Eduvos Bursaries Application 2024

Bursaries Available for Eduvos Students in 2024

Eduvos is a leading independent education group in South Africa comprising eight schools across the country. The group is committed to making quality education accessible, including through bursaries and scholarships for deserving students facing financial constraints.

This comprehensive guide covers the key bursaries available in 2024 specifically for current and prospective Eduvos students across fields and grade levels.

eduvos bursaries application


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Overview of Eduvos

Eduvos was founded in 2000 to provide affordable, quality private education to all segments of South African society.

Today, Eduvos operates 8 independent schools in Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Limpopo. These include:

  • Crawford Schools – 7 campuses across 4 provinces
  • Trinityhouse Schools -Randpark Ridge and Ikageng campuses

In total, Eduvos schools educate over 15,000 students from Grade R to Grade 12. The schools follow the South African national curriculum.

Eduvos is dedicated to making its schools socioeconomically inclusive through merit-based bursaries. It also partners with external providers for additional bursary opportunities.

High School Bursaries

Eduvos High School Bursaries

Eduvos offers several types of high school bursaries for Grades 8-12:

  • Full Bursaries – Cover 100% of tuition fees and boarding where applicable
  • Partial Bursaries – Cover 50%-75% of tuition fees


  • Currently in Grade 7/8 or high school
  • Strong academic ability but limited financial resources
  • SA citizenship/permanent residency

How to apply:

  • Online application form
  • Supporting documents – transcripts, parents’ income proof etc.
  • Application deadline end September 2023

External High School Bursaries

Eduvos partners with the following providers for additional high school bursaries:

  • HCI Foundation – Full scholarships for top performers
  • BYTES Technology Group – Digital learning bursaries
  • Trialogue Business in Society – Bursaries for disadvantaged students

Application Process:

  • Submit application directly to the external bursary provider
  • Follow eligibility criteria and application instructions
  • Have Eduvos reference/nomination if required

Tertiary Bursaries

Eduvos alumni can access financial aid for tertiary studies through:

Eduvos Alumni Bursary

  • For current undergraduate students
  • Up to R50,000 funding per year


  • Completed Grade 12 at an Eduvos school
  • Currently studying at tertiary institution
  • Good academic performance
  • Demonstrated financial need

Vela Trust Eduvos Scholarship

  • Covers up to 3 years undergraduate studies
  • For high-achieving, disadvantaged students


  • Eduvos alum with over 75% matric average
  • Studying at South African public university
  • Total family income under R350,000 p.a.
  • Leadership qualities and community involvement

Application Process:

  • Online application when applications open in May 2023
  • Required documents: Transcripts, student card, parents’ income affidavit etc.

Eduvos Opportunity Fund Bursaries

Program Details

  • Needs-based bursaries for current Eduvos students
  • Offsets tuition fees based on family circumstances
  • For children of families experiencing retrenchment, health issues, bereavement etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered full-time Eduvos student
  • Household financial difficulty due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Previously up-to-date with fees
  • Temporary bursary until situation improves

Application Method

  • Contact school bursar to discuss situation
  • Provide supporting documents
  • Bursary percentage and period will be determined case-by-case


In summary, Eduvos provides a range of merit and need-based bursaries for current and prospective students across its high schools and into tertiary education. By completing the relevant applications properly and showcasing your aptitude, you have an excellent chance of securing financial assistance. This enables a quality Eduvos education to remain accessible regardless of your financial situation.



What percentage do Eduvos high school bursaries cover?

The bursaries cover either full tuition fees (100%) for top academically deserving students or partial fees (50%-75%) based on financial need circumstances. Boarding costs may also be covered.

When do I apply for 2024 high school bursaries?

The Eduvos high school bursary application window is from May to September 2023 for the next academic year. Apply as early as possible within this period.

Do I need to secure acceptance first before applying?

If you are not yet an Eduvos student, include proof of application/acceptance along with your bursary application documents.

What fields of study are eligible for tertiary bursaries?

The Alumni and Vela Trust bursaries accommodate students studying in any field at accredited South African universities.

How do I contact the school bursar about the Opportunity Fund?

You can call or email your Eduvos school’s bursar directly to discuss eligibility for the Opportunity Fund bursary and request an application form.


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