Easy Pay Sassa Loans Contact Number
How To Get In Touch With EasyPay Everywhere for Your Financial Service Needs

EasyPay Everywhere has become a popular one-stop shop for many South Africans’ banking, loan, and insurance needs over the last decade. Since launching in 2001, EasyPay touts over 1 million customers across their physical branches and online platforms.

In this comprehensive guide, I detail the full range of contact options to get in touch with EasyPay across their various product lines. Whether you need assistance submitting an insurance claim, have questions about an existing loan, or want to apply for a new short-term credit facility, EasyPay offers both digital and in-person support channels.

Plus I provide expanded background details on EasyPay as a company, overviews of their leading insurance, lending, and digital banking offerings, as well as a FAQ answering common questions on engaging with EasyPay consultants and processing representatives.

Easy Pay Sassa Loans Contact Number

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Key Ways To Contact EasyPay Support

EasyPay has invested substantially in customer support resources across both digital and physical engagement channels. Here are the recommended methods for contacting EasyPay based on your specific inquiry:

General Support Inquiries

For any general questions regarding EasyPay’s various financial products or services, first contact options include:

Both are available during regular South African business hours. EasyPay also provides customer service contact options across all their individual product silos detailed next.

Insurance Policy & Claims Assistance

If your inquiry relates to an existing EasyPay insurance policy or submitting a new coverage claim, contact:

Attach all required claim documents to the email based on the policy type. The process can take 5-10 business days.

Credit & Lending Inquiries

Do you have a question about your outstanding EasyPay loan or credit account? Want to apply for new short-term financing? Reach out to lending support via:

  • Toll-Free Credit Helpline: 0801 11 18 80
  • USSD Application Line1203737#

callback from a lending consultant within 24 hours if applying for additional credit products including short-term loans from R100 up to R2,000 with terms from 1 to 6 months.

Banking Support

For any help relating to EasyPay’s consumer savings, transmission, or salary advance accounts, the best channels are:

  • WhatsApp: 081 773 2887
  • Facebook Messenger

Social channels are manned during regular working hours with quick redirects to subject matter experts as required to resolve account queries.

In-Person Branch Assistance

And EasyPay still maintains over 100 physical service branches across all major metros and secondary cities in South Africa. Visit the EasyPay Branch Locator and schedule an appointment.

So in summary, whether you need support digitally over the phone or prefer meeting face-to-face, EasyPay Everywhere provides their million-plus customers with readily available touchpoints for advice across insurance claims, lending products, and basic banking services through a stable of both virtual contact centers and retail branches countrywide.

EasyPay Background as a Leading Financial Provider in South Africa

EasyPay launched back in 2001 first offering funeral insurance policies and microloans to underserved township communities lacking access to traditional banking services. They have strategically expanded over 20 years into adjacent mainstream financial products including:

  • Short-Term Loans – Unsecured credit from R100 up to R150,000
  • Insurance – Funeral, life, vehicle, homeowners, business policies
  • Transactional Banking – Channels for remittances, cash deposits/withdrawals
  • Salary Advances – Advance payroll payments for regular customers

This breadth of essential financial services combined with EasyPay’s localized distribution model integrating physical store networks with a multi-channel digital platform has driven exceptional growth.

Some key EasyPay metrics demonstrate their market-leading status:

  • Branches – Over 100 locations countrywide
  • Customers – Claims over 1.1 million active users
  • Loans Value – Over R2 billion short-term loans granted annually
  • Funeral Policies – 800,000+ individual policies in-force

EasyPay’s founding mission centers around extending access to appropriately structured financial products helping all South Africans more inclusively participate in the economy. Their passionate culture and commitment to understanding unique customer needs drive ongoing product innovation.

This founding ethos combined with leadership experience across retail banking, insurance, and microlending has firmly established EasyPay Everywhere as a trusted household brand.

Overview of Top Financial Offerings From EasyPay

Beyond the high-level branches and customer figures highlighted earlier, here is a brief overview of EasyPay’s leading product lines to provide helpful context when needing to contact their specialists:

Short-Term Loan Options

With many unbanked South Africans still lacking access to affordable credit options, EasyPay provides tailored short-term loans including:

  • Express Loans – R100 to R4000
  • EasyAdvance Loans – R1000 to R150,000
  • Convenient Repayments – 1 to 24 months

Loans require supporting documents like payslips and 3 months bank statements. Pre-assessed limits up to R30,000.

Insurance Policies

EasyPay delivers essential risk protection across funeral, life, and property insurance bundled with the ability to earn rewards including airtime and grocery vouchers:

  • Funeral Plans – Individual or family cover
  • Vehicle Insurance – Car, motorcycle and specialty vehicles
  • Home Insurance – Building, household contents and liabilities
  • Free Benefits – Rewards program providing airtime and shopping vouchers

Ability to purchase policies across branches or online aided by consultants.

Banking, Transacting & Advances

Rounding out financial services offerings, EasyPay offers South African customers the ability to open a secure bank-like account, transact seamlessly, and even access salary advances:

  • eWallet Account – Fee-free ability to send, spend, and save
  • Buy Goods & Services – Transact online or at retailers
  • Get Paid Faster – Advance salary payments for regular users

So in summary, EasyPay enables affordable loans, risk protection, banking, and payments utility serving mass-market consumer requirements across both digital and physical channels.

Common Questions and Answers When Contacting EasyPay

Here I cover responses to some frequently asked questions when getting in touch with EasyPay across their range of financial offerings:

What documentation is required when applying for lending products?

EasyPay will request your latest 3-month bank statements, recent payslips if formally employed, proof of ID, and proof of residence documents when applying for new loan facilities.

Can I submit insurance claims electronically instead of through branches?

Yes, EasyPay has claims email addresses where you can send required claim documents based on your active policy types. Attach documents as file attachments and include policy numbers. The process typically takes 5-10 working days for resolution.

What options are available if I miss an EasyAdvance loan payment?

EasyPay doesn’t charge upfront credit life insurance, so if you miss payments they may be willing on a case-by-case basis to reschedule installments or extend the original loan term to ease repayment and avoid negative credit reporting.

How do I cancel an existing funeral plan with EasyPay if no longer needed?

Connect with an EasyPay consultant either in person at a branch or digitally via email or WhatsApp. They will facilitate the processing of policy cancellation forms and any documentation required. Typically takes 7-10 working days to conclude winding down policy.

I hope these FAQs deliver quick guidance regarding some common scenarios customers encounter and how best to engage the EasyPay team for assistance.

easy pay sassa loans contact number


As South Africa’s leading underbanked financial solutions provider, EasyPay offers loans, insurance, transaction accounts, and salary advances to over 1 million customers countrywide. Making use of dedicated telephonic support lines, emails, social media channels, USSD menu options and an extensive physical branch network, EasyPay focuses intensely on customer accessibility.

This article details the multitude of contact points across both digital and retail channels EasyPay furnishes assisting clients with their essential financial service needs. Whether you have an existing product question or need help applying for new credit or insurance coverage, EasyPay consultants provide localized guidance specializing in the unique requirements facing many South African families and individuals.

Let me know if any other questions come up when needing to engage EasyPay teams across their array of financial products and services!


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