An In-Depth Profile of Virginia Preparatory School in Durban, North

Virginia Preparatory School is a distinguished public primary school located in the scenic suburb of Durban North in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. As a center of academic excellence in the region, Virginia Prep provides quality education to students from grades 4 to 7.

This detailed school profile covers academics, facilities, activities, admissions, fees, and more to provide a holistic overview for prospective families.


Established in 1958, Virginia Preparatory School has a longstanding reputation as one of Durban North’s leading preparatory schools for boys and girls. The school’s motto, “African Hearts and Global Minds,” reflects its dual focus on nurturing students’ personal character and global outlook.

With its well-resourced campus nestled amid Durban North’s leafy suburbs, Virginia Prep offers learners world-class education in a safe, inclusive environment. The school has produced distinguished alumni, including prominent businessmen, public figures, academics, and more.

Facilities and Resources

Virginia Prep’s modern campus contains excellent academic and recreational facilities.

  • Spacious, well-lit classrooms equipped with educational technology like projectors and interactive whiteboards
  • A vast library with diverse books, magazines, newspapers and online research resources
  • Computer labs with high-speed fiber internet providing access to educational software
  • Science labs for physics, chemistry, biology and robotics learning
  • Music and art rooms stocked with instruments and art supplies
  • multi-purpose hall for assemblies, events, badminton and table tennis
  • Outdoor and indoor sports fields, courts and heated swimming pool
  • Tuck shop and dining hall providing healthy meals and snacks
  • Disabled access ramps, lifts and facilities to accommodate diverse needs

These cutting-edge facilities enable dynamic teaching and learning at Virginia Prep.

Academic Excellence

Virginia Prep has a stellar reputation for academic performance, consistently producing top student results. The academic program includes:

  • The CAPS national curriculum with enrichment activities
  • Expert teachers who motivate and support learners
  • Average class sizes of 28 allowing personalized attention
  • Remedial support for students needing additional assistance
  • Enrichment programs like Lego robotics for high achievers
  • Educational field trips complementing the curriculum
  • Leadership development through the student prefect system
  • Career guidance from Grade 7 to smooth the high school transition
  • The ShiftEd program developing 21st century digital skills

Virginia Prep integrates rich academic content with real-world principles like critical thinking, technology literacy, and social responsibility.

School Values

Virginia Prep embraces the values of:

  • Respect – For diverse cultures, beliefs, and humanity
  • Responsibility – Taking accountability for one’s actions and duties
  • Integrity – Being honest and demonstrating strong principles
  • Compassion – Caring for the needs of others before oneself

The school aims to graduate students with both exemplary academic credentials and honorable character.

Extracurricular Activities

To provide holistic growth beyond academics, Virginia Prep offers various creative, sporting and leisure pursuits:

  • Sports: Rugby, hockey, netball, soccer, cricket, swimming, athletics
  • Cultural activities: Choir, marimba band, chess club
  • Creative arts: Drama, art, debating, dance
  • Community service – Outreach projects instilling social awareness

These activities enable students to make friends, develop teamwork and pursue their passions.

Admissions and Fees

Virginia Prep follows a transparent admissions process:

  • Applications open in March for entry the next January
  • Parents must submit birth certificate, ID, proof of residence, academic records
  • An entrance assessment tests Grade 3 knowledge and skills
  • Interviews may occur to evaluate student readiness
  • Placement offers are sent to successful applicants

The annual school fees comprise:

  • Tuition fees: R15,000
  • Development Levy: R6,500
  • Additional costs for uniforms, stationery, trips etc.


Virginia Preparatory School empowers students to reach their academic potential while developing strong principles and attributes for future success. With its excellent reputation, facilities, balanced curriculum and co-curricular activities, Virginia Prep produces sought-after graduates ready to excel at high school and beyond.

Virginia Prep Fast Facts

  • Location: Durban North, KZN
  • Grades offered: Grade 4 to Grade 7
  • Curriculum: South African CAPS
  • Academics: High-achieving, enrichment programs
  • Sports: Rugby, hockey, swimming, athletics
  • Facilities: Classrooms, labs, library, halls, pool
  • Fees: Approximately R21,500 per annum
  • Alumni: Leaders in business, public service, and academia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline for 2024 enrollment?

The application deadline for January 2024 enrollment is typically October 2023. Apply as early as possible.

What subjects do students take?

Core subjects are English, Afrikaans, math, natural science, and social sciences. Life skills, arts, PE, and culture are also offered.

What after-school activities are offered?

Virginia Prep offers various sports, and cultural clubs like choir and chess, creative arts including drama and art, community service, and more.

Is there a boarding facility? No, Virginia Prep is a day school so it does not have boarding. Students commute daily.

What is the class size? The average class size is 28 students to promote individualized attention. Maximum is 30 students per class.

Let me know if you need any other details about Virginia Preparatory School in Durban North! I’m happy to assist.



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