Vodacom Bursary 2024 Application

The Vodacom Bursary Programme: A Comprehensive Guide

Vodacom’s prestigious bursary program provides invaluable financial support for high-potential South African students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications. In this detailed guide, I explore everything you need to know about this transformative opportunity to access world-class tertiary education.

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The Vodacom Bursary Programme aims to empower youth to tackle South Africa’s skills shortage in crucial STEM fields. By funding students through their studies, Vodacom hopes to enable a new generation of talented professionals that can drive innovation, economic growth and social change.

Up to 100 bursaries are awarded yearly, covering all education costs for the full study duration. Recipients gain access to unparalleled learning opportunities, mentoring, work placements and future employment prospects within Vodacom.

If you are a high-achieving student passionate about using STEM to make an impact, read on to discover how to apply for this life-changing bursary.

Eligibility Criteria

The Vodacom Bursary Programme is open to applicants that meet the following eligibility criteria:


  • South African citizens by birth

Level of Study

  • Full-time undergraduate students
  • First, second or third year
  • Postgraduates considered

Field of Study

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Qualifications aligned to Vodacom’s business

Academic Achievement

  • Matriculation exemption with 70%+ average
  • Current students: 65%+ average


  • Accredited South African public university

Meeting these requirements is crucial to apply and be selected for Vodacom’s prestigious bursary program.

What Does The Bursary Cover?

As a comprehensive bursary package, Vodacom’s program provides:


  • Full coverage of university residence fees
  • Capped amount for private accommodation


  • 100% of all academic registration and tuition costs

Learning Support

  • Textbook allowance
  • Printing credits
  • Stationery needs

Daily Allowance

  • Meal allowance during term

This enables recipients to fully focus on their studies without financial limitations during their degree.

Additional Opportunities

Aside from funding, the Vodacom Bursary Programme also facilitates:

Mentorship & Development

  • Paired with Vodacom professional as mentor
  • Guidance on personal growth & career navigation

Networking & Events

  • Attend graduate recruitment events
  • Engage with Vodacom leaders

Work Placements

  • Complete vacation work
  • Contextualized learning opportunities

Potential Employment

  • Pipeline for employment post-graduation
  • Continued career progression

These offerings provide enriched development and future prospects.

Bursary Selection Process

The Vodacom bursary selection process is highly competitive, with selection criteria including:

Academic Achievement

  • Top grades in latest results
  • Consistent excellence

Financial Need

  • Proven family income status
  • Significant need for support

STEM Aptitude & Ambition

  • Flair for Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths
  • Passion to pursue a STEM career

Social Consciousness

  • Commitment to community upliftment
  • Desire to create impactful change

Applicants that demonstrate outstanding merit across these criteria have the best chance of success.

How To Apply

Vodacom Bursary Programme applications open in March and close in June annually.

All details are available on the Vodacom website.

Here is an overview of the application process:

1. Determine Eligibility

First, ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria listed earlier.

2. Collate Supporting Documents

Gather all the required documents to include with your application, such as:

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Latest academic transcripts
  • Proof of university acceptance
  • Parents’ income statements
  • Reference letter

3. Complete Application Form

Fill in the bursary application form available online.

4. Submit Application

Forward your completed application and supporting documents before the cut-off date.

5. Assessment

Vodacom assess all applications based on the core selection criteria.

6. Outcome

Successful applicants are notified and receive a bursary offer outlining terms.

Submitting a compelling application that addresses all the above considerations is key to getting selected.

Case Study: Linda’s Story

Linda always excelled in mathematics and science at school. She dreamed of becoming an engineer to develop innovative mobile networks and uplift her community. However, as an orphan raised by her grandmother in a low-income home, Linda struggled to access funding to pursue engineering at university level.

Fortunately, Linda’s math teacher told her about the Vodacom Bursary. She spent weeks perfecting her application, getting glowing reference letters from her school and highlight her academic capabilities, leadership experience and commitment to social responsibility.

To her delight, Linda was awarded the Vodacom Bursary! She is now flourishing in her engineering degree studies at Wits University. The bursary covers all her fees, accommodation, materials and living expenses. Linda also completes regular vacation work at Vodacom and receives mentorship from the CTO.

Upon graduating, Linda aims to join Vodacom full time to continue creating affordable, accessible mobile networks for rural community schools. Linda’s story demonstrates how the Vodacom Bursary Programme is empowering South Africa’s future STEM leaders.


Vodacom’s bursary programme enables exceptional students to pursue STEM qualifications for making an impact. If you are committed to excellence in science, technology, engineering or maths, I highly recommend applying for this life-changing opportunity. With financial support, specialist development programmes and future career prospects, it could be the perfect launchpad towards using your talents to uplift communities through STEM.


What documentation must I submit with my bursary application?

You need to submit your ID, proof of university acceptance, academic transcripts, family income statements and a reference letter along with the application form itself.

If I’m awarded the bursary but then fail a year, will I lose my bursary?

Yes, you need to maintain strong academic performance throughout your degree to retain the Vodacom Bursary. Consistently achieving grades above 65% is expected.

Can I hold another bursary or scholarship alongside the Vodacom one?

No. The terms of the Vodacom Bursary mean you cannot hold supplementary funding simultaneously.

I’m currently working while studying part time. Can I still apply?

No, you must be studying full-time without any work obligations to be eligible for the Vodacom Bursary Programme.

What happens if I have a disability?

Reasonable provisions and additional support are provided for scholars with disabilities who are awarded a Vodacom Bursary. Disclose your disability upfront for assessment.

I hope this detailed guide empowered you with everything you need to apply successfully for the Vodacom Bursary Programme. Please direct additional enquiries to Vodacom directly. I wish you the very best!


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