, Science, English require 70%+. Extracurricular involvement is also important.

What proof of income does ISASA require for means-tested bursaries?

You can provide recent payslips, bank statements, tax returns or affidavits declaring household income. These need to evidence your financial need.

I have a disability – am I still eligible?

Yes, applicants with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply. Include details in your application so ISASA can provide reasonable accommodations if you are awarded a bursary.


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