Chelsea preparatory school fees
A Breakdown of Chelsea Preparatory School’s Tuition Fees and Additional Costs

Chelsea Preparatory School, located in Edenvale, Johannesburg is a leading independent preparatory school in Gauteng. As a private school, Chelsea Prep charges set tuition fees and levies annually. However, there are additional costs to factor in beyond just the tuition fees when budgeting the overall cost of education.

This article outlines Chelsea Prep’s current tuition fees, explains additional expenses like uniforms and excursions, and provides tips on managing the costs of private education.

Chelsea preparatory school fees


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Chelsea Preparatory Tuition Fees

For the 2024 academic year, the tuition fees at Chelsea Prep are:

  • R45,200 per learner from Grade R to Grade 7

This fee covers:

  • High-quality classroom instruction
  • Access to campus facilities like libraries, computer labs, sports grounds,, etc.
  • Textbook workbooks
  • Basic stationery and classroom materials
  • School events and some excursions
  • Support services like counsellors, remedial academics etc.

Additional Costs to Budget For

While the fixed tuition fee covers the main academic expenses, families should also budget for the following additional costs:

School Uniform and Sports Kit

  • Formal school uniform including blazer, shirts, dresses etc.
  • Sports uniform kit for activities and athletics
  • Other accessories like school bag, hat, socks, shoes etc.
  • Estimate spending R5,000-R10,000 on initial uniform and sportswear

Stationery and Supplies

  • Additional stationery like notebooks, pens, calculators
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • R1,000-R2,000 per year


  • iPad required for Grade 6 and 7 pupils
  • Apps, accessories and data
  • Around R10,000 once-off cost

Academic Extras

  • Personal accident cover per child
  • R600 per year
  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • R3,000 per year

Excursions and Activities

  • Day trips, sports tours, camps
  • R1,000-R5,000 per year depending on grade
  • Can be paid in instalments

Other Personal Supplies

  • Transport like a private shuttle or drop-off/pick-up
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Varies based on needs

Payment Options at Chelsea Prep

Chelsea Prep facilitates different payment options to ease the financial burden:

  • Annual upfront payment by January
  • Monthly installments
  • Termly payments (4 terms)
  • Discount of 5% for annual upfront payment
  • Credit card, EFT or direct deposit
  • Limited financial assistance based on need

Parents must indicate a payment plan upon enrollment and sign a contract agreeing to the terms. Late fees are charged if payments are missed.

Cost-Saving Tips for Families

Here are some tips for families to manage costs:

  • Opt for hand-me-down uniforms between siblings
  • Join parent uniform exchange groups to buy quality pre-used
  • Pack lunches and snacks to avoid tuck shop costs
  • Walk, carpool or use public transport for commuting
  • Avoid expensive out-of-school extra lessons and activities
  • Apply for financial assistance and payment plans early
  • Discuss any change in financial situation immediately with the school

With proper planning, budgeting, and financial discipline, Chelsea Prep can offer children a world-class private education.


Chelsea Preparatory School provides excellent facilities, resources, sports programs, and instruction to equip students for future success. While the annual tuition fees are R45,200 for 2024, parents must factor in additional costs for uniforms, supplies, trips and more over the 13 years of schooling. By understanding the full costs, exploring financial aid options, and implementing costs savings, sending a child to Chelsea Prep is a worthy investment in their future.

Families interested in admission should contact Chelsea Prep directly for advice on fees and payment plans.

Chelsea Prep Fee FAQs

What is included in the tuition fees?

Tuition fees cover classroom instruction, textbooks, basic stationery, facilities use, events, remedial academics and counseling services.

Are extra lessons included in the fees?

No, extra academic or cultural lessons outside the curriculum are charged separately.

When are annual fee increases applied?

Fee increases are generally implemented from January. The school communicates any increases well in advance.

Is there financial assistance for fees?

Yes, Chelsea Prep offers limited financial assistance and payment plans based on need. This must be applied for separately.

Are sports tour costs included in tuition?

No, additional costs for sports tours, camps, and excursions are payable separately per event.

Please let me know if you need any other details regarding the costs and fees associated with attending Chelsea Prep School!


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