Easy Pay South Africa Contact Details
How To Contact EasyPay South Africa: Support Centre Details

Since 2001, EasyPay Everywhere has provided essential financial services from short-term loans to insurance policies helping everyday South Africans manage periodic cash flow constraints or absorb unexpected expenses. For over 1 million cumulative borrowers and policyholders countrywide, clarity on contacting EasyPay around the clock offers peace of mind.

In this guide, I have consolidated key details around successfully engaging EasyPay South Africa’s customer support team across their various product categories. Whether needing to report suspected bank card fraud, submit an insurance claim or speak to a lending consultant about an existing loan, multiple channels provide targeted assistance.

Plus I furnish additional background on EasyPay’s extensive market presence as a leading financial solutions provider for underserved communities. Reviewing options across digital platforms combined with an expansive physical branch network reinforces EasyPay’s commitment to accessibility and personalized customer service as differentiators.

Easy Pay South Africa Contact Details

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Contacting EasyPay South Africa Support Channels

EasyPay furnishes localized call centers, differentiated contact numbers based on query types, integrated social media assistance and over 100 retail branches ensuring clients can obtain expertise or resolution conveniently.

General Customer Service Queries

For any everyday account or product questions, first contact the main Customer Care support center via:

Covering all general inquiries across banking, insurance, lending and other services during regular weekly business hours either telephonically or digitally.

EasyPay card holders requiring assistance with declined transactions, managing blocks or resets, dispute logging or suspected fraud should phone:

  • Lost and Stolen Card Notifications: 0860 994 162

Trained agents available 24/7 given the potential urgent nature of compromised customer payment instruments requiring immediate action.

Insurance Policy Support

For managing active policies or submitting claims, contact:

Provide all necessary details like policy numbers, supporting documents and specifics around events requiring insurance payouts.

Loans Support

Existing borrowers or applicants needing lending assistance engage:

  • Credit Helpline: 0860 55 44 33

Connecting with dedicated consultants around loan health checks, statements, early settlements or new credit applications.

Social Media & Chat Support

Proactively messaging EasyPay via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter also connects you with representatives:

  • Whatsapp: +27 63 036 6970
  • Facebook & Twitter: @EasyPaySA

So in summary, through differentiated contact centers aligned to product verticals supplemented via integrated digital channels and retail branches, EasyPay provides existing and prospective customers avenues to obtain support conveniently.

EasyPay Background & Market Positioning

As context around EasyPay’s large existing customer base and diverse product footprint, consider:

  • Branches: Over 100 across all provinces
  • Loan Value Disbursed: Approximately R2 billion annually
  • Insurance Clients: 800,000+ active funeral policyholders
  • Founded: 2001 based in Cape Town SA

This extensive physical foothold anchoring community presence combined with the recognized household brand has cemented market leadership serving South Africa’s middle to low-income segments through:

1. Lending – Unsecured personal loans from R500 to R150,000

2. Insurance – Various risk policies bundling rewards benefits

3. Transaction Accounts – Fee-free ability to send, spend and save

Ongoing goals include enhancing product offerings and deepening customer engagements daily.

Easy Pay South Africa Contact Details


EasyPay’s founding premise centers around crafting essential financial services with a unique understanding of the challenges facing many South African households. This client-centric approach translates into customer support resources readily available across telephonic helplines, email queries, social media and branch visits.

I hope consolidating these varied channels provides necessary pointers for successfully submitting insurance claims digitally, managing blocked cards or consulting on lending products offers reassurance. Financial decisions intrinsically link to individual welfare so obtaining expertise promptly is vital. Please let me know if any other EasyPay contact questions arise!


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